FPR Blog 46: How to Sex & Watch; The Extortion App.

This story involves those ‘sick puppies’ who love porn so much they need it on their phones. They have such a need to watch sexual debauchery that an app was developed for them.

Now, I am no prude...

As a matter of fact, I’m a filthy pig when it comes to sex. I mean, since being married that has faded, but I still attempt a taboo or two every now and again.

For me, sex should be uninhibited. Anything goes when two people are naked in a locked room and hot for each other. This is something that only you and your partner share. You don’t even brag about it to your co-workers or friends. Many guys don’t want to hear what dirty disgusting deed you did the previous night.

Bragging usually involves, “I tapped that ass” or "I hit that". Beyond that, most guys don’t want to hear the details. As far as the ladies are concerned, if they are, in fact, then they’re a bit embarrassed to tell anyone.

So anything goes and by anything I say everything. I’m not talking about taking a shit or pissing on anyone. I’m sick, but not disgusting sick. So everything other than feces and urine goes. There something degrading about that, not to mention unsanitary. I've never been a fan of being pissed on.

Whatever, my point is I am far from uptight. If someone is into spending hours surfing porn and masturbating, I say ok. In many ways, masturbation itself is hot. A person can really let loose and experiment with themselves. Playing with oneself allows to help a person find what pleasures them or what may cause them pain, in a good way of course.

Now, with all that said, I think it is beyond stupid to download anything involving porn to your phone. That has to be the ultimate moronic thing I’ve heard as of late. I don’t understand why someone needs porn that bad, but if so buy a prepaid or something.

This is a stupid way to get extorted.

From what I’ve gathered there’s an android porn app floating around the net which traps you upon viewing a vid. It’s a malware app which locks your phone films you and extorts you.

This is how it works…

American Zscaler, an internet security company found a malicious program called ‘Adult Player’ which masquerades as a video service offering free pornography. 

After installation, if a front-facing camera is available, the malware takes a covert snapshot of the user. 

Then it locks the smartphone, displaying a ransom banner that is very difficult to bypass.

The app demands $500 to release control of the device and reappears even after rebooting the smartphone. 

The internet security specialists said that “this ransomware acts as a porn app named ‘Adult Player’ and lures victims who assume it is a pornographic video, player.”

they added that “When the victim starts using it, the app silently takes a photo of the victim, which is then displayed on the ransomware screen, along with the ransom message.” 

The message claims the phone has been locked “for safety reasons” and demands that a payment be transferred via PayPal. 

The malicious app has never been available on the official Google Play or Apple store but could be downloaded directly from a website.

Zscaler experts said it was a new type of so-called ransomware, which extorts money from users by threatening to disclose the user’s private information or wipe data such as photos and documents from the device.

Source: USAHitMan

Word to the wise, leave that porn shit to DVDs and magazines. The access is way too easy to be true.

Whack off safely. A message from your fearless leader.

Thanks for reading...

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