Fpr Blog 108: Militias In America and The 2nd Amendment

Let us get this one minor issue or misconception out of the way…

Militias and gun ownership are both very much legal in these United States. It’s constitutional and both have justifiable reasons for their existence.

The obvious one is owning a gun to protect what’s yours. However, included in the 2nd Amendment is gun collecting and not for protecting.

Militias are legal for a whole other reason. Which at this point seems insane that it actually not only still exists, but how hardcore some of these militant mother fuckers can get. Again, legally and by none other than number 2 on the list. 

One and two are the most commonly known amendments we the people know off the top of our heads. The titles anyway. Even if we don’t understand or appreciate its context, most know free speech and guns.

Anyway… Many might not know that if it wasn’t for militias the framers of our government would have been framing paintings instead. 

It wasn’t a thank you. It was a back up plan. Well, that's what it turned into anyway. 

At first every woman and man that desired to be free from the brits ran right into straight up horrific type combat. Our military wasn’t big. 

America was a conspiracy. 

You can’t really get too many people involved when you’re planning on executing treason and the taking over of land that doesn’t belong to you.

So secretly behind our forces were small groups of neighborhood ballsy baddasses that stockpiled weapons and trained. Anyway, we all know how that story ends. What a few out there don’t seem to understand is why militias needed to exist after those first few wars. And it’s not so off planet that they don’t even want to try to understand it. 

It’s terrifying to watch hard looking men with military fatigue and weapons of mass assasination around their neck with combat gear on, just walking around like the shit makes sense. Because in this day and age it doesn’t. However, it’s not that simple…

You see the founding fathers knew that if they didn’t set up some unbreakable by death type rules, a future administration could try to take over and rule America instead of running it for a while.

So militias ended up being allowed to exist as the last line of defense against a one branch government ruled state. And not for nothing, that was pretty fucking brilliant… At the time and for many, many years after. 

Full disclosure, I love the idea of a citizenry army. Proud, salt of the earth Americans with the balls to stand up to a president that decides he ain’t leaving, calls himself king and sicks the military on us… BALLS! 

The only problem is that I don’t believe the cause is the same anymore. It certainly doesn’t feel pure and organic to me. It looks, therefore feels intimidating and at times hateful.

Many former United States Armed Forces women and men become militia.

What made me write this bit in the first place, wasn’t mass shootings and gun control. And yes I’ve now turned into a piece. Excuse me, blog. Sorry… /~: 

{I will include the “spoken word” version aka the radio show’s audio clip of the issue on this blog so you can hear it if you wish. Before you judge me on my work ethic, there’s like way more content I get into on the blog... Okay, fine. Not really but work with me here people. I’m trying my best}

Anyway, what made me want to cover this issue was a story about one former marine who is now militia.

I watched this interview of an American soldier. He was answering a question on how many tours he had done. That’s the word used for going onto the battlefield for a period of time in the industry… (Yes, I’m a dick. I know this)

In all seriousness though, he said something that got to me. He said he signed up to protect this country. And while doing so, watched his friends die fighting for the same cause. 

Then to come back home and not only to be called a domestic terrorist, but be categorized one by the same government he defended. That broke my heart to hear. You know veterans have it bad enough which is incredible to me. 

How can’t the richest place on the planet not take care of the very people who make it safe enough to keep it rich in the first place? But then to be thrown into that group. That’s just fucked up.

I really felt bad for the guy. However I couldn’t help but think about something which is the reason for the nasty debate the issue has become.

I noticed that this fine young man. Although a well mannered, respectful, decent and nonthreatening looking person only looked that way from the neck up. That's because from the neck down he was wearing full on, active duty type military gear. Like battle uniform type shit. And to top it off, he was also wearing a rifle.

You know it’s one thing to wear your gear, on and around the compound. However, when you keep on the camo fatigue, battlefield gear and an automatic weapon of war while visiting a Walmart you are doing the opposite of making people feel protected.

