FPR BLOG 107: Following tasteless t's news and commentary. Tasteless Talk Show 91.

Alright, I think I found a way to not just post more blogs, but post them more frequently too.

I'm sure most who read this know about my live broadcast (stream) The Tasteless Talk Show. 

When plugging the blog, I often refer to it, as a sort of a written version of my on air commentary. 

However, it is not easy coming up with different stuff for the blog to write about... then writing the mother fucker is no pleasant picnic. 

Im not a fan of picnics, I don't know why I just wrote that. 

I fucking hate eating outdoors. No, douche bag hostess, if I wanted to eat outdoors I would have stayed home and barbecued.

Yea I'm a dick... And let me not forget to mention reading it over and over and over and still misspelling shit.


Diabetes is one shitty disease. It's fucking horrible at times. 

Well, I guess AIDS may be worse, but still. 

Crazy thing about me is that my AIDS gives people superpowers. 

I'd try to be all macho and say women, but I'm not macho. 

So obviously I have diabetes. I hope I don't have to say that the AIDS thing was a joke... 

FPR Blog 105 The Gary Webb Story & Other Side Of The News

Gary Stephan Webb was born in Corona, California on August 31, 1955.

He died on December 10, 2004 from two “self inflicted” gunshots to the back of the head. 

His death was officially ruled a suicide.

I’ll get into that load of bullshit a little later in the blog…