FPR Blog 39: Your Boss's Salary, The Clinton/Sanders Show + Russia & China Join Forces

Comparing the boss's salary to the staff's pay.

Sorry to have made this the first story on a Monday because it might make you angry, but maybe you should be.

Companies argue that paying employees more would hurt them and they would have to cut hours and jobs to stay alive.

I've felt this experience before. I will be feeling it again with certain laws that will be going into effect soon.

Now I can't say this about everyone because there are many small businesses out there and they are the backbone of our country. Those business should have oversight, but not all should fall under mandatory wage increases.

On the other hand, many should and can.

There are many companies and basically all corporations that make a disgusting amount of money. All the while they make employees work minimum wages and have to work years to make it to $10.00 an hour.

In my opinion, that's a form of manipulated slavery.

I know a large percentage of companies and corporations can pay double of what they pay employees and it will cut into their profit margin, but they would still be profiting many times more than what employees make.

My point to this, there's a law that will soon be in effect and it will require CEO's to show their salaries, which they already have to do. The difference now is they must compare them with medium salary employees.

I imagine this is not going to turn out well considering that the ratio of CEO salaries to medium income employees may be up to 300 to 1.

The law comes from the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform and consumer protection Act. It's also referred to as the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform act and the Dodd-Frank Bill or Dodd-Frank for short.

People have always talked about the inevitable war between classes. This just might be where the starting gun goes off.

The Clinton Sanders Iowa Showdown.

Iowa Poll shows Clinton is Still in the lead despite email server controversy. If she gets this behind her, there's no stopping her. Not unless the media is willing to expose some truths about her.

There are legitimate concerns and question on what she says and really means. Also that crazy face she does when she forces a larger happier smile. Like she forces this super excited look but comes off with a combination of electrocuted and possessed.

Obviously, there is more to ask her about. There's that whole woman vote thing working in her favor.

There are no other reasons for her support because, close to 70% of people don't trust her right now. Regardless of that fact, she is still leading in the polls. But, I haven't heard anything with ties to Saudi Arabia or a call to action for Saudis to treat women more humanely in this campaign.

Sure there are some sound bites out there, but this isn't something the media questions her on. At least I haven't seen it.

I did see her flip out at a press conference by throwing her hands in the air and shaking her head while walking away from a reporter looking for a simple answer.

I have to admit she walked that back with a little mia culpa a few days after. She kind of nailed it, but it won't be enough right now.

Bernie Sanders found many followers in Iowa this weekend. He is now within 7 points of Hillary.

She leads at 37% of likely caucus-goers. Sanders is at 30%. This is according to the Des Moines Register - Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll.

Hillary Clinton has lost a third of her supporters in the previous last months. Needless to say, but it's not looking good. On the other hand, the Clintons have been here before.

Again, who knows Sanders may be close to leading or surpassing Clinton in the coming months.

Right now they are the two getting the most attention on the left. These next few weeks have to be way above par. Also the other needs their opponent to sleep on every step they take closer to that 1400 Pennsivillania street.

An unprecedented show of military cooperation: RT witnesses Russian-Chinese naval drills.

I've been saying it for years now. For one reason or many, we will be at war with China.

I've hoped that our trade deals and market dependencies would keep us semi tight. But, keep it in mind that they are communists despite how life is over there. I've heard it's beautiful and you're free to live in peace.

Never the less, Communists have never liked us. Also, we've had a few issues with the Chinese though nothing major.

Russia on the other hand, has been a thorn in our side before WW2, during and after, through the cold war and ever since that damn wall fell.

I think they both might back North Korea in a war against the South which we wouldn't just get dragged into because we have been right in the middle keeping this divided country from killing each other.

So, now I see that China and Russia held a joint military exercise and it scares the hell out of me.

I not only believe in but also trust our military. But, let's be honest, we are depleted to say the least. The boys and girls are tired from multiple tours. They have multiple injuries from multiple tours. Add the state of the nation and this would be a perfect time to attack us.

I know that I'm being way over dramatic, but I don't think you can argue the logic. We owe China a lot of money and if they demand collection we won't be able to pay. They could be a problem.

We've done this before and we obviously have no choice but to do it again. President Nixon no to Germany when they asked for their gold back that was being housed at the U.S. Federal Reserve...

So it can happen again.

In all, 22 ships, 20 aircraft, 40 armored vehicles, and 500 marines from both countries. Also in the mix,  the Varyag missile cruiser, the flagship of the Russian Pacific fleet; and the Shenyang destroyer, the Chinese flagship.

I don't know, I don't like the sound of that.

I have to add that they are saying they did this to make sure they can defend their countries and help one another out.

No specific targets were named. But, they said something many in the country don't believe. Russia and China did this, in part to thwart global terrorism.

We're seeing more and more advanced weaponry and heavy artililary in many U.S. cities. Drones with "non-lethal" weapons and surveillence capabilities. All of this in the name of combatting global terrorism.

I hope it really is just about defense and not another problem that could cost us more than just money...

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