FPR Blog 29: The War For Our Freedom is On! Infrastructure Hacks are just the Beginning.

Yesterday July 8, 2015, massive computer problems shook a few institutions, but the mainstream media is staying far away...

As soon as I woke up this morning, my wife had asked if I had heard anything earlier in the morning when I was still awake from the night before. She said a friend had posted a link to a Gawker article that read, "it's time to panic".

I looked it over, then went surfing the net to see if I would find any other sources. Not even the anonymous twitter contacts are saying anything about it. Outside of the "cryptic" NYSE tweet from two days ago, I see nothing on this.

I don't know exactly what is going on. This could be the beginning of our revolution or a trap. I wouldn't put it passed the government to false flag some hacks so they can create the latest boogie man.

The thing is, that's usually assisted by the mainstream media. CNN's front page this morning is about Donald Trump. Among other mind numbing crap like the confederate flag take down, Clinton/Bush and a football player losing a finger on 4th of July... All that, but nothing on these events. Not even the NYSE issue.

Whatever the case might be, we should take this opportunity to start hitting them where it hurts, publicly.

The one thing politicians, governments, and corporations hate most is a bad headline. Start sharing all the information you come across on anything leaked.

Don't get yourself in trouble, make sure it's on a public website before you download any files or share any content. Remember a lot of this information is either gained by a leak or a hack. Both of these are deemed illegal. Most sites that have this info won't let you see it unless you're on some kind of tor network, so, for the most part, you'll be safe.

Voice your opinions, write to the mainstream media, send tweets, Facebook and email messages to all elected officials and write to everyone in disgust.

Enough is enough, it's time to stand up and fight. Not with the fury of our fists in someone's face, but with our fists in the air.

Here's what happened yesterday, as reported by Gawker.

1. The New York City subway system suffered an atrocious commute, with some trains being inexplicably stranded in stations for long periods of time.

2. The website “The Dissolve” folded.

3. United Airlines was forced to ground all of its flights after its computer system mysteriously stopped working.

4. The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading after its computerized trading system mysteriously stopped working.

5. Immediately after, the Wall Street Journal’s website mysteriously stopped working.

6. More than 2,500 people in Washington, DC mysteriously lost power.

It seems our nation’s centers of powers are facing a mysterious and spreading collapse.

I would like to stop this from happening, but if we remain sitting on our hands, then we leave hacktivists no choice but to commit these acts of social valor.

ANON HQ; You've Felt It Your Entire Life...

Remember, fight for the web, fight for yourself and fight for the next step in evolution.

Thanks for reading.

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