You’re most likely going to scare a semi-liquid dump out of every single right minded, civil person that lays eyes on you in that store. 

Now obviously the 2nd Amendment is the right to bear arms. This is a pretty big umbrella and it’s supposed to be. Like I mentioned before about owning a gun to protect what’s yours. Objects, money and family. And for many it's in that exact order. But, there’s more to it. 

Hunting. Not hunting for fun, but hunting to eat. Even in this day and age, hunting to eat is fine. I mean what’s the difference? Other than poor ethics, chemicals, cleanliness, toxic packaging and horrific living conditions. At least the hunter keeps it quick and clean.

This next one seems silly because I believe collecting anything is an obsession and an addiction, but I’m okay with both. 

Gun collectors. These are the furthest from violent people. They’re mostly fucking nerds. And I’m not going to sit here and type that nerds can’t be deadly, but for the most part they’re just really kind, intelligent people with some social skill deficiencies. It doesn’t make them murderous. 

These people aren’t into the types of guns most morons buy when they get their mid-life crisis gun craze going. They talk about it for months. From the classes you have to take, to the laws the person has learned and on and on. 

Then the big day... the test. They already know what they want and every poor soul that has to be around this person knows too because they wont shut the fuck up about it. That, along with pictures too, like show and shoot me before you tell. 

Men’s mid-life crisis control failure. Happens all the time… It’s guns or a motorcycle. In my case, it’s defying my wife and letting my hair grow long.

Defiance. That’s another thing I need to address. This shit about the government coming to take your precious guns. How tough they’ll be when the government comes. 

Yea okay, you wouldn’t last a second, even if you had the balls to squeeze one off at the authority.

Let’s settle this once and for all with simple common sense. I can’t dumb it down because I’m the dumb ass explaining it. It can’t be dumb down much more.


NO ONE IS COMING TO YOUR HOME TO TAKE YOUR GUN… Period, end of story morning glory. No. Actually I have more on this story to write, sorry…

In all seriousness though… The 2nd Amendment is NOT going anywhere. Sure there are going to be certain ridiculous restrictions that complicate the process but it doesn’t keep you from obtaining a legal permit to own a gun or guns. 

Look, the authorities can’t even get the guns out of the hands of criminals. That alone will keep the law in place. Besides, who at the end of the day do you think is making a large portion of that profits of the gun trade? The United States government. Who, by the way, sells more weapons in a day than the top five major gun distributors/retailers in the country. And that’s a simple minded understatement.

I’ve been hearing this shit about how the government is coming for the people’s guns since I was a kid. And every single person who makes that claim can’t produce a shred of evidence to prove it. Which is why it never happens. 

I guess some people just need to be negative, non trusting alarmists. They make these claims as if they themselves are suffering from the loss of a law that still exists. Which even if it didn’t wouldn’t matter because they don’t even own a gun. They’re actually against them.

Who knows, maybe the sky, like a Bond film will finally fall. And all those no proof producing conspiracy theorists can finally say “I told you so”.

Think for a second. If militias not only exist but flaunt it the way they do right in front of law enforcement without repercussions, then the 2nd Amendment is holding just fine. 

I’m not a gun guy and if I was I wouldn’t say it anyway. I don’t understand people who tell others that they own guns. I’d like to keep that as quiet as possible. Like the shovel, garbage bags and duct tape I keep in my trunk.

However, if you want to collect an arsenal, by all means go crazy. Well not like postal crazy. Like fun crazy. Well, not if shooting people is fun to you. Then I suggest not collecting guns.

Okay, I’ll stop being stupid for a second... Okay, I’m back.

I know a guy. Someone I used to work with and a fan of this project. He moved to Florida and became a gun nut when he saw how easy it was to legally obtain them. Now, I can get into the amazing scar-face final scene’s worth of artillery he’s amassed in a short time, but there’s only one I need to mention to prove my point and end this shit already. 

My fingers hurt.

Ready..? He, wait for it, LEGALLY owns a, once again, wait for it… A fucking FLAMETHROWER. Like the ones you see in movies or old war documentaries but in a backyard in west palm beach Florida.

