FPR Blog 63: Greedy HIV Drug CEO Has Been Arrested For Fraud.

                                                                                                                                   Update Blog 47
Remember this guy? 

Whether you do or don't, you'll want to read this because justice might just be served.

Martin Shkreli is the drug maker CEO who raised HIV medication from 13 dollars to 700. It sucked, it angered, but it still didn't matter.

Well, it looks like karma just bit him in the ass because the FBI has just confirmed that Martin Shkreli has been arrested.

FPR Blog 62: Factory Farms and the System That Makes it Possible.

There is more information about GMOs on the net than porn...

Well, maybe not more than porn, but there is more info on GMOs out now than ever before. Celebrities have even gotten behind the anti-GMO movement. Using their fortune, fame and influence some have even made it up to capitol hill.

So why isn't the media covering it?

FPR Blog 61: Owners To Cut Costs From New Wage Hike Rule With Mandatory Layoffs & Part Time Work.

Before I get into statistics, compensation, slave work, lack of care for health, and 20-minute breaks for a 14-hour shift, allow me to inform the New York Government that this mandatory wage hike is not going to pan out as Governor Cuomo expected or at least hoped.

A minimum wage hike of $2.50 cents has to be met by restaurants now…

Many might not know that minimum wage has gone up from $5.00 an hour to $9.00 in the last 3 years. It was about time, considering minimum wage stayed at 5 dollars for over ten years.

There was a catch, though… 

FPR Blog 60: 3 Important Events Happened While You were Distracted by Starbucks Cups.

You would think being sick would mean you have more time to pay attention to the world around you.

I like to do the opposite. I unplug, veg, rest and watch enormous amounts of mindless television.

Well after 3 days of working from my bed, I decided to plug back in just to wish I had a coma instead of a cold.

I snap out of reality to find that people are beyond upset over Starbucks serving coffee in red cups instead of one's dawning Christmas propaganda.

FPR Blog 59: Professional Sports Teams Cashing Our Taxes to Show Support for Wars.

To say war is not pretty is, a cliched understatement. War his pretty horrific.

We think we understand because we see images of war-torn desert cities on television. We may say, “oh my god that’s horrible”. 

Most get angry that these wars are costing us too much money. Others will say, "we need to mind our business and stop being the world’s judge, jury, and executioner". 

And, the rest, the rest say we should wipe everyone out.

FPR Blog 58: Rappelling off the Nosebleed Seats, The only way to get the Message Out.

I was chatting with a friend today and I was saying that if we could find a way to jack access and control a media satellite for at least 3 minutes, we would be able to reach a lot of people and make a huge difference in our world.

We can grab everyone's complete attention, especially when they flip the channel to find the same thing broadcasting.

FPR Blog 57: Undercover Police Officer gets a Huge Dose of Reality.

I get a lot of news in a week. Emails, tags, posts and notifications from twenty or so news sources. 

I get mainstream nonsense, underground stories, conspiracies, and reliable independent news sites. 

By the way, I did not include the twitter, tumbler or Instagram notifications.

Much of the news I receive is horrible and depressing. And, it is not in the traditional way. 

FPR Blog 56: Monsanto has Developed a New Marijuana Seed.

Monsanto announced that it had patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana. This news has far-reaching consequences for drugs policy, since cannabis is still an illegal substance. 

Many believe Monsanto’s interest in the market must mean that full legalization of the drug for recreational purposes is on the horizon, but at what cost?

FPR Blog 55: US Government's War on Citizens, Freedom of Speech. Drone Strike Inaccuracy.

I'm looked at as a crazy and paranoid person.

Many think that I don't have it all together. Most don't take me seriously because they think I'm out there.

I've been called a lot of things but nothing sounds worse than anti-American.

I'm anti-American because I don't agree with some of my government's laws. I'm paranoid because I believe that not only I, but many of us freethinkers are on some government interest list.

I'm a crazy communist because I feel everyone should have rights. I'm a psycho socialist because I think the richest one percent should pay more taxes than a poor person and that tax money should go into the pockets of the working class.

FPR Blog 54: Another career politician gets away with egregious crimes.

Time after time we find out that career long politicians are involved in crimes and never pay the consequences.

