FPR Blog 18: U.S.'s Neglected Security Systems. We are Vulnerable.

On Tuesday June 16, 2015, the Associated Press reported that, 'Democrats and Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee spoke in unison to describe their outrage over what they called gross negligence by the Office of Personnel Management'.

The agency's data was breached last year in two massive cyber attacks only recently revealed.

I understand the government can't tell us everything. There are things they have to hold on to for a while and some stuff they hope will never come out.

I also understand that no agency in the United States Government wants to look like in-concomitant fools, but there's a time to swallow pride and inform the public on what could be a potential crap storm for every online user.

If a malicious hacker wanted to really hurt us, they could.

Everything is now online. Our entire infrastructure depends on a secure connection. Our lights, heat, water, all of our communications are online. Our military, law enforcement, healthcare and our currency all now rely on code.

Today we can still go back to a semi-stone age, for a while anyway. I think it might actually be good for us.

I really don't want that happening. Trust me, none of us do. So the fact that our entire country could come to a screeching halt from a key stroke is horrifying. Worse is knowing that our government can't seem to do anything about it.

Maybe they can and don't so politicians and corporations can impose new laws for our "security".

At this point, nothing the government says makes any sense to me. We're fighting wars on many fronts in the name of protecting the American People, but we the people aren't feeling that protected.

All the NSA spying programs, bulk data collections, FBI spy planes, and drones have done nothing to protect us. What exactly are they collecting all this information for?

It's almost like they are serving it up to hackers and many are falling into the trap.

Here's the AP story. Fed Agency Blames Giant Hack on 'Neglected' Security System

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