FPR Blog 22: The Confederate Flag vs 50 stars and 13 bars.

So it's been reported that the federal government has told chain stores that they want them to stop selling the confederate flag.

I didn't know the government can just tell a store what they can or can't sell, but it's not like they're demanding ice cream be abolished.

I don't have mixed views on the issue of the confederate flag. To me, it's a symbol of hate, but to others it represents what they believe America should be like.

I don't agree with how confederates would run this country and let's pray that day never comes. But, I do believe they have the right to speak and express their beliefs.

With that said, the confederate flag hanging in public places and state capitals are truly disgusting.

First off, the north won the war.

Since when does the victor raise the enemy's flag?

We're, some what of civilized country, so we didn't enslave the south when we beat them. As a matter of fact, we let them be. Things just got so out of hand that the federal government had to step in.

It drives me crazy, that we're so quick to occupy another country for their "safety", but it took years for real help to come in the south.

Either way, this is most certainly a righteous and symbolic victory. One of respect and honor.

There's a lot of meaning in symbols; flags especially. That flag hanging anywhere, in my eyes, is a disgrace to what America is supposed to stand for.

It signifies hatred, oppression, enslavement and pure evil.

That flag which is flown as high as old glory is the ultimate F.U..

It says, "yes we have to share our land with you and we can't terrorize and lynch you anymore. But, here's a reminder of how bad we still want to".

I can't really celebrate this though... It is ridiculous that this is even an issue. It sickens me to think that the government and it's puppet masters, the corporations are equally as evil as the people who fly their hateful flags with honor. They are mafia type conspirators.

Amazon, wal-mart, e-bay and sears have said they will stop selling the flag. Gee thanks. How much did you make off the backs of children who make the rags and the pee-brain scumbags that buy them?

You've been selling this toilet paper for years, some, for decades and now you wont sell them. The one and only reason you wont sell them is because, it's bad P.R. to sell them after nine black people were shot in a church by a twisted and stupid individual because he wanted to start a civil race war.

I don't gamble, but on this one, I would put my money on the theory that if not for his manifesto being found, that flag would still be sold and raised every day.

There are some serious issues at hand right now. Not just a couple and none of them are short term. This a different time we're living in and history is going to change, one way or another.

The fact that we have to waste time on debating whether this flag should stay or go is moronic. There's no question that this rag, which I wouldn't use to wipe my ass with, needs to go.

The issue is distracting us from many problems, one of which is race relations.

Someone needs to say it....

People aren't always going to like each other because of their race. It's been that way for centuries. That is not going to change. If you burned every confederate flag on the south lawn of the White House, aired it on national television and made it illegal to own one, there would still be a racist group out there that wants to start a race war.

We do have something big going for us... We're a multicultural country and in time race is not going to be a factor. There will always be racial hate, but crossing cultures along with good education will keep the hate to a minimum.

Many will learn that there are good people out there with huge hearts and pure souls... They are from every part of out planet. And for some reason they always end up in the states.

White supremacists are already outnumbered 100 to 1 if not more.

As far as this kid... It's easy to manipulate an already misguided 21 year old into doing something horrible like shooting up a bible group.

I feel the confederate flag, especially raised on government and public property is a message that the fight isn't over. A message this man may have taken as an order.

It's a crying shame that nine innocent people had to be killed in cold blood while reading their bible. I'm sorry, but were there no gangsters out that day?

The only good thing to come out of this is the mass unity it caused. Not only did it bring all colors, sexes and creeds together, it created a movement to finally fight to bring that disgraceful piece of our history down.

Those people did not die in vain. They turned out to be the sacrifice needed to end the tolerated racism by our government.

Thanks for reading faithful. Together we can make the future fit for our kids.

Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO