FPR Blog 22: The Confederate Flag vs 50 stars and 13 bars.

So it's been reported that the federal government has told chain stores that they want them to stop selling the confederate flag.

I didn't know the government can just tell a store what they can or can't sell, but it's not like they're demanding ice cream be abolished.

I don't have mixed views on the issue of the confederate flag. To me, it's a symbol of hate, but to others it represents what they believe America should be like.

I don't agree with how confederates would run this country and let's pray that day never comes. But, I do believe they have the right to speak and express their beliefs.

FPR Blog 21: We Will Win the War on Us, non-violently. Example, Supreme Court's Ruling on Gay Marriage.

There is no "what now?"... The fight for "legal" equality for gays is over. Other than appeals and people's own issues with sex, the battle has been won.

My argument was never, 'people are people and all should be free to do what they wish as long as it hurts no one'. That shouldn't need to be said.

My argument was the farce that was "the sanctity of marriage". j-lo can marry 3 times in as many years. (I don't know how many years, but I don't care. I know all, but one were short lived) There was no outcry. Spears gets married twice, one of which lasted 30 days. All we got there was gossip...

The divorce rate is through the roof and that's just in marriages ending in 5 years. Again, not much is said, but Us weekly and TMZ make a fortune.

Two dudes want to get married and the entire country has an opinion, many of which were negative.

FPR Blog 20: Uh Oh, more leaks out of the National Security Agency...

Wikileaks wrote a press release on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, where it says WikiLeaks has begun publishing a collection of top secret intelligence reports and technical documents from the US National Security Agency.

These documents concern, targeting and signals intelligence intercepts of communications of high-level officials from successive French governments over the last ten years.

FPR Blog 19: An Unlikely Ally in the Fight Against the War on Drugs.

If you were a listener and reader of my previous, decade-long project, 'fjs radio', then you know how I feel about the war on drugs.

If you weren't and don't know, I'm not a fan.

Every year the war on drugs cost taxpayers, both state and federal, billions of dollars.

That is not an exaggeration...

There's a great website, Drug Sense, (DrugSense.org) and the site has a clock that goes up by the second. It estimates that we've already spent $19 billion and it is still counting. The states spent more than the federal government by $5 billion.

FPR Blog 18: U.S.'s Neglected Security Systems. We are Vulnerable.

On Tuesday June 16, 2015, the Associated Press reported that, 'Democrats and Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee spoke in unison to describe their outrage over what they called gross negligence by the Office of Personnel Management'.

The agency's data was breached last year in two massive cyber attacks only recently revealed.

I understand the government can't tell us everything. There are things they have to hold on to for a while and some stuff they hope will never come out.

FPR Blog 17: Charleston Shooting; Act of a Madman, Not a Gun Issue. UPDATED Jon Stewart.

By now most of you reading this know what happened in Charleston, NC on Wednesday night June 17, 2015.

A gunman, 21-year-old Dylan Roof walked into Emanuel African Episcopal Church during a weekly bible study meeting, sat down for approximately one hour, then stood up and started shooting.

The group consisted of 12 members, 9 of which were killed, including the church's leader, Reverend Clementa Pinckney.

I checked out his Facebook profile, his pic has him sporting a jacket with patches of apartheid-era South Africa and the unrecognized, white state of Rhodesia. These are both symbols of white supremacy...

He has many friends on his Facebook page, some of which are black. Some of them are posting what they know about the shooting and I saw 2 people talking about recognizing his car.

Some of his Facebook friends appear to be classmates.

FPR Blog 16: Dad is going to jail for killing the DOG that was killing his daughter!

This kind of stuff blows my mind...

I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago, where during a rant on child protective services, I said we care more about our pets than we do our children.

This is exactly the kind of crap I'm talking about.

Let's put the fact that this guy is a convicted felon right on the table. I don't want that getting thrown at me in the F.U. comments I'll receive for this.

From what I understand he was convicted of a non-violent crime. It was a felony and he was not allowed to own or fire a gun.

I've searched around online for a record, but none of the news outlets covering it has mentioned what he was convicted for.

Anyway, whatever it was the law is the law...

FPR Blog 15:Imprisoned for doing the right thing, while the criminal elite live free. RELEASE Jeremy Hammond NOW!

There's a huge story that's been a quiet force for a few years now, but I don't see any of it covered in the news.

The media is far too busy with elections, wars, and riots to report on a group of people who's hearts and brains are bigger than the government that is trying to destroy them.

Even if the networks did report on these brave few, most people are more interested in the "new style" hats that Pharrell made famous by wearing on the red carpet and cost about a thousand dollars.

I just happened to see a sap, who was so easily manipulated by the pop culture propagandists, wearing one on Sunday.