No one is hunting nor are they protecting anything with a flamethrower. That’s an adult toy or a fucked up secret security weapon system.

So to anyone who comes to me with that gun rights bull shit, I say, don’t stand there and tell me with such certainty that the United States Government is coming for “our” guns. 

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Stop watching OAN, news max and fox and get a clue. 

A fucking flame thrower…

Oh and for those who want to form a crew of 10 or 10,000 and train them for urban warfare, by all means jump in head first. 

Just remember the one important thing. You’re not police and you’re not border patrol. So stop that shit.

You have only one job and that’s only, if…

OK so before I end this bad boy, I found a notebook page with the date and time that read January 1, 2021 12:18AM.

However before I relay what’s on the note... I would like to take the next few lines of space for an Fpr sound cloud advertisement.

I mentioned earlier that I originally wrote this piece as a bit for my radio show. However, I thought it should be written for the blog because there was more I could delve into and I needed a topic for the next blog which has a deadline…

This is the verbal version of this blog.


Okay, so back to this note I found that I wrote 18 minutes into 2021. I found it in a folder with a shit load of other notes I jot down on anything I find clear enough to write on. Then I put it to the side and go back to it later. At least that’s how I plan it. 

An idea just kind of comes to a person and it’s usually never at the best time. 

In my case I don’t want to forget what I just thought but I’m in the middle of something else. So I write like a title or a couple key words to remember. But then I toss it on another desk in the studio and forget it. 

I'll find it weeks or even months later. To wit, 18 minutes into 2021.

"It’s New years eve… No, wait, it's actually New years day. Well 18 minutes into it anyway. 

So, a new year. New hopes, new dreams, new goals, new starts and a new list of promises to loved ones and to yourself.

A new outlook on life and what’s to be. All positive, which is brand new to you. New opportunities and another new day to climb out of your hole and back into the real world.

You know what I mean… A new you.

Maybe even new efforts to this pandemic's demise. Albeit rushed and a bit shady, a new vaccine to combat and end this plague.

A new government focused on peace, health and the effort put forth to remind us that we are a nation that was meant to be united, not divided.

Who knows maybe a new found international peace agreement. Acceptance of our fellow human despite not always agreeable concepts, colors and cultures. 

Finally, to top it all off, a new start to what will turn out to be a great economy. Not just for wall street but for us plebs too.

And you know what cats and kittens…?


I wish it would. I do… I hope everyday that the violence, hatred, class warfare and manipulation will at the very least slow down. But, it won’t.

Sure things will seem like all is new and improved. Things will seem so good that in a year or so we won’t remember 2020. Unfortunately, it will all be built on a house made of manure. Sure it hardens… for a while. But then the hardened manure will turn into dust and will then easily be brushed aside.

It's the truth. It’s the sad truth, but the truth nonetheless. That is if we continue to look the other way or fall for what we think will make a difference but only ends up making us more distant.

We the people still have power. We actually never lost it. We’ve just been distracted. It’s not entirely our fault. The powers that shouldn’t be work very hard to keep us distracted.

You see if they just take our freedoms, despite how much we take for granted, most people would lose their shit. But, if we’re too busy not paying attention to the things that matter then “they” can do what they want right under our noses.  

We don’t need fists and bricks to make our power felt. You would be surprised by what so many people positively accomplish just by using social media. 

We don’t have to assemble in mass and protest on the streets leaving ourselves open to all sorts of violent manipulation. 

We have so much power at our fingertips. We’ve had and still have this access tool of straight genius that us average jenny and joes can easily use as a source to improve life instead of using it to destroy the lives that matter on this planet, all of ours. 

We have the opportunity to use our brain instead of our brawn. The world is not completely out of our hands yet. I honestly don’t think we’ll ever lose our entire grip on it. But if we don’t do something about it, then we shouldn’t bother hanging on at all".

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I appreciate the time you have given it.

Your fearless leader

Tasteless T


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