FPR Blog 36:The Trump Phenomenon. A Bad Joke Turned Scary Possibility.

I didn't see it before. I couldn't imagine it. I thought for sure this would be over after that debate. I even for a minute or two considered the fact that he may be a shill for Hillary. But, now Trump is starting to scare me.

Political talk shows and "serious" news networks are giving presidential candidate Donald Trump a lot of air time. The political talking heads that made fun at first are now speaking positively about him.

Trump has even gained the support of the GOP's bitter heart, Ann Coulter. She recently spoke at a Trump event and threw the republican leadership under the bus. She actually said she sees hope for America now.

When Trump announced he was running for president, no one took it seriously because he's a buffoon. Before and after the debate he was still a joke, but the news started to say "he was saying what the people were feeling".

Now he's still a joke that many are taking way too seriously and the reason for that is the mainstream media.

The mainstream news networks have turned this race into a reality TV show. The political pundits are seriously discussing Trump's outrages claims and his insults. They are either appalled or shocked by what he says.

Trump is a master and getting media attention and he played the mainstream like a violin.

The major networks are comparing him to Ronald Reagen.

I can't blame the news for not wanting to cover 80 percent of the candidates in both fields, but the attention on Trump is overwhelmingly ridiculous.

Donald Trump was getting 55% of Republican airtime before the debate. This is the amount of time the news spends talking about the GOP. It's basically free advertisement.

After the debate, Trump began to get 72% of GOP airtime and skies the limit for this man. I have yet to see a single campaign ad that ends with paid by Trump for president. It's all free media.

I get that the guy is a side show hairdo, but people are starting to fall under the spell. The scary part is that he's impervious to scandal. There's nothing this man could do, outside of killing women and children, that the public would crucify him for.

As I see it right now, no matter how many times I say it's impossible this man is on a track and he's moving fast. As a matter of fact every time I say it's impossible I sigh and remember that it's totally possible.

Donald Trump cannot be the president of these United States. No one has done a great job in office the past twenty years. We most certainly need heavy reform, but this guy is not the answer to our problems.

Trump has no ethics. He's a crooked man who made his money by manipulating people and the system.
He is one of the very same people we speak of when we mention the one percent. Trump is not a man of the people. He uses them, chews them up and spits them out.

The man's ideas aren't all that revolutionary either. Sure he's saying what the people have been feeling, but we've heard it all before.

Only now it's a famous rich clown making promises he won't keep. He, like most of us, can't even fathom sitting in that chair. What it takes to keep countries from nuking each other. Making decisions that people will hate you for, but in your heart you know will help down the road. Well, you at least hope it will.

Everybody Monday quarterbacks the presidency and it truly is the most ignorant crap anyone could say. "We should just bomb and get rid of them". That's the most common one. It's utterly ridiculous to think you can do a better job by simply using one solution. By the way, we've used more force than any other country in late history and it has gotten us nowhere.

Don't get me wrong, I believe if we pulled our troops out from the DMZ all hell would break loose. Many people say that it shouldn't be our problem, but we can't understand why it's beneficial for us that Korea doesn't wipe itself out. Though, I think it's pretty damn clear.

We have legitimate gripes and serious issues in this country. We are rightfully frustrated by the infighting that keeps important bills from getting a vote. Stopping judges that would follow the rule of law and the constitution from being appointed because it hands an opponent a political victory.

The inherent corruption is so deeply entrenched in our political system it's getting harder for them to hide.

Watching corporations buy our leaders like they were items on a shelf...

It's what breaks my heart about my country.

Now I have to watch it reduced to a bad comedy. It's crazy to think this man is going to sit in that chair and make some calls, demand presidents and dictators to do what he wants and it's just all going to happen that way.

What planet am I living on? I thought I was disgusted by the way the masses thought before, now I just want to shoot myself.

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