FPR Blog 32: Black Lives Matter Movement is an Angry Circus.

Black Lives Matter activists crashed presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' rally in Seattle. Two black women appeared out of nowhere right when Sanders greeted the crowd.

They walked right up to the podium and demanded they be given the microphone. They were told they could have it after Sanders spoke. The women were noncompliant and began to scream in anger with obscenities. They did not stop until they were given that microphone.

After that, they spewed a myriad of racial rhetoric. They called the entire crowd white supremacists and racists. Then they demanded the crowd be silent for four-plus minutes in "honor" of Michael Brown...

"You are never going to hear Bernie speak if I don't hear silence now".

The two women are Marissa Johnson and Mara Jacqueline Willaford and they are the co-founders of the Seattle chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM). And, apparently they don't research the people they attack.

Marissa Johnson went on to say that Bernie Sanders' political ideology was white supremacist liberalism. I don't know too much about the man, but he doesn't strike me as a cross burner. After given the microphone and allowed to speak they still didn't show any respect and would not get off stage. Finally, after 20 minutes Sanders left... It was brutal to watch.

If I understand Bernie Sanders correctly and if he is not lying, what he stands for is ending tuition for public colleges and universities. He wants the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. Sanders also wants to invest in new infrastructure which he says will create jobs and develop skills throughout the country. He wants to expand Social Security benefits and make Medicare a national single-payer health care system.

Bernie Sanders is also concerned about the environment and has plans to combat climate change. Plus, Mr. Sanders wants  to impose Wall Street regulations meant to stop another financial crisis and take away the power of the richest one percent.

Though I do see a Socialist agenda, I do not notice a white supremacist leaning. Therefore, these women have no basis for attacking Sanders. I'm not a Sanders-ista and I may not agree with all of his policies, but I cannot deny that he has been a positive force in Vermont. I know a few people from there and they have nothing but good things to say about the man.

So far in this election Bernie Sanders has been the most down to earth candidate. He doesn't come off like a clown. He doesn't have scandals following him. He appears to be honest and loyal to the people.

I'm sorry, but the same cannot be said for the rest of the candidates. Not one candidate in this race has said anything of value. They either have no viable plan to change anything or they're stuck in some shady situation.

Bernie Sanders is the one man willing if not eager to help the BLM movement and these two angry, narrow-minded women have destroyed whatever credibility the cause might have.

Personally, I think the BLM movement is hypocritical at best.

If black lives don't matter to other black people then how can it matter to anyone else? I think ALL lives matter. Yes, black people get beat and shot by police officers. And, yes they are profiled and harassed. But, I don't think storming a rally for a man who could and would do everything in his power to fix that is a smart thing.

There are plenty of candidates that should be embarrassed like this. There is more than enough evidence of the shortcomings of many 2016 candidates when it comes to racial inequality.

The BLM movement might have started for a just reason, and I'm sure had the best of intentions. Unfortunately, the movement has turned into a violent circus.

I know the mainstream media doesn't show everything. I know we barely get a quarter of the truth about any story, but this is too big to hide. The BLM protestors, in Seattle, seem to be nothing more than selfish, ignorant, hypocritical and hateful people.

One of the two who rushed the rally has a picture on her facebook page where she's posing with an Asian girl. The tagline reads that she met her while both were supporting Sarah Palin.

So, I can't exactly believe that this is a person with a legitimate grievance. She seems more like a misguided child who knows very little about the people she supports and slanders.

Black lives do matter, but so does every other life. To bombard a man like that who has brought no harm to anyone especially the African American community is not only disrespectful, it's completely absurd.

In just a few short minutes, those two girls crippled what could have been a powerful movement. Now most of America, who had doubts about BLM are now certain they are a hateful joke.

This is 25 minutes of the rally filmed by Ben Slavens. {youtube Channel; Slavens713}

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