FPR Blog 49: The Audacity of Big Banks to Demand Anything is Extraordinary.

This adds to my last piece on corporations taking the pledge to convert to sustainable energy in the coming years. But, this next piece of information I found pisses me off a bit.

It's a little hypocritical for the six biggest banks in the United States to call for government action and private business investments to address climate change.

I think it's a bit ballsy for these banks who didn't give a crap about humanity when they took houses away from low-income families or stole billions of dollars in pension funds and 401Ks... 

I don't think stealing is an overstatement considering the CEOs of these banks and their top tier employees took in millions of dollars in salary and bonuses while the economy was crumbling. Which these banks had both hands and nine fingers in causing.

What did they get for it? A multi-billion dollar check. 

At least a dozen or so have jumped out of their top floor office windows, but that's not enough. These guys should rot.

Now they want to play captain climate and save the world... I don't know.

The six banks that called for a "strong global climate agreement" were Bank of America, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo arguing in a joint release that government action, in addition to private business investment, is needed to address climate change.

The banks said that putting a price on carbon emissions is crucial to increasing investments in clean energy. The right policy frameworks, they wrote, "can help unlock the incremental public and private capital needed to ensure" that the estimated $90 trillion in new infrastructure investments projected over the next 15 years will help reduce, not increase, carbon emissions.

The next round of United Nations climate talks will take place from Nov. 30 through Dec. 11 in Paris. 

This series of talks has dragged on for years without yielding a significant deal, but as ReutersDavid Stanway reports, the 2014 agreement between the U.S. and China means that "a global deal in Paris has become much more likely" -- although Stanway also notes that the individual country targets that have been laid out so far are not as ambitious as many countries would like to see.

The banks' statement adds four major financial institutions to the list of U.S. businesses that support a deal in Paris.

"As U.S. negotiators enter climate talks in Paris, they can say with confidence that the business and financial community in this country is ready for government leadership to address climate change," said Mindy Lubber, president of the nonprofit Ceres, in a statement Monday.

Resource: Reuters 

I think instead of calling for anything they should be paying for everything. There needs to be some kind of bank reform before anything else. 

Banks hold all the keys to all the doors that could set us free.

These people can care less about the climate. They probably don't even worry about it and if they do it's because their lives are affected. 

'Screw the plebs, but now it's getting too hot for me to sit on my beach view sun deck'. 'Something has to be done about this climate thing'. 

Not even Mother Nature is allowed to disturb these guys.

I applaud all the companies and corporations that are taking the pledge. They may not only save our planet, but they saved us from another decade-long debate on climate change. The debate has gone on so long that most people don't remember the issue had a different title.

I'm really happy and proud to see American businesses and global companies as well band together like this. The best part is that it didn't take a law to make them do it. 

On the other hand, I still believe if the corporations that invested didn't see a decent enough return they would have never publicly taken a pledge to convert to 100 percent sustainable energy. But, either way we're getting somewhere. I'll take that.

Although, I think big banks should have to pay penalties for their previous and current illegal actions that should go directly into the countries infrastructure. Where does all the money they pay in fines go? Maybe that will be my next piece. No, wait, I found some banks involved in currency rigging, again.

Be back soon.

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