I thought our government was supposed to protect We The People and make sure that the scum-bags who broke their oath rot in prison..?

FPR Blog 53: Am I Being Naive for Believing We Can Make a New World of Peace instead of Beasts?

I'm a bit of a dreamer. I tend to believe too easily. I don't care how naive I can be, but I believe that we have the power to shape our future and finally be free.

I believe words can be more powerful than war. Words, along with some level of understanding and acceptance can create a new found peace that we all desire. A new world based on health, not wealth. 

Freedom Pop RadiO: Official launch release October 7, 2015

official launch release
October 7, 2015

FreedomPopRadiO.com is now streaming radio! 24/7/365.

It’s time!

As some of you may or may not know, I’m the guy behind Fjs RadiO, Funky Junkie Superstar, Night Of Free Expression (NOFE), Elbow Room, The Green Door Parties and the last vestige of Love Sexy's legendary house nights. Of course, last but certainly not least, ‘tasteless t’.

This is my new website, FreedomPopRadiO.com.

FPR Blog 51: 2 Americans Sue Monsanto Over Cancer-Causing RoundUp

Part of my goal with this project is to spread as much information as possible on many important issues. These issues are all over the board. But, each and everyone of them I write about is vital to our way of life. Be it legislation, unfair practices, mandatory minimums, politics, corruption, worker wages, work conditions, free trade, human trafficking and the agrochemical industry.

I have written against GMOs and it's main producer Monsanto for quite some time. There's a four part blog about them, their products and their practices on the website. 

The more I learn the more I post...

FPR Blog 50: Banks at it AGAIN! Currency Rigging & Collusion In Metals Market.

New bank scandal.

Seven major banks are being investigated for currency rigging and manipulating precious metals markets.

FPR Blog 49: The Audacity of Big Banks to Demand Anything is Extraordinary.

This adds to my last piece on corporations taking the pledge to convert to sustainable energy in the coming years. But, this next piece of information I found pisses me off a bit.

It's a little hypocritical for the six biggest banks in the United States to call for government action and private business investments to address climate change.

FPR Blog 48: RE100. Corporations Pledge to do the Right Thing!?

It took a profit earning to make it happen, but more and more corporations are taking the RE100 Pledge.

The RE100 Pledge is a promise that corporations will start to use renewable energy. A couple of companies involved with the White House initiative for sustainability investment which was announced in July, include Goldman Sachs and Walmart.

Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true.

It's said they will invest $140 billion in new low-carbon investment and build more than 1,600 megawatts (MW) of new renewable energy capacity.

Nike pledged to transition to 100 percent renewable energy on Wednesday.

The announcement, made during Climate Week, is intended to show international governments that there is broad-based business support for going off fossil fuels in advance of the United Nations climate talks in December.

Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Salesforce, Starbucks, Steelcase, and Voya Financial also took the RE100 pledge, organized by the Climate Group, an international sustainability non-profit.

Mark Kenber, CEO of the Climate Group, said, “Research shows that the most ambitious companies have seen a 27 percent return on their low-carbon investments." He added, “Today these companies are signaling loud and clear to COP21 negotiators that forward-thinking businesses back renewables and want to see a strong climate deal in Paris.”

Even banks are getting involved. Swiss bank UBS joined the pledge last week.

In total, 36 companies have joined RE100 since it was launched at Climate Week last year.

For now we have to rely on these company's word because the deal is non-binding, but in the pledge companies agreed to release information about their sustainability efforts.

Goldman Sachs says it will use 100 percent renewable energy by 2020. Johnson & Johnson has set a goal of 2050. Nike seeks to transition by 2025, and Voya International by 2015.

I guess we'll have to wait and see, but the fact that they even addressed the issue let alone took a pledge is remarkable. It's also paramount due to the attention these corporations get.

If the evil corporate soul eating bastards can agree that this planet is in shambles then we most likely have a serious problem. A problem that even scares them.

At the same time, it could be because they've seen a good return on their "green" investments.

Whatever the case may be, the climate issue cannot be ignored any longer.

I don't know what to say about global warming because I'm not a scientist. My issue has always been the disrespect we show mother earth.

