FPR Blog 43: Legal Prostitution Could Help in Fighting Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking...

Police in Ottawa raided a high-end residential massage parlor named, 'The Merivale Road massage parlour' which resulted in one man receiving 76 charges of various human trafficking crimes.

17 women have said to be victims of human trafficking in this ring.

The one man behind it all is Zhao Liu, 33. Included in the 76 charges are recruiting, procuring, and advertising the sexual services of others.

He was previously charged with human trafficking offenses in 2013...

Tactical officers also raided Liu's home just minutes before the Merivale bust.

Police seized $14,000 in cash and found alleged evidence that money was being exchanged for sexual services at the massage parlor, Merivale home.

I have to be honest and say that I don't believe prostitution should be a crime. Will full prostitution of course. If a man or a woman want to rent their body's to make money I say it's up to them to decide if it's right or wrong. No one should have control over someone else's body.

I think if kept clean and non-violent it could bring about the reduction of sex crimes, as well as contribute a new tax. It's being done anyway and it is the oldest profession known to man. Also, the taxes could fund special crimes units that can focus on human trafficking.

Many things change, but you can always find a hoe.

Forced prostitution is an entirely different thing.

That's a business that only a savage can be into. Some of these people make deals with the poorest of the poor in other countries. They promise a way out and a new life. They stuff them in truck containers, put them on a ship and bring them here.

Once they have arrived they're in for a new world surprise, but not the one they were promised.

They're forced to work as prostitutes in the most unconventional way. These women and some men are treated worse than livestock. Whatever customers want they get and with today's sick and depraved you can imagine what that entails. If you can't just look online, it's not pretty.

To be honest, there is nothing pretty about prostitution, legal or not. But, human trafficking cannot be tolerated. I know this happened in Canada, but just south of their border is us and illegal prostitution is a big business here in the U.S.

So show your support and speak out against human trafficking because law enforcement is not doing enough.

This bust was by a special human trafficking unit which is only on a pilot program.

When it comes to trading human beings for sex there shouldn't be a pilot program. It's easy to let prostitution slide because it's always been viewed as a harmless vice, but that was only because the women were of age and willfully participated. Special units focus on making the distinction between the two.

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Spread the word, expose the truth, it's never too late.

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