FPR Blog 44: Could 2016 be the Year that Pot is Legalized Nationally?

Weed revenue in Colorado

Could the national prohibition on marijuana be lifted soon? If you follow Colorado's weed revenue since it's been legalized and taxed it sure as shit should be.

A report from the Colorado Department of Revenue, looked at the taxes collected from  July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, and found that the state collected about $70 million in taxes from marijuana sales, and only about $42 million in taxes from alcohol sales.

This makes Colorado the first state to generate more tax revenue from pot than from alcohol.

Here's the data from the revenue office... Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue

Personally I think “The Pot” should be categorized something other than a Schedule 1 drug. The reason for this exaggeration is that at one point in time ‘refer’ was considered extremely dangerous. The protestant anglo-Saxon powers that be at the time tried to create hysteria by using pot as a gateway to commit sick crimes.

Newsreels, public service announcements, and movies were shown across the nation depicting African Americans and Mexicans as stoned crazed rapists and killers. It was pretty ridiculous, even for early nineteenth-century racist sententiousness.

The fact that it still remains on the radar of mandatory minimums and long prison sentences is truly stupid. Prisons are packed so much so that prisoners are being housed in an auditorium because they’ve run out of space. This has also allowed for privatized prisons to spring up all over the United States. It really makes no sense why non-violent drug offenders are seeing any prison time at all.

The concern over the health ramifications is blatantly hypocritical…

Alcohol and tobacco reek havoc on human life like Genghis Khan yet they’re not only sold they’re promoted. You can’t go anywhere without seeing an ad for alcohol. It’s usually hot chicks or someone looking like they’re cool. Yeah, that’s great for kids to see.

You have wine and cigar aficionados stinking up places and crashing cars, yet no place in the states for the various kinds of bud many “normal” and “functioning” people enjoy. You never hear about car accidents caused by potheads because they’re sitting at the stop sign waiting for it to turn green.

There is a huge tipping of the scale when it comes to this substance. And, let us not be confused, marijuana is a substance that can be addictive and abused. There is no question one has to be very careful when smoking, drinking or eating pot. I don’t think it should be used behind the wheel, nor do I think it should be smoked in public. But, one way or another it should be ok to smoke pot.

After Colorado's numbers, I don't see how the federal government doesn't get in on it. #LegalizeIt2016!

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