Hopefully this pledge gets the attention we need to be influenced into treating our home a bit better.

Thanks for reading...

Spread the word, expose the truth, it's never too late.

Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO

Email t@freedompopradio.com

FPR Blog 47: Introducing the Evil & Greedy CEO that Raised AIDS Medication to $750.00 a Pill

Martin Shkreli is an American hedge fund manager and entrepreneur, specializing in healthcare businesses, and is a co-founder of MSMB Capital Management and the founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG.

He is also a co-founder and was the CEO of Retrophin LLC, a biotechnology firm founded in 2011.

FPR Blog 46: How to Sex & Watch; The Extortion App.

This story involves those ‘sick puppies’ who love porn so much they need it on their phones. They have such a need to watch sexual debauchery that an app was developed for them.

Now, I am no prude...

FPR Blog 45: An Insensitive Display of Over Reaction By School & Police Officials

There is no possible way that I could ever think I’ve seen it all. I used to think like that until the next surprising and stupid thing would happen. But, this next story takes the cake for jaw-dropping disgust.

FPR Blog 44: Could 2016 be the Year that Pot is Legalized Nationally?

Weed revenue in Colorado

Could the national prohibition on marijuana be lifted soon? If you follow Colorado's weed revenue since it's been legalized and taxed it sure as shit should be.

A report from the Colorado Department of Revenue, looked at the taxes collected from  July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, and found that the state collected about $70 million in taxes from marijuana sales, and only about $42 million in taxes from alcohol sales.

This makes Colorado the first state to generate more tax revenue from pot than from alcohol.

Here's the data from the revenue office... Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue

FPR Blog 43: Legal Prostitution Could Help in Fighting Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking...

Police in Ottawa raided a high-end residential massage parlor named, 'The Merivale Road massage parlour' which resulted in one man receiving 76 charges of various human trafficking crimes.

FPR Blog 42: Is the End of the World Around the Corner? These 2 Stories May Prove So.

Lately, there have been two pretty huge stories that have dominated all mainstream news channels and they may prove that the world will end in approximately 2 weeks.

FPR Blog 41: Religion: Constitution vs Delusion.

There is something seriously wrong with my country, the United States.

Yes, it's cliche, but lately it's been harder to escape the fact that the masses are in fact stupid.

I seriously find myself daydreaming that I'm schizophrenic in the hopes that this is all a delusion.

I'm not trying to be mean. I don't like calling people stupid. At least not on my blog. I have no problem calling anyone anything if they are in fact what I am calling them.

For instance, I really hate the word sheeple, I think it's a bad way to get a mind to open up to other possibilities.

But, today, September 8, 2015, I have reached my breaking point.

There are many smart individuals and intelligent groups of people out there. There are experts in a variety of fields. But, for some reason when people come together in great masses to either oppose or support anything they become crash test dummies with anger issues.

The latest constitutional melee is over a county clerk, who was defying a supreme court ruling by denying gay and lesbian couples marriage licenses.

FPR Blog 40: Marriage Licenses Denied over Religious Beliefs. NOT IN MY COUNTRY!

Say what you want about the blatant disregard for our Constitution and trust me there is a lot to say. But, one thing that hasn't changed hasn't had an amendment attached or any type of political nonsense is religion, in government.

Religion can never play a role at any level of government for this very reason...

Kentucky's Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis doesn't think the constitution trumps god's word... She has decided to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court ruling declaring the constitutionality of same-sex marriages by not issuing same-sex couples licenses.

What is this mad woman's reason for such stupidity? Christian fanaticism. That's exactly what this train wreck is practicing. Worse is that she's using her position in local government to impose the laws of God, not man.

FPR Blog 39: Your Boss's Salary, The Clinton/Sanders Show + Russia & China Join Forces

Comparing the boss's salary to the staff's pay.

Sorry to have made this the first story on a Monday because it might make you angry, but maybe you should be.

Companies argue that paying employees more would hurt them and they would have to cut hours and jobs to stay alive.

I've felt this experience before. I will be feeling it again with certain laws that will be going into effect soon.

FPR Blog 38: Secret Catholic Suicide, Planned Parenthood & The AP used by FBI for false flag op.

