FPR Blog 21: We Will Win the War on Us, non-violently. Example, Supreme Court's Ruling on Gay Marriage.

There is no "what now?"... The fight for "legal" equality for gays is over. Other than appeals and people's own issues with sex, the battle has been won.

My argument was never, 'people are people and all should be free to do what they wish as long as it hurts no one'. That shouldn't need to be said.

My argument was the farce that was "the sanctity of marriage". j-lo can marry 3 times in as many years. (I don't know how many years, but I don't care. I know all, but one were short lived) There was no outcry. Spears gets married twice, one of which lasted 30 days. All we got there was gossip...

The divorce rate is through the roof and that's just in marriages ending in 5 years. Again, not much is said, but Us weekly and TMZ make a fortune.

Two dudes want to get married and the entire country has an opinion, many of which were negative.

The fact of the matter is, we're hypocrites, cowards, and most of all opportunists.

There is no sanctity of marriage and religion was an unconstitutional argument.

Whatever you may think of the framers, they were clear on one thing; "No Religion in our Government". Freedom to practice and spread your word, but it can't come into play on any legal issue or legislative agenda.

There were many brave people who felt strong about this issue for most of their lives. They did everything they could for their ideal to be accepted and respected.

All sexes bound together by one common cause, equality. If two people are going to support, love and be loyal to each other, then they should receive the entitlements all married couples get.

Marriage isn't easy, it can be very complicated and many times it takes a lot of work.

I'm not saying there won't be gay divorcees, but I can tell you between my hetero friends and family and gay friends and family, gays outnumber the rest in long lasting relationships.

I don't know many straight people that haven't been divorced, but I know gay guys that have been together, 'like forever'. (sorry had to throw my gay in)

I used to use this stupid joke all the time; 'if they want to be as miserable as us, then by all means'.

I will tell you that marriage is wonderful. Raising kids, even better, but once that ring goes on that finger, whether you wear it or not, there is no leaving.

You can't fight, grab your keys, slam the door behind you and bounce. That ring has a power of its own. Besides you made a commitment.

Not everyone is meant for each other, no matter the sex. Many people get lonely and are afraid they'll be forever alone.

This is a huge reason for many to justify marriage to themselves, but it is also the reason they get divorced.

This will happen to anyone, so gays won't be excluded. All I'm saying is that they should have been able to experience this part of life way longer than two days ago...

I'm not trying to be a motivational speaker here, (obviously) but I'm really happy for humanity and very proud of our judicial system today.

This is a huge leap for mankind and it will determine how we shape our near future.

I congratulate everyone who got married this weekend and hope nothing but the best for all of you. By all of you I mean all races, faces and the recently liberated.

Today is a day to celebrate, but tomorrow we move forward onto the next battle...

We will win the war against us, battle by non-violent battle.

Thanks for reading faithful. Together we can make the future fit for our kids.

Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO