FPR Blog 12: 3 Important Stories Involving, HAARP, The DEA and FBI.

Hey faithful, I don't have a lot of time online today. I have about 30 minutes to put this blog up.

(Please excuse any mis-spells or awful sentence structure /':)

This has been a crazy week for Government, Political & legal issues, but most of us don't know that because we spent it on Caitlyn Jenner.

During Bruce Jenner's brilliant P.R. coming out move, the Senate passed and the president signed the USA Freedom Act, which makes section 215 of the Patriot Act seem like a parking ticket.

I'll get into that on my next few blogs...

Just as important were three other stories, one having to do with a theory almost every non-believer discredits as stupid.

The Air Force admitted during a meeting of the Appropriations' Subcommittee that they have manipulated and even, at times controlled the weather via HAARP and new technology.

Quick Quote:
"to managing the ionosphere, what the HAARP was really designed to do, to inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it…"

HAARP Confirms Weather Manipulation

The second story involves the DEA and the fact that their surveillance has tripled during the last decade.

Many know my stance on drugs and the war against them. If you don't; I think it's a huge waste of money and time. This to say nothing of the amount of corruption it has brought to the DEA, FBI, Local Law Enforcement, Judges, Politicians, Businesses and so on...

The so-called war on drugs has done nothing to stop drugs use in this country. In fact people are doing more drugs today, than ever before...

DEA Surveillance Has Tripled In the Last Decade.

Story number 3 involves another "I knew it" or "I told you" moment.

For anyone who has been wondering why they have been seeing planes flying circles around their cities, look no further... It's the FBI.

This is by their own admission and also came out while the rest of us were so amazed by a sex change.

Quick Quote:
"privacy must take a backseat to national security"

FBI Admits It's Their Planes

Please read these stories and share them with everyone you know. Disregard the fact that this isn't CNN reporting this.

CNN can't or won't report on this stuff like independent organizations like USAHITMAN can.

Somethings they just can no longer hide and will end up, even if for a brief moment in a mainstream newspaper and website.


Remember, fight for yourself. Fight for the web and fight for the next step in evolution. It's never too late...

Thank you for reading faithfully.

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