Freedom Pop RadiO: Official launch release October 7, 2015
official launch release
October 7, 2015 is now streaming radio! 24/7/365.

It’s time!

As some of you may or may not know, I’m the guy behind Fjs RadiO, Funky Junkie Superstar, Night Of Free Expression (NOFE), Elbow Room, The Green Door Parties and the last vestige of Love Sexy's legendary house nights. Of course, last but certainly not least, ‘tasteless t’.

This is my new website,

I started FPR exactly three weeks after shutting down Fjs. Many might think that was my plan all along, but I can assure you that it was a straight up 'drop of the ball' on my part. 

Since quietly launching I’ve spent most of my time writing for it. At this point I’m over 50 blogs in. Now I have a radio station to add music and talk to all the new content found on Freedom Pop RadiO. 

FreedomPop RadiO has been streaming since the site’s creation on April 26, 2015, but again, I never really mentioned it . All that aired was just a bunch of electronic tracks and mixes just to have something cool playing in the mean time. The reason for the coy playlist was a preparation for its programming. 

This took a lot of time, but to be honest, I put the radio idea on the shelf to just focus on researching and writing. I knew I had to air something because of my love for radio, but I also needed more time than I thought to be mentally prepared to take this on.

So, this is it!

FreedomPop RadiO will stream 24/7 and will have 2 talk shows. Both of which will air live on Wednesdays. 

One show, {'What's What'} will air in the mornings, 9AM to 11AM. (No debut date yet)

The other show, {The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, with Jay, Ney and t} will be live from 9PM to 11PM.  THAT SHOW DEBUTS TONIGHT, 7th of October, 2015!

This will be the only talk featured on Freedom Pop RadiO.

The rest of the radio stream will focus solely on Electronic Music. Freedom Pop RadiO will air in a traditional radio format; programming and time frame wise. 

The station will be dominated by all styles of Electronic singles, but not mixes. This is not to say there won’t be any live or pre-recorded dj mixes. But, the majority of the tracks will play individually just like any terrestrial radio station you may have listened to before this date. 

The difference..? 

Outside of the money, fame, budget, advertisement, a frequency and outstanding production, \~: 

FreedomPop Radio will not be fake, it will not be dishonest and it will never intrude with pop up ads and spam. FreedomPop RadiO will be a good source for information, discussion, heated debate, news and electronic music. There is a side effect though... Sophomoric behavior may occur at anytime.

Freedom Pop RadiO dj mixes will be featured often. This will fall under an umbrella of a series called ‘TeCh SociEty’. All mixes will be categorized by number, style and, at times, name.

The styles included in the programming will be a variety of four to the floor house music based styles. It all started with House Music and it evolved from there. So techno, tech house, minimal, deep, trance, etc., will all have plenty of air time. Other styles will include, trip hop, jungle, drum n bass, obscure, dance industrial and anything else I deem worth playing. All tracks will be played as singles, more than some will end up in a dj mix.

Freedom Pop RadiO will evolve from this and eventually will have more programming, but I think this enough for now.

By the way, this all begins RIGHT NOW!  

As soon as this post hits social media feeds you will only be a click away from the next online R-evolutionary movement.

Let's do this...


{The stream link is on the right hand side on the FreedomPop Microphone pic}

Stream-link address: 


News Feed and Blog link address:


I hope you will give us a try because I believe you will, at the very least, find what you read and hear very interesting.

I've always believed that enlightenment is best achieved through certain entertaining media.

This is far from a comedic show or serious news broadcast, but I promise you will laugh and you will learn. 

Thank you for you time and support. I hope you enjoy and if so, please spread the word.

ExposeThe Truth...  It's Never Too Late!

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