FPR Blog 56: Monsanto has Developed a New Marijuana Seed.

Monsanto announced that it had patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana. This news has far-reaching consequences for drugs policy, since cannabis is still an illegal substance. 

Many believe Monsanto’s interest in the market must mean that full legalization of the drug for recreational purposes is on the horizon, but at what cost?

I thought this story was more interesting than important. But, it’s not the most honest intended idea. That makes it pretty damn important.

It’s true, Monsanto spending time and money on developing a seed to grow weed most likely means that pot will be legalized for recreational use. However, it may come with a sinister caveat.

Monsanto has a huge stronghold on the food industry. Many farms have succumb to their pressure and have had no choice but to use Monsanto seeds to grow fruits and vegetables.

Then there’s processed foods and factory farms. I don’t think I need to go into that. 

This Monsanto marijuana seed could be the only legal product people would be allowed to use. 

I imagine the only way for Monsanto to get into the legal pot trade could only happen if pot was legal across the board. 

A national end to pot prohibition would open a Wall of China size door for Monsanto to swoop in. 

Then I don’t see how legislation won’t be created that will make Monsanto the leader in recreational marijuana.

I already see how it will happen.

These new weed crystals that look like crack rocks and bare the same, along with the gummy bear craze will allow for the government to mandate that one can only purchase pot in packages with barcodes on them.

Many if not most packaged ingestible products are infected with the chemicals made by Monsanto. This would be no different.

So before you get too excited and say the Monsanto seed is a small price to pay for legalized marijuana, think about the potential consequences of smoking a chemical made by a suspect agrochemical corporation that has power over the FDA and Congress…

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