FPR Blog 54: Another career politician gets away with egregious crimes.

Time after time we find out that career long politicians are involved in crimes and never pay the consequences.

I thought our government was supposed to protect We The People and make sure that the scum-bags who broke their oath rot in prison..?

Dennis Hastert, another career politician and the longest serving speaker in the house of representatives.

He "served" the 39th and 82nd districts in the Illinois House of Reps and was elected to congress to represent the 14th congressional district in 1987. He held that seat until 2007 and along the way became speaker of the house.

Why do I bring this guy up? Other than the fact that we need to impose term limits on every political position in America, he's dirty.

At some point in the course of his almost 30-year career "representing" the people of Illinois he skirted banking laws and lied to federal investigators. He was indicted over that and as of Thursday morning has pled guilty.

Government sources said that he paid “hush money” to cover up allegations of sexual misconduct with a male student during his time as a high school teacher and coach in Yorkville, Illinois.

So far this has not been proven.

Hastert has not been charged with any sex crimes, and the identity of the person he is accused of paying remains unknown.

The charges that Hastert would plead guilty to and what the sentence may be was unclear.

Hastert was charged in May with structuring cash withdrawals, totaling $1.7 million, in a manner intended to avoid detection by banking officials, and then lying about the withdrawals to the federal authorities.

The seven-page indictment laid out a pattern of secret meetings, bank withdrawals, and the questioning of Hastert by federal agents.

The plea will allow Hastert to avoid a long and embarrassing trial and to keep secret information that he has hidden for years, including the identity of the former student, called Individual A in the indictment.

It was that man who, around 2010, met with the former speaker several times to discuss “past misconduct” by Hastert while he was teaching in Yorkville, the indictment said. Hastert taught there from 1965 to 1981.

Can you imagine the damage this man inflicted on other children? Why this guy gets legal protection for a plea is beyond my comprehension.

A person with an almost 20-year career as a teacher and a 30-year career as "public servant", should not be allowed to take a plea that will spare him embarrassment.

It is sick to think that Hastert's past and current crimes will not affect him much, if at all.

This is why we need term limits on every single politician that holds any type of office.

In 30 years, this man has developed connections with wealthy bankers, corporate gangsters, powerful politicians and a slew of lawyers.

After his illustrious tenure as the speaker of the house, he opened a lobbying firm and later worked at the Washington law firm Dickstein Shapiro.

After the indictment in May, he resigned and has stayed out of public view.

Not good enough.

Unfortunately, this filthy bastard will not see a day in prison for his crimes. Yet, prisons are filled with non-violent criminals imprisoned for drug use and petty theft.

I think it's time we all said enough and start making our voices and opinions heard.

People say we are a democracy. That's not exactly true. We elect people to speak for us and vote for bills that will help the people. We don't get to vote on the bills that will have huge and possible negative impacts on our lives.

This is what is called a Republic. It's just too bad that our representatives stopped working for us many years ago.

The legislative branch is not run by or for the people. Corporations are now the ones being protected by our elected officials.

The laws that protect us have been sold by our leaders and paid for by the wealthy.

If we don't try and stop this now, the next thing to be sold will be our constitution.

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