FPR Blog 47: Introducing the Evil & Greedy CEO that Raised AIDS Medication to $750.00 a Pill

Martin Shkreli is an American hedge fund manager and entrepreneur, specializing in healthcare businesses, and is a co-founder of MSMB Capital Management and the founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG.

He is also a co-founder and was the CEO of Retrophin LLC, a biotechnology firm founded in 2011.

None of us plebs had heard of this guy until about a week ago when his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals obtained the manufacturing licence for Daraprim, an out-of-patent AIDS medicine, and immediately raised its price by 5,455 percent (from $13.50 to $750 per tablet). That's $750.00 per pill. This medication has to be taken multiple times a day till the patient expires.

His justification for this was absurd to say the least. In an interview with CBS he said that he was just in charging what the marketplace said was fair. He made his case by comparing it to the price of a vehicle.

"You wouldn't expect to buy an Aston Martin for the price of a bicycle".

This is what I call a modern day evil madman. A mistreated little boy who has power and now wants fame.

Personally I have my reservations when it comes to this ridiculous act being about greed. No one in their right mind would think that this wouldn't get negative coverage. He's already saying he will lower the increase and though he hasn't given an actual number I don't think he ever expected people to pay thousands of dollars a week for their medication.

The man looks like a little pathetic weasel with an ego. A smart child who doesn't know how to behave.

Say what you want about him being a CEO, a hedge fund guy and co-finding businesses, it's all meaningless greed compounded by rich-kid ignorance.

He holds a position of great power. This guy could help a lot of people. Instead, he's acting like a snobby know it all prick who is so superior that his only form of speaking is condescending.

For all those "don't hate the player" puppets out there, here's a little information on this miserable little man.

While working at a company he founded called Retrophin, Shkreli had implemented a similar price hike on a kidney medicine.

The Huffington Post reported that Shkeli “is part of a criminal investigation” involving Retrophin.

He owes the company more than a half-million dollars.

He is also named in a civil suit alleging he harassed a co-worker and his family, according to court documents uncovered by Gawker.

Shkreli also removed his Twitter account, which he has been using to mock his critics, from public view.

Another company, Rodelis Therapeutics, was forced to roll back a 20-fold increase on the price of a tuberculosis drug after public outcry.

This man should be hung in a town square somewhere. He really has no business breathing the same air as you and I.

It may sound harsh, but I believe that is the only thing this man deserves.

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