FPR Blog 57: Undercover Police Officer gets a Huge Dose of Reality.

I get a lot of news in a week. Emails, tags, posts and notifications from twenty or so news sources. 

I get mainstream nonsense, underground stories, conspiracies, and reliable independent news sites. 

By the way, I did not include the twitter, tumbler or Instagram notifications.

Much of the news I receive is horrible and depressing. And, it is not in the traditional way. 

What I try to stay up on his mostly issue based. Political, societal, Etc… Anything having to do with conglomorates, corporations, banks, police, and the government doing wrong by ‘We The People’ is what I'm most concerned about.

One issue that just doesn’t have an end that I can see, but is plastered over both the MSM and the net is policing. The net, society, the masses and the mainstream media have sensationalized the cops vs citizens cold war we’re experiencing as of late.

We can't do anything about people uploading videos of interactions between police and people. But, the mainstream and internet can report this more responsibly. Many of the stories are covered with video. Trust me when I tell you that no one has the right to slam a child sitting in a one-piece desk then dragging her out with one aggressive tug.

The problem there was the three other videos that appeared after the first one aired on television. This allows for bad cops to point the finger at the media and yell that they’re being portrayed as the animals they are.
They get away with the abuse, the false arrests, the beatdowns, breaking their oath and the gross violations of our constitution. Then they do it again.

We have to show the other side of policing. The majority of police officers are not just doing their job professionally, they feel a sense of duty to protect and serve ‘We The People’. Who, by the way, this is all for.

You don’t have to know a cop to know if he or she is cool or not. All you have to do is minimize the porn site for 2 minutes and search stuff like; ‘Good Police Officers, Both sides of policing, Cops who do good. You will find a slew of non-exaggerated stories about cops not only upholding their oath but going out of their way to help.

Policing ain’t easy. All the Monday Q.B.s out there, try and do what the boys in blue do and see if you last an hour, let alone 12.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some serious A-hole cops in my many, many run-ins with the law. But, I can’t lie, 90 percent of my experiences were always positive.   

Anyway, let me stand up because I’ve been going down on cops for a few minutes now.

I received an email about an undercover sting experiment that the Vancouver Police were live testing.

There was a guy who stabbed a couple of people in wheelchairs, so this one cop goes deep cover. He does the whole homeless in a wheelchair act with a broken neck to boot.   

Anyway, he was hoping to catch the sick bastard, instead he got the 540 of opposites. ( 540 is 180 x 3. I was trying to be X Games cool)

Anyway, here’s the story morning glory.

In five days of undercover work from his wheelchair, with loot hanging from a fanny pack for all to see and perhaps snatch, and after more than 300 “contacts” with people, Sergeant Mark Horsley made not a single arrest. People wanted to give him things, instead.

Passers-by insisted on dropping coins into his lap. “I did not panhandle,” he said. Two men bought him pizza. Others just stopped and chatted, passed the time, exchanged pleasantries. All anyone took was his photograph.
Once, a guy came along and crouched over Horsley. He reached in as if making for the fanny pack. Horsley tensed. Here it was, at last: Heinous crime in progress, bust coming up. The man’s fingers touched the fanny pack. Then the prospective perp zippered it shut. He asked Horsley to please be more careful with his things, for goodness sake.
Here’s some video of the operation. This, by the way, shows what I’ve said all along. Yes it’s true there are many horrible people out there but for every bad person there are at least 3 or 4 that are good. I think the ratio is higher than that, but I'm keeping it conservative.
Think about work. Most times you work with cool people and there’s always a douchebag or 5 working with you. But, a handful out of a staff of 50 isn't a bad number… 

I think of the cops like that.
People often say I’m crazy. They think my faith in humanity is a child’s way of thinking. Some of those same people not only believe there’s a god, they worship and have faith in this supreme being. Yet, these people wouldn’t let their children marry out of their race. And, being gay is a definite no, no.
So at the end of the day many of the people who have faith in god are doing the exact opposite of what god is supposed to expect from us. In essence, they are letting down humanity for the lack of faith they have in people.
Anyway, I wanted to post this last part of the story before the video because I related to it so much. After reading it, those of you who know me will also know why.

Source: The Free Thought Project

Faith in humanity restored.
Imagine for a moment that the billions of dollars spent locking individuals in cages for possessing a plant was put to use in the community. Imagine if police officers directed their energy into campaigns like this one instead of hopping into MRAPs and kicking in doors to fight the state’s immoral war on drugs.
Imagine what a better place this world would be if police would focus their efforts on fighting crimes with actual victims, instead of creating crimes that turn good people into victims.

Video Source: The Free Thought Video/Youtube

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