Jozef Wesolowski, a papal ambassador who was on trial for child abuse charges has died early Friday morning, August 28, 2015.

This was most certainly one of those "he got away with it" moments. Sure he's dead, but this man deserved far worse. If he was guilty of course. A jury of his peers never got to decide if he, in fact, was guilty of abusing a child.

FPR Blog 37: Armed Police Drones, Laser weapons and Kraft Food Recall

North Dakota has legalized Armed Police Drones

After a law passed earlier in the year, Noth Dakota has become the first state to legalize armed drones.

I didn't even think drones were an issue yet and North Dakota has unmanned flying weapons of destruction.

Well, let's not go too far. One man stood in the way of the state wanting to go full force with this plan.

FPR Blog 36:The Trump Phenomenon. A Bad Joke Turned Scary Possibility.

I didn't see it before. I couldn't imagine it. I thought for sure this would be over after that debate. I even for a minute or two considered the fact that he may be a shill for Hillary. But, now Trump is starting to scare me.

Political talk shows and "serious" news networks are giving presidential candidate Donald Trump a lot of air time. The political talking heads that made fun at first are now speaking positively about him.

Trump has even gained the support of the GOP's bitter heart, Ann Coulter. She recently spoke at a Trump event and threw the republican leadership under the bus. She actually said she sees hope for America now.

FPR Blog 35: Cheating, Privacy and No Security. Ashley Madison Hack Hurt the Wrong People.

Many of you may know my views on privacy and personal issues. If you followed me through the Fjs years you know me well than most.

The first blog I wrote for this website was on privacy, but it was aimed at the government and it celebrated hackers.

Let me be crystal clear, I support 'HACKTIVISTS', not hackers.

I have this thing about me that I don't like judging people for how they live, what one believes in and stands for or what they do for a living...

For instance, I don't judge anyone for how they make their money. As long as innocence remains off limits and protected, I don't care how anyone pays their rent.

So, if you sell drugs, as long as it's to adults, then that's fine. If you're a hit man, that's great, just stick to your targets. And the same goes for you hackers.

If you want to rob banks, ripoff Fortune 500 companies and make it so you never have to pay for a phone call ever again, I say great. All I ask is that you leave the innocent alone.

I also believe that to be true when exposing hypocritical lawmakers, corrupt politicians, Scientologists and anyone who seems above the law or above we the 99 percent. The Ashley Madison hack were none of those...

FPR Blog 34: Greed = Dictatorship. I see Hope in the Pope.

The pope recently visited Bolivia for a meeting with grassroots activists in Santa Cruz and Bolivian President Evo Morales.

What he goes on to say is remarkable in its honesty and bravery.

FPR Blog 33: Own a Mac then read this because you're vulnerable.

NO SAY IT AIN'T SO. I don't want to believe it, but I have always wondered how.

Macs do not, I repeat do not get viruses. I have all sorts of computers and anything PC I keep offline. Part of my project's (fpr) work is done offline.

In my personal experience, PCs are better offline computers. Computers you would use for editing audio, video, writing and anything else you don't need to be online for and at the same time want complete security. Maybe I'm paranoid, but the only way I feel my files are completely secure is when they're stored offline. I do not trust this cloud thing.

I recommend carrying a small flash drive. I use a couple 64-gigabyte drives for my chrome.

FPR Blog 32: Black Lives Matter Movement is an Angry Circus.

Black Lives Matter activists crashed presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' rally in Seattle. Two black women appeared out of nowhere right when Sanders greeted the crowd.

They walked right up to the podium and demanded they be given the microphone. They were told they could have it after Sanders spoke. The women were noncompliant and began to scream in anger with obscenities. They did not stop until they were given that microphone.

After that, they spewed a myriad of racial rhetoric. They called the entire crowd white supremacists and racists. Then they demanded the crowd be silent for four-plus minutes in "honor" of Michael Brown...

"You are never going to hear Bernie speak if I don't hear silence now".

The two women are Marissa Johnson and Mara Jacqueline Willaford and they are the co-founders of the Seattle chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM). And, apparently they don't research the people they attack.

FPR Blog 31: Exposing 2016 presidential candidates. Scott Walker.

