FPR Writing Team: Introducing; Poet, Yvonne Sotomayor... 'D-CENTRIFUGE'

Cracked and slivered faith

Shattered and glistens all silver pieces

Slow-motioned and fragile piercing through all

Cutting and bleeding emotions leak through

Dampened and cold—shivering and solo

I stand naked, raw, and alone

Christ-like my hands rise with the moon

Cooled, pale, skin ripples thru the dusk

As all the tiny pieces find their way and their mark

They lodge and they burn and keep me safe

But the scars that remain forever and all

Exclude the good also I have come to learn

And so I stand bare with my scarred cold skin

Wondering when I’ll let you in...

Artist Biography:

Yvonne Sotomayor has been writing poetry for over 20 years. The daughter of immigrant parents, she began her career as a bilingual/ESL educator before segueing into independent television, short film and music video production.

Her poetry FB webpage: Yvonne. Poeta. NYC, is visited daily by people around the world and her work has been broadcast or published in European countries and on multiple continents.

She's working on getting published in her parents' native South America and is committed to furthering the cause for Latino culture and women, in general.

Proud to be a part of New York City's Lower East Side artists’ community, she is considered a pioneer in the burgeoning art of Poetry Video production (think: "music video for spoken word"). "When The Ceiling Meets The Floor" is her first poetry video and “Shrunken” is her second.

Future plans include an upcoming EP of original poetry performances and the printed publication of selected works.

I am proud to have her on board...

Thank you for reading faithful.

Blog Post (Poem) by Yvonne Sotomayor for Freedom Pop RadiO