FPR @ the BAR! A Sit Down Comedy Show.




A Sit Down Comedy Show and musical event.

Freedom Pop RadiO’s top 2 hosts Comedian Kenny K and me Tasteless T broadcast an in studio live radio talk show...

Now, we're changing it up a little.

The show will continue to feature real talk, alternative news and cool tunes.

The rest of any given episode goes like this... We shit on the mainstream by going through their headlines and ripping them apart.

We also joke around and verbally abuse and torture each other.

The best parts are, full on bad language, weird news, true stories and whole lot of laughs.

Freedom Pop RadiO's live shows also include guest co-hosts, interviews, featured indie artists, comics, indie tunes and cool music breaks.

FPR Blog 101: Over Sensitivity Equals Major Censorship.

The sensitivity level of today has spun so out of control... 

It has surpassed any scale making the meter explode into pieces.

In today’s day and age criticism, insults, content deemed offensive by the thin skinned, jokes and truth can get many people in trouble.

To be honest I’m hoping to gain a little heat for my actions and content. 

Maybe someone will take notice by offense and the site will be famous by obliterating it from the internet. 

Cross fingers fellas and lady Hellas.