Fpr Blog 108: Militias In America and The 2nd Amendment

Let us get this one minor issue or misconception out of the way…

Militias and gun ownership are both very much legal in these United States. It’s constitutional and both have justifiable reasons for their existence.

The obvious one is owning a gun to protect what’s yours. However, included in the 2nd Amendment is gun collecting and not for protecting.

Militias are legal for a whole other reason. Which at this point seems insane that it actually not only still exists, but how hardcore some of these militant mother fuckers can get. Again, legally and by none other than number 2 on the list. 

Fpr Blog 107. Free Speech and Expression online.


Free speech comes with a certain responsibility. But, at the end of the day, this whole thing is far from idealism...

Anyone who is “positively” popular ends up getting dirt on them, everyone runs away…

An athlete, actor, anchor or the most beloved star/celebrity or most caring politician. And yes they do exist. However, if any of them get dirt on them, they lose it all... Why? 


Diabetes is one shitty disease. It's fucking horrible at times. 

Well, I guess AIDS may be worse, but still. 

Crazy thing about me is that my AIDS gives people superpowers. 

I'd try to be all macho and say women, but I'm not macho. 

So obviously I have diabetes. I hope I don't have to say that the AIDS thing was a joke... 

FPR Blog 105 The Gary Webb Story & Other Side Of The News

Gary Stephan Webb was born in Corona, California on August 31, 1955.

He died on December 10, 2004 from two “self inflicted” gunshots to the back of the head. 

His death was officially ruled a suicide.

I’ll get into that load of bullshit a little later in the blog…