FPR Blog 51: 2 Americans Sue Monsanto Over Cancer-Causing RoundUp

Part of my goal with this project is to spread as much information as possible on many important issues. These issues are all over the board. But, each and everyone of them I write about is vital to our way of life. Be it legislation, unfair practices, mandatory minimums, politics, corruption, worker wages, work conditions, free trade, human trafficking and the agrochemical industry.

I have written against GMOs and it's main producer Monsanto for quite some time. There's a four part blog about them, their products and their practices on the website. 

The more I learn the more I post...

I just learned about a lawsuit that's been brought forth by two American workers against Monsanto. This, thanks to underground media because the mainstream is focused on Russia bombing Syria and Donald Trump bombing his opponents.

(Sidebar: He's finally starting to lose support, but he's not bombing in the polls yet)

So, Monsanto has claimed for a long time that their chemicals are safe. They have been genetically modifying our food supply since the 70s. There isn't much food in grocery stores that they haven't contaminated.

There are some people that say there's no proof that GMOs aren't safe to ingest. There are top scientists under the Monsanto umbrella who also make these claims. 

The problem is that Monsanto and other GMO producers do not want to share any information on which foods have GMOs and what their effects are, if any. There's no positive information on this either. 

No commercials from a company who loads their cows with chemicals and tells us why their milk is the best because of it.

Also, the top guy at the FDA was a Monsanto VP. He still has a fraternal relationship with his former company and has helped write legislation to not allow states to label foods that are GMO. 

Forget the legislation itself and how unconstitutional it is. How on ‘Gods’ green earth did a law even make it to the floor of congress that was drafted by the head of the FDA in combination with other Monsanto executives? 

Not one member of congress or the senate had anything to do with the drafting of the bill. But, I do know that millions of dollars was spent lobbying to get it passed. (Below are links to all this information)

Far be it from me to delve into conspiracy theories but you don't have to wear an aluminum hat to see that something doesn't add up.

This has been one of the most heated debates that has dominated the Internet in recent years, yet it's never covered by the mainstream media.

I'm not against the top three news networks. I actually watch all three for a fair amount of the day. The news is always on my television and I have never seen any mainstream coverage on GMOs. 

All of this worries me... 

I find it hard to believe that a company that spends so much time and money hiding information about their products isn't dirty in some way.

This new piece of information has not made it to the mainstream media but I looked it up and it has been covered on multiple internet news sites. (CommonDreams.com, NaturalSociety.com  TheAntiMedia.org, ShadowProof.comRT.com) It's also now floating around on yahoo and made it's way to VanityFair.com. Reuters.com also reported on the story. Now I'd like to see it on FOXnews, CNN and MSNBC as well as their local news affiliates.

Here's the information...

Two agricultural workers have filed separate cases against American agrochemical company Monsanto Co (NYSE: MON), citing its herbicide to have caused their cancers. The lawsuits also claimed that the St. Louis, Missouri-based company had not disclosed the product’s real dangers to the public and regulators.

This is exactly what worries me. The fact that they don't even lie about it is so strange. Usually a company will sell their product like the next big thing and worry about the consequences later. We have seen with many FDA pending or approved products. Some time after hitting the market, bad effects are felt by many and then the lawsuits start.

Monsanto doesn't even want it spoken about. It's almost like they know all too well what their weed killing seeds and other chemicals do to people. 

Here's more some more information...

The herbicide referred to was Roundup which has glyphosate as its active weed-killing component. It was only six months ago when the cancer research arm of the World Health Organization said the ingredient was “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

The first lawsuit was filed by Enrique Rubio, a 58-year-old worker who previously worked in farms in California, Texas and Oregon. His regular responsibilities included spraying fields planted with vegetable crops like onions and cucumbers using Roundup, among other pesticides. 

The lawsuit, which was filed on September 22 at the US District Court in Los Angeles, states that he got diagnosed with bone cancer in 1995.

In another case filed at the federal court in New York on the same date, 64-year-old Judi Fitzgerald said her exposure to Roundup occurred in the 1990s. She worked at a horticultural company then. 

In 2012, doctors confirmed that she had leukemia.

I can't say that we'll have to wait and see if roundup did in fact cause these two people's cancers because we will never know. 

Chances are I'll never hear anything else about this story. Monsanto will drag it out and then quietly settle for less than what the plaintiffs are asking for.

We need to continue to fight back by not buying GMO products. We also need to make more noise about it, but in the mean time try our best to protect ourselves. I know it's hard because there are no labels that read GMO, but the ingredients can't be misleading. 

When the ingredients go from wheat and flour to corn syrup and BHT you know you have a chemically processed product. You will find many ingredients that you will not be able to pronounce. Those are chemicals that we shouldn't be ingesting.

The government says don't do drugs because they're not safe. Yet the shelves in supermarkets are filled with food that has 5 to 20 chemicals an item. If the government really cared about our health they would address the GMO controversy.

I posted this on another GMO blog that I've also linked to this page, but I'll list them here in case you don't want to go click, link crazy.

Let me just remind anyone reading this that there are food companies that go out of their way to not just make but inform us on foods that don't carry GMOs.

The war is far from over. All you need to do is spend a little more time in the grocery store to read the ingredients. Many store brands do not carry BHT and other "longer shelf life" chemicals. As well as natural foods like 'Smart Balance peanut butter that label their products NON-GMO.

Here's a list of clean and not so clean fruits and vegetables.


Sweet corn
Sweet peas (frozen)
Sweet potatoes

Nof Clean:

Sweet bell peppers
Nectarines (imported)
Cherry tomatoes
Snap peas (imported)

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