FPR Blog 25: GMO Exposed part 3. McDonald's and Diet Coke, Finally Feeling Our Fight..

Coke's sales perked up in the first quarter and profits beat forecasts. But sales of one of its most iconic products -- Diet Coke -- are plunging.

Coke said in its earnings release that Diet Coke volume fell 6% globally last quarter.

Diet beverages have come under more scrutiny in the past few years. There have been many reports about how zero- and low-calorie beverages with artificial sweeteners aren't really that healthy.

The word is spreading and the message is clear. Little by little we're finding out more and more about fast food chains, natural vs organic and genetically modified organisms.

Now McDonald's want to sell "healthier food". We can't fall for this scheme. McDonald's and many fast food chains will never do the right thing because the right thing cuts into profits.

We need to keep saying no to GMOs. Instead of eating out all the time pack some lunches, which you know are already safe to eat because you read the ingredients. This gives you the choice. All I ask is that the information be free so we can make the choice.

I don't believe fast food chains, sorry I can't call them restaurants. I don't think there's a conspiracy happening where fast food locations are strategically placed to poison certain demographics. I'm not saying there isn't. I just don't want to believe it.

What I do believe is that McDonald's can give a rats ass about you or me. They just want our money, so they'll clean their menu up, but the food will still be purchased from the corporations that are slowly controlling the food supply which they are genetically modifying.

Here's the McDonald's story.

Bottom line, though, we stop eating their food and they will go out of business. Fast-food chains like McDonald's are not getting bailouts.


Playing Dirty? Pepsi and McDonald’s Mock People Who Choose To Drink and Eat Healthy.

So the first story tells us McDonald's is going to do the right thing and clean up their menu. At the exact same time, they release a commercial along with their evil Pepsi pals poking fun at people who eat healthily.

This is the information being withheld from us. The more we can compare a corporation's hypocrisy, the more people will start to notice it.

Hopefully most will be appalled and stop buying their poison products.

Anon Source// Pepsi, McDonald's Commercial.


Now, here's the proof that not buying these products or visiting these fake food restaurants, actually works...

This is from Cox Media Group National Content Desk...

The "Golden Arches" are not so golden right now after the company (McDonald's) announced that it will be closing hundreds of its restaurants across the globe this year.

According to Fortune, the restaurant has closed 350 locations so far in 2015 and will close at least another 350 more over the coming months.

People are finally starting to see the lies.

I keep saying it's never too late because it isn't.

If we ban together and stop lining these people's pockets with the money we don't even have, in essence making us slaves to their devices, we will end their empire of evil...

Thanks for reading faithfully. Together we can make the future fit for our kids.

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