FPR Blog 13: The Man Screwing Up the State I Love.

I am proud of my home state of New Jersey... I was born in Weehawken. Just 6 blocks from the house I grew up in, on 37th street between Park Ave and Hudson, in Union City, N.J.

Growing up, everybody used to say they hated Hudson County. Four cities, four towns, two townships and one borough make up the hated region.

I never felt that way, though...

Everyone imagined living in the city (Manhattan, N.Y.) and though I continue to spend a lot of time there, the best part of that island is the fact that I can get off of it.

I love New Jersey. I've lived in many parts of this historic state. The third in the Union, I might add.

I don't mind paying her highway tolls or abiding by her laws.

I don't mind paying my FAIR share of taxes to keep the state afloat. I go to the parks here. I drive an hour out of my way to ride my bike here. I even vacation here.

So there is no question, I love my home state.

However, I may not adore every single part of its governing... But, I respect it and I more than respect the civil servants who teach our kids, keep our neighborhoods safe and our streets clean.

It grinds me to see them smothered and suckered by what was supposed to be, an honest, no-nonsense, straight-shooting leader.

Unfortunately, for all of us, civil servants and citizens alike, his reign as governor has been nothing but nonsense.

N.J. Governor Chris Christie and his administration have been a blight on society.

This turned out to be the most demoralizing governor the state may have ever had the displeasure of living under.

He is an arrogant, self-absorbed, over-indulged, selfish, stubborn, vindictive, corrupt and a hypocritical, political savage.

I don't need to be a political science major or work in politics to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this man is not fit to lead this country.

Another one of his bullying tactics blocked the teachers' union from a fair fight. They had no choice but to agree to pay more money into their pensions. This would allow some relief on the state which was close to bankruptcy.

I understand making a deal that may cost you a bit in order to save the state. But, for the state to blatantly falter on their end of a legal matter is beyond comprehension.

It's not disgusting that this manipulative blowhard reneged because that's what he does. But, for a judge to say the state budget holds precedence over the law, is immoral.

I can't believe that any judge would not rule according to the law... More so because they are allowing an administration that hasn't been honest, to keep money that should go to the retirement of our civil servants.

This should enrage us, but other than those who represent our civil servants seem to care.

Well, I can tell you that the people working themselves past the point of anxiety to teach our kids are at their breaking point.

It's easy to cast teachers as worthless because there are a few. But, that statistic holds true in any field.

Unfortunately, for the narrow-minded out there, who are ignorant to this next piece of factual information. The number of teachers who actually care far outweigh the ones who don't.

There are countless stories of teachers paying for school supplies out of their own pocket and never trying to recoup the money spent. Countless hours of overtime, whether it be before or after school, or at home.

Teachers driving kids to college campuses because their parents are too busy or just don't care.

The reason these teachers are at their breaking point isn't just the government's laws. The fact is, many parents are not stepping up to the plate when it comes to their children's behavior and education.

Between statewide testing, common core, Singapore math, over populated classrooms and budget cuts, the last thing teachers need are kids who don't behave or show respect.

This doesn't come from a lazy teacher...this is brought in from the home.

A number of parents that show up to parent/teacher nights is so low, it seems like these kids don't have parents at all. In a class of thirty, maybe five parents show up. This is just from personal experience and other parents I speak to.

So, our governor stands atop our capitol screaming spending cuts and reform all the while spending the state's money on social events and football games.

The money he is sucking out of the teachers pensions, after school programs and day to day budget cuts, are killing the most important part of our future.

Our educational system is being ruined by a man who sent his kids to private school, instead of showing his constituents the importance of supporting public education.

The man who claimed to end corruption and overspending did just that. But, he and his friends were spared the consequence of breaking such laws and have benefited from their criminal activities.

His enemies aren't so lucky, though.

From closing bridges to cutting hurricane relief funds, to the mayors who don't support him and are thrown into a political version of Guantanamo Bay.

I don't want this misinterpreted to think I have some kind of personal grudge against the man, here's a list of Christie's past misdeeds, followed by his latest low blow.

Here are just some of the issues he's caught up in...

1. Since becoming governor, reports indicate he has grossly abused his expense account.

2. He has allegedly used Hurricane Sandy relief money for political purposes.

3. He has purportedly misused billions in Port Authority funds for unrelated projects in New Jersey.

4. He has privatized the state’s public pension system, enriching wealthy business interests at the expense of taxpayers and state workers.

5. He has reportedly blocked reforms that would clean up New Jersey’s government

6. Using inflated cost estimates to justifying canceling the ARC tunnel

7. Lending nearly $50,000 to aide who helped his campaign

8. Handing out a no-bid contract after Sandy

9. A corrupt Christie ally let off the hook, inexplicably

10. Taxpayer funded “town halls”

11. Reckless driving

12. Reckless spending on being driven

13. Taxpayer-funded helicopter rides

14. Shoddy oversight of halfway houses where prisoners escaped, murdered

15. Staying in Disney World during blizzard

16. Starring in publicly funded tourism ads

17. Lavish hotel stays

18. A payday of over $52 million for an old boss

19. Betting on a casino with public funds

20. Pulling a Daily Caller on Menendez before there was a Daily Caller

You can copy any of these and paste them in a search bar and you'll see for yourself...

Now here's the original reason for writing this piece.

New Jersey's Top Court Sides with Christie on Pensions.

Asbury Park Press
Alternet News
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