FPR Blog 53: Am I Being Naive for Believing We Can Make a New World of Peace instead of Beasts?

I'm a bit of a dreamer. I tend to believe too easily. I don't care how naive I can be, but I believe that we have the power to shape our future and finally be free.

I believe words can be more powerful than war. Words, along with some level of understanding and acceptance can create a new found peace that we all desire. A new world based on health, not wealth. 

The human race might have an expiration date, but our nature is to survive no matter how dire a situation may be. We hang on and we fight.

We can't fix the world's problems. It's not just because we have our own, but it's not our job. 

On the other hand, we could play a positive role and be a leader in creating a safer world, not with our fists but with our faith. Not faith in a supreme being, faith in our own humanity. 

It's important that we all find our purpose in life. 

We'll never know if we're meant to do more if we're constantly distracted by long hours at work, short nights on the couch and spending the rest of our time online.

Take the presidential election for an example. It's about 13 months away yet the whole country is already glued to their TV's to hear what a candidate is going to say next. What promise is he or she going to make that will make us feel better about the future? 

Our country is at a tipping point and now more than ever we need candidates to talk about the issues not emails and a blow hart 's Twitter feed.

We're living in a country that is more interested in what a celebrity has to say than what he or she has actually done. Spending countless hours following their social media to see who'll be insulted next.

The worst part is that the news media gives these circus clowns attention which then earns them some credibility. Many Americans just hear what they want, but that doesn't mean that the media should only bother with a part of a story.

Information is suppressed, mostly because networks care more about ratings than they do politics. It's not a conspiracy. 

I'm sure there are times that the government feeds the media and that's all they report. Not much investigating or questioning. Seems it's only done when it's high profile and it's always combative. 

A politician only matters when he or she is involved in a scandal or is regarded as popular by we the people. How? Ratings and polls. Politicians love to say polls don't matter and in many ways they're right.

When people are asked about political scandals they say they're tired of them. Yet, when one happens network ratings go through the roof.

It's really about distracting and engaging you. Distract you from the issues that matter because they're boring. Engage you with hype, scandal and images of war torn countries.

Unfortunately, we've allowed this to happen because we spend more time trying to be entertained than informed.

As much cause as I have to blame news networks for not reporting the whole story I can't because if they did most wouldn't watch. 

Networks have 24 Hours of air time yet every hour we see and hear the same stories. Each hour of each day could focus on the real issues and spread more information on what they cover, but that wouldn't sell ad space.

Networks play us like a violin. They act as if they're feeding us so much information just by the way they present it and people actually fall for it. 

Then they make us feel stupid because we go to the Internet to be more informed. "Can't believe what you read on the Internet". Well, I can't really believe what the mainstream media is feeding us either.

As fantastic as Kim Kardashian's ass may be, we need to look away every once in awhile because we're losing our grip and the slope is getting slipperier.

We don't need to go down the rabbit hole anymore because the truth is right in front of us. We're not even being deceived anymore. There's no need for subliminal messages because many have long since stopped thinking for themselves.

As soon as the powers that be see that we've had enough another distraction keeps us from speaking out.

I believe no one on television has our best interests at heart. They are no longer the source we need to be truly informed. I also believe that politicians don't speak for us anymore. They only speak for the corporations that fund their lifestyles.

We need to snap out of the mass hypnotic state we're in before we wake up and find that everything we've earned has been taken away.

Who knows, maybe this chaotic cataclysm is so concrete that it will never be broken. Maybe if it ever were to be broken our world will crumble around us.

I honestly believe that is our problem. The fear of rocking the boat. We forget that we know how to swim and the ones that don't will be able to grab an out stretched hand.

We mustn't be afraid because it's after losing everything that we're able to do anything.

We're stuck in a cycle and we are the only ones that can stop and change it's direction. 

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Spread the word, expose the truth, it's never too late.

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