FPR Blog 60: 3 Important Events Happened While You were Distracted by Starbucks Cups.

You would think being sick would mean you have more time to pay attention to the world around you.

I like to do the opposite. I unplug, veg, rest and watch enormous amounts of mindless television.

Well after 3 days of working from my bed, I decided to plug back in just to wish I had a coma instead of a cold.

I snap out of reality to find that people are beyond upset over Starbucks serving coffee in red cups instead of one's dawning Christmas propaganda.

How is it possible that our elected officials approve massive amounts of dollars to be spent on commercials promoting war, yet people have nothing to say? 

Sure they may bitch and complain while drinking with coworkers at happy hour, but they won’t write a letter or make a phone call to voice displeasure over something that costs them 40 percent of their paychecks.

Starbucks is probably saving money by making a simple seasonal red cup, but that’s outrageous to so many people.

The reason for this mayhem is simple. Religion. It took for one group to say Starbucks is declaring war on Christianity and the masses bought in. It has become an issue of grave proportion.

I swear I'd like to bash in the skulls of the idiots who are making so much noise over this that Starbucks will probably cave on the Christmas cup debacle.

I just posted a blog a couple of days ago where I write about the government paying professional sports franchises millions of dollars to show support for our military.

This wasn’t a story I went into the trenches for. Remember, I’m not a journalist. I found the information by reading online news. So, this isn’t being kept a secret. The government hasn’t lied to us about it. How could they, no one’s asked? And, that’s the point I’m trying to make.

Society is robotic. Programmed like a computer. Rewired and designed to focus on the ridiculous and not the real.

If you don’t believe me just turn on the television or the radio. Open your browser to your default yahoo page and see what tops the list. It certainly isn’t the fact that our government is taking our tax money and giving it to billion dollar corporations. No, it’s Starbucks and Donald Trump.

It’s pretty damn pathetic.

We the people have the power to take our country back, yet we use it to keep Christmas themed coffee cups.

This waste sickens me…

Now, if I ended this blog at this point I would be just as bad as the mainstream media which spends way too much time on this stupidity.

I’m not saying that what I’m posting isn’t being covered at all. Sure, if you watch enough news you’ll hear some important information. But, the important information doesn’t come close to even scratching the surface compared to the time spent on “human interest” crap, rigged elections and war stories.

While many were focused on Starbucks cups and fantasy football our government and corporate America were focused on screwing us more.

Billions of dollars flew out of the legislature’s nest and into the conglomerate’s web. At the same time, a new multibillion-dollar defense bill was passed keeping Guantanamo bay opened for a mere 600 billion dollars.

There was one hopeful event during this distraction. A federal judge has issued an injunction against the National Security Agency, which temporarily puts an end to the agency’s spying scheme. Their “bulk data collection” program needs to be put on hold, but if no one is paying attention then they’re just going to keep doing it anyway.

I feel pretty crappy about the fact that another republican debate was held and broadcasted and these issues never came up.

We the people should be at war with our elected officials and their corporate masters. Instead, we’re colonized and controlled and we can care less.

Hopefully, this will change before a catastrophic event that collapses the world around us.

We’re either at the brink of a revolution or this really is all mapped out in a maze for us to be lost in.

I will not allow myself to believe either.

I don’t want a revolution and I certainly don’t want a collapse. I simply want to rock the boat so we all remember that we can swim.
Once we realize that we won’t have to be afraid. We’ll see that we, in fact, do have great power and huge numbers in our favor. We’ll feel how strong our spirits are and we’ll deliver such a blow that we will shake the entire country’s foundation down to it’s inner core of corruption.

We the People have the power to impact the lives of the ones that play God without permission.

If I exist for any reason that matters, outside of protecting my family, I hope reminding you of this, is it.

Here are some important issues that should have more media attention.

  1. On Monday, Federal District Court Judge Richard Leon issued an injunction against the National Security Agency (NSA), which temporarily put an end to the agency’s bulk metadata collection.

    According to US News, Leon is the first and only district court judge to rule against the NSA program.

  1. Congress recently passed a bill that allocated $500-Million to train a new fighting force of more than 3,000 “pro-American” Syrian rebels.

    As it turns out, only 190 rebels were trained at a cost of $2 million per rebel. After spending $384 Million of the $500 Million, the program was abandoned last month. Approximately 95 of those trained actually ended up fighting in Syria. The rest are unaccounted for.

    The Pentagon has recently vowed to spend even more tax dollars by providing new weapons to Syrian rebels.

    United States Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul (Ky.) has been a vocal critic of arming the Syrian rebels.

    Just recently, large swaths of these U.S. backed rebels switched their allegiance, taking with them all of the weapons and training funded by American taxpayers.

  1. A Republican-controlled Congress recently passed a $670-billion defense bill that provides aid to Kiev and Syrian rebels. However, there’s one provision of the bill that President Obama isn’t happy with. The bill keeps GITMO open.

    The White House is planning to push an Executive Order forward in order to shut down GITMO regardless of what Republicans have called for. Although the White House admits it’s not quite certain whether or not the Executive Order is even constitutional, they plan to push forward anyway.

That’s it for now. I’ll stay on the lookout for more stories to write and talk about on the site.

Remember, asking questions and exposing the truth is our duty to ourselves.

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