Fpr Blog 107. Free Speech and Expression online.

Should social media and/or streaming platforms be a place for free speech?



Free speech comes with a certain responsibility. But, at the end of the day, this whole thing is far from idealism...

Anyone who is “positively” popular ends up getting dirt on them, everyone runs away…

An athlete, actor, anchor or the most beloved star/celebrity or most caring politician. And yes they do exist. However, if any of them get dirt on them, they lose it all. 


Because it’s all about image and image equals money... 

Do you really think that Apple and Twitter disagree with how people behave? Big tech along with their digital platforms severed ties with social media site Parler. Why? 

Why did they do it at that exact time? Because they were discovered by the masses as being ugly, if not necessarily dirty. 

Parler was ugly like a mother fucker. After I got banned from twitter for seven days, I searched around for a social media platform that might not be so sensitive. 

I found Parlor. It didn’t take long for me to see that I wanted no part of the “free speech” accepted there.

I have to ask… Do you think big tech were slow to deal with Alex Jones because they were behind on examining his feed?


All was goody gum drops while Alex Jones made mad money for big tech using their featured and owned platforms despite his stupid sick statements and horrific effects on people he created. 

So, it wasn’t exactly the content that got him erased. All the fucked up lies he spewed were just fine, up until the masses found out about them. The lawsuits weren’t even the beginning. Big tech can handle lawsuits. They can afford the cost of retaining lawyer protection twenty four seven.

The question is... Are they going to stand behind a guy with a show that doesn’t even deserve the airtime it's given for the shit that it resonates? Um… Fuck no.

Alex Jones is not worth the amount of clients, subscribers, sponsors and customers that big tech will lose. He was bad for business. Simple.

Twitter and company, dropped trump and company, not for ethical reasons or for public safety. Oh no… They erased them because those who needed to be erased were going to cost big tech, big money..

At the end of the day apple, google, you tube and company will allow posts and streams of crazy and nasty shit till the public complains. Then… It’s kick rocks.

This is not a war on free speech... It’s a defense tactic and it was set up at the very beginning. Big tech is protecting their interests and that’s money. This is the next generation's top one percent of the top one percent.

Now, if the government started shutting down social media or streaming platforms, then that would be a completely different story. The government deciding what can or can’t be said or written online would be scary.

Look what happened with the 45th president. People were angry and disappointed, rightfully so when he was dropped off the face of the internet, starting with twitter. I may not like someone, but they have the right to say shit. 

However, when twitter started adding a “not confirmed” feature under statements that were tweeted as fact he called for taking away Section 230. It’s an internet free speech law that protects companies that offer social media platforms. 

If that isn't the government trying to, at the very least derail freedom of speech then I don’t know what level it has to be taken to, for people to not only care but to see through the bullshit.

Getting back to whether or not free speech and expression should be a right, I think hasn't totally been determined. It still wouldn’t justify attacking private companies that have the right to not serve you, but with that said, I think it should be a right. 

The internet has become an extension of our civilization, our society, our reality, etc… But, we have to remember one simple thing... 

We can say or do what we want, to a degree on the streets. However, you lose that right when you enter someone’s business. For the time you’re there, you have to behave how the owners expect you to.

You can walk shirtless and shoe less on the street, but most stores are not going to service you without them on.

I think we have to remind ourselves of that fact when speaking or expressing ourselves freely online. Because those freedoms, as I said before and will continue to say, come with responsibilities. We didn’t get them to act like shit heads, even though the law protects us when doing so.

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I like to think of it as a privilege more than a right. I respect it and abide by its reason. I am grateful for that right and many more I get to enjoy. 

Many people think that driving is a right. It in fact is a privilege awarded to us by our government. 

Can you imagine not being able to drive? That would suck. However, we can have that taken away and we couldn’t look to the constitution to help us drive again.

We should treat freedoms of expression and speech like that.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I appreciate the time you have given it.

Your fearless leader

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