FPR Blog 16: Dad is going to jail for killing the DOG that was killing his daughter!

This kind of stuff blows my mind...

I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago, where during a rant on child protective services, I said we care more about our pets than we do our children.

This is exactly the kind of crap I'm talking about.

Let's put the fact that this guy is a convicted felon right on the table. I don't want that getting thrown at me in the F.U. comments I'll receive for this.

From what I understand he was convicted of a non-violent crime. It was a felony and he was not allowed to own or fire a gun.

I've searched around online for a record, but none of the news outlets covering it has mentioned what he was convicted for.

Anyway, whatever it was the law is the law...

Now the question; what do you do in that situation?

Maybe he should have locked up the dog after he pulled it off his daughter.

From what I read, the dog jumped on the 4-year old's head and started going to town like she was a raw steak.

If you don't have children disregard this blog entirely because you just don't understand.

You see your kid's head in a pit bull's mouth, the terror running through your entire body is so paramount that your instincts are faster than the speed of light. (So it seems.) Everything slows down and all you see is your kid in life-threatening danger. All you are thinking about, in the heat of that extremely horrific moment, is saving your child.

Nevada “Chris” Alexander Ford ran to his daughter, pulled the pit bull off her and slammed him to the ground. He then got his daughter out of harms way where he says the dog then followed.

He grabbed a rifle from inside the house (thank the stars there was one) and went towards the dog. The pitiful ran away back into his kennel where Ford popped off four shots. He got him with two.

This is where he could have locked the dog up and called for help. I'm curious if you or I would walk up to that kennel door to lock him in, though.

When the ambulance and cops came, the daughter was attended to and Ford was arrested and handcuffed like a common criminal, not a man who just saved his daughter's life.

I'm not a fan of pit-bulls and I can't put it passed that this dog was maybe used in some fights. Some reports suggest that the dog was aggressive and had killed another dog in the past.

However, the next door neighbor said that he never saw the dog be aggressive.

Ford was charged with one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty and one felony count each of endangerment, possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, assault by a vicious animal at large, and discharging a firearm within city limits.

They threw the book at this guy...

Obviously this is something that will have to be played out in a court, but if the ACLU or someone else doesn't take his case, he'll most likely plead out and serve time. This, for saving his daughter's life.

I can't blame the cops who arrested the guy because they were doing their job, but it bothers me a bit that it got that far.

Lately, cops are discharging left and right without cause and keeping their freedom, gun and badges. That's a general, semi-exaggerated statement, but it doesn't take a brilliant mind to see that there's been an issue with cops shooting unarmed people.

Couldn't the man have been brought in, without being cuffed, and be allowed to explain in an interrogation room just what happened? Did those charges really need to be brought?

The man committed a crime eleven years ago and has since had no trouble with the law. Saving his daughter and anyone else around him from a raging pit bull should be considered the right thing to do if not heroic. More so because he knew this would happen.

So, it pisses me off that this kid can end up in foster homes that go unchecked and unsupervised.

If this man goes to prison and family members are deemed not fit to parent this child, she will end up in the system.

If that happens, then that would be a bigger crime than whatever he was convicted for in 2004 that made it illegal to save his daughter's life.

I originally found this story on Counter Current News. Please spread the story and this blog around so more people can know about this and maybe some national outrage will save this family from ruin.

One last thing when it comes to the point of caring more about animals than children...

I'm not going to mention any names during this example, but the situations happened and were national news...

A famous football player lets his cousin use his house while he's away and it's used for a dog fight. The football player gets two years in prison. Another football player beat his kid up and is not in jail and is still making millions playing football.

Dumb dog 1, innocent kid 0...


Thank you for reading faithfully.

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