There he is sitting INSIDE a restaurant wearing what looks to me like a Canadian Mountie Hat. (Those ridiculous hats that Canadian Mountain police wear.) I look over at a friend and ask, have you seen the dude with the hat? He replied, "oh yeah that's the new style." "I was gonna get one, but they cost a thousand dollars". "I just have to save up for it".

I was in awe.

FPR Blog 14: Millions on Negative Ads, The FCC and the US Army Hack.

I thought the first thing I was going to address was the Army hack because it seemed more important. But, then I stumbled on what would be my 3rd story.

To be honest, it's so gross that I have to lead with it...

The headline reads...

White House race has already sparked $1 million in negative ads. 

This election isn't till November; 2016 that is.

I understand there's a nomination process and the machine has to crush the few honest politicians taking a shot. But, do we really need to be bombarded with fake news about this race from now till election day?

Many believe that the presidential elections are rigged. In a way, many are right. National elections aren't rigged by way of corrupted machines or adding a zero to the final tally.

The presidential election is rigged by way of mind manipulation.

FPR Blog 13: The Man Screwing Up the State I Love.

I am proud of my home state of New Jersey... I was born in Weehawken. Just 6 blocks from the house I grew up in, on 37th street between Park Ave and Hudson, in Union City, N.J.

Growing up, everybody used to say they hated Hudson County. Four cities, four towns, two townships and one borough make up the hated region.

I never felt that way, though...

Everyone imagined living in the city (Manhattan, N.Y.) and though I continue to spend a lot of time there, the best part of that island is the fact that I can get off of it.

I love New Jersey. I've lived in many parts of this historic state. The third in the Union, I might add.

I don't mind paying her highway tolls or abiding by her laws.

I don't mind paying my FAIR share of taxes to keep the state afloat. I go to the parks here. I drive an hour out of my way to ride my bike here. I even vacation here.

So there is no question, I love my home state.

However, I may not adore every single part of its governing... But, I respect it and I more than respect the civil servants who teach our kids, keep our neighborhoods safe and our streets clean.

FPR Writing Team: Introducing; Poet, Yvonne Sotomayor... 'D-CENTRIFUGE'

Cracked and slivered faith

Shattered and glistens all silver pieces

Slow-motioned and fragile piercing through all

Cutting and bleeding emotions leak through

Dampened and cold—shivering and solo

I stand naked, raw, and alone

Christ-like my hands rise with the moon

Cooled, pale, skin ripples thru the dusk

As all the tiny pieces find their way and their mark

They lodge and they burn and keep me safe

But the scars that remain forever and all

Exclude the good also I have come to learn

And so I stand bare with my scarred cold skin

Wondering when I’ll let you in...

Artist Biography:

FPR Blog 12: 3 Important Stories Involving, HAARP, The DEA and FBI.

Hey faithful, I don't have a lot of time online today. I have about 30 minutes to put this blog up.

(Please excuse any mis-spells or awful sentence structure /':)

This has been a crazy week for Government, Political & legal issues, but most of us don't know that because we spent it on Caitlyn Jenner.

During Bruce Jenner's brilliant P.R. coming out move, the Senate passed and the president signed the USA Freedom Act, which makes section 215 of the Patriot Act seem like a parking ticket.

I'll get into that on my next few blogs...

Just as important were three other stories, one having to do with a theory almost every non-believer discredits as stupid.

FPR Blog 11: Media Monopoly; Consolidating to Control.

Main Source: Public Integrity.org

It's funny that this article should come out now. I've been researching online for weeks on a story I'm doing on the mainstream media and it's corruption by way of corporations.

I take a break from writing a few hours a day to look for electronic music to play on the stream. I like to visit my favorite sites for information while I do this..

Public Integrity is one of those websites.

They published a story on Tuesday, June 1, 2015, on a cable merger which would allow for an enormous cable company, to buy out another enormous cable company.

FPR Blog 10: How and Where I learned that Israel Should be Dismantled.

I'm in New York City, driving in an out of no where rain storm... It's flooding the streets with every passing minute. I'm thinking of getting off the road I'm on because it's a parking lot. I look to my left to go down 54th street from 12th avenue and I see a police van with the its lights flashing.

I'm thinking the street is closed, but as I start to turn my wheel to the right, I see a sign on a van that reads, "Jews Against Zionism".

I quickly look for my camera and just as quickly remember that I left my bag with my electronics at home.

I reach for my crappy iPhone 4. I am now on the west side highway with my hazards on, in a blinding rain storm, waiting for the cam app to finally let me take a pic.

Thank the stars it was like a train of vans with signs because it took forever to get a pic off.

So I'm snapping away and I see that the street is open and that the police van is on the sidewalk. I see a demonstration of what appears to be Hasidim Jews with the same Anti-Zionist/Anti-Israel signs.

I'd never done what I'm about to tell you and I don't know what came over me. It was a dangerous and stupid move, but I'm glad I did.

I popped a u-turn and illegally parked in front of cops.