Wisconsin: Lobbyists get a $250 Million Subsidy for a New Milwaukee Bucks' Arena. 

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, Wisconsin State Senators worked out a bipartisan deal to approve a $250 million subsidy for a new NBA arena. Only 10 out of the 31 senators voted no. The measure still had to pass the assembly and be signed by the Governor, presidential candidate Scott Walker.

It passed the assembly 52-34 on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, and Governor Walker signed it the following week on August 11, 2015.

The plan will preserve Milwaukee's stake in the NBA, but it comes at a cost that the state's residents will have to pay. The subsidy is for $250 million, but will rise to $400 million after interest over the next 20 years.

FPR Blog 30: Corporate Fascism; The Citizens & System which Supports it.

I'm sorry if that headline seemed douchey, but it's kind of true.

Every single gadget I own was made off the backs of children in 'slave wage' countries.

This is Corporate Fascism through mass force, unlawful means and manipulation.

Corporations are working together to rig pricing and are using children in third world countries to make the toys, gadgets, computers, cars and every other thing we buy.

You need a computer, you have just contributed to child slavery no matter the brand you buy.

FPR Blog 29: The War For Our Freedom is On! Infrastructure Hacks are just the Beginning.

Yesterday July 8, 2015, massive computer problems shook a few institutions, but the mainstream media is staying far away...

As soon as I woke up this morning, my wife had asked if I had heard anything earlier in the morning when I was still awake from the night before. She said a friend had posted a link to a Gawker article that read, "it's time to panic".

I looked it over, then went surfing the net to see if I would find any other sources. Not even the anonymous twitter contacts are saying anything about it. Outside of the "cryptic" NYSE tweet from two days ago, I see nothing on this.

FPR Blog 28: NYSE Shut Down. Hack or Glitch, or Hack?

I had completely unplugged as of last night at 7:30 Pm, my body shut down and I fell in deep sleep and stayed that way till 1 PM today. (7.7.15-7.8.15)

However, I was constantly bothered by my phone going off like every 5 minutes as of 10 AM.

When I finally plugged in I saw what had happened.

As a follower of @youranonnews, I often see them on the thread but didn't notice the "you about to get got" tweet.

Anyway, by now most know that NY trading was suspended around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday due to what they called a "technical issue," which, funny enough they posted on twitter.

FPR Blog 27: Exposing The GMO Trade. Pesticides and Factory Farms.

There is more information about GMOs on the net than porn...

Well, maybe not more than porn, but there is more info on GMOs out now than ever before. Celebrities have even gotten behind the anti-GMO movement. Using their fortune, fame and influence some have even made it up to capitol hill.

So why isn't the media covering it?

FPR Blog 26: Major Government Contracted Spying Service Hacked. 400GB of Data Stolen

Another hack on the enemy...

Huge Italian private surveillance company, who deals in and with shady business, has been hacked.

'Hacking Team', is a private surveillance company who many governments, including ours (U.S.A.) buy intrusion and surveillance tools from.

Basically, they rent out hackers and spying tools.

In the United States, law enforcement agencies FBI, DEA and the DOD use the tools. Sorry, the DOD account reads 'Non-Active'.

FPR Blog 25: GMO Exposed part 3. McDonald's and Diet Coke, Finally Feeling Our Fight..

Coke's sales perked up in the first quarter and profits beat forecasts. But sales of one of its most iconic products -- Diet Coke -- are plunging.

Coke said in its earnings release that Diet Coke volume fell 6% globally last quarter.

Diet beverages have come under more scrutiny in the past few years. There have been many reports about how zero- and low-calorie beverages with artificial sweeteners aren't really that healthy.

The word is spreading and the message is clear. Little by little we're finding out more and more about fast food chains, natural vs organic and genetically modified organisms.

FPR Blog 24: Monsanto Has To Be Exposed. Part 2 GMO Alert!

I said I would continue to write about Monsanto, but even I have to admit, I didn't think I'd start writing part 2 on the same day.

I've been at my workstation, which is like 3 feet from the broadcast console. Yea, yea, I don't have a budget. Never really cared about money.

I'm in the process of programming the station and I like to research and sometimes write while I do this.

It's a lot of instrumental electronic music so I'm not distracted by much singing...

So, I started running a search for products with GMOs, just to see how much information would pop up... Monsanto has like half the page of results, and they're telling the "truth" about GMOs.

FPR Blog 23: Monsanto has to be exposed. Part 1 No More GMO!

There's a lot of talk about organic, gluten free, sprayed agriculture and killer seeds.

Unfortunately not enough talk about Monsanto and GMOs. There's no mainstream coverage on the corporation and the chemicals they put in our food.

Before I go any further, let me just give you a little information about Monsanto.

The Monsanto Company is a publicly traded American multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation. Those words should not be in the same sentence... Chemicals and agriculture, aka Agrochemical, does not sound healthy to me.

FPR Blog 22: The Confederate Flag vs 50 stars and 13 bars.

So it's been reported that the federal government has told chain stores that they want them to stop selling the confederate flag.

I didn't know the government can just tell a store what they can or can't sell, but it's not like they're demanding ice cream be abolished.

I don't have mixed views on the issue of the confederate flag. To me, it's a symbol of hate, but to others it represents what they believe America should be like.

I don't agree with how confederates would run this country and let's pray that day never comes. But, I do believe they have the right to speak and express their beliefs.

FPR Blog 21: We Will Win the War on Us, non-violently. Example, Supreme Court's Ruling on Gay Marriage.

There is no "what now?"... The fight for "legal" equality for gays is over. Other than appeals and people's own issues with sex, the battle has been won.

My argument was never, 'people are people and all should be free to do what they wish as long as it hurts no one'. That shouldn't need to be said.

My argument was the farce that was "the sanctity of marriage". j-lo can marry 3 times in as many years. (I don't know how many years, but I don't care. I know all, but one were short lived) There was no outcry. Spears gets married twice, one of which lasted 30 days. All we got there was gossip...

The divorce rate is through the roof and that's just in marriages ending in 5 years. Again, not much is said, but Us weekly and TMZ make a fortune.

Two dudes want to get married and the entire country has an opinion, many of which were negative.

FPR Blog 20: Uh Oh, more leaks out of the National Security Agency...

Wikileaks wrote a press release on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, where it says WikiLeaks has begun publishing a collection of top secret intelligence reports and technical documents from the US National Security Agency.

These documents concern, targeting and signals intelligence intercepts of communications of high-level officials from successive French governments over the last ten years.

FPR Blog 19: An Unlikely Ally in the Fight Against the War on Drugs.

If you were a listener and reader of my previous, decade-long project, 'fjs radio', then you know how I feel about the war on drugs.

If you weren't and don't know, I'm not a fan.

Every year the war on drugs cost taxpayers, both state and federal, billions of dollars.

That is not an exaggeration...

There's a great website, Drug Sense, (DrugSense.org) and the site has a clock that goes up by the second. It estimates that we've already spent $19 billion and it is still counting. The states spent more than the federal government by $5 billion.

FPR Blog 18: U.S.'s Neglected Security Systems. We are Vulnerable.

On Tuesday June 16, 2015, the Associated Press reported that, 'Democrats and Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee spoke in unison to describe their outrage over what they called gross negligence by the Office of Personnel Management'.

The agency's data was breached last year in two massive cyber attacks only recently revealed.

I understand the government can't tell us everything. There are things they have to hold on to for a while and some stuff they hope will never come out.

FPR Blog 17: Charleston Shooting; Act of a Madman, Not a Gun Issue. UPDATED Jon Stewart.

By now most of you reading this know what happened in Charleston, NC on Wednesday night June 17, 2015.

A gunman, 21-year-old Dylan Roof walked into Emanuel African Episcopal Church during a weekly bible study meeting, sat down for approximately one hour, then stood up and started shooting.

The group consisted of 12 members, 9 of which were killed, including the church's leader, Reverend Clementa Pinckney.

I checked out his Facebook profile, his pic has him sporting a jacket with patches of apartheid-era South Africa and the unrecognized, white state of Rhodesia. These are both symbols of white supremacy...

He has many friends on his Facebook page, some of which are black. Some of them are posting what they know about the shooting and I saw 2 people talking about recognizing his car.

Some of his Facebook friends appear to be classmates.