FPR Blog 93: Mass Media, Dumb Distractions + Fear = Control.

So, I’m doing my thing on the net. Just surfing around the information superhighway and I come across a scary statement by a “top” U.S, Marine General.

It seems a bit much, but if history shows us anything, we generally fuck up when we don’t "listen" to one of these fear mongers. I meant to write generals.

So with that written, let me share what Marine General Robert Neller told his troops.


FPR Blog 92: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Brains and Stupidity.

So, the latest scheme that the powers that shouldn’t be have us not just accepting, but craving is the new face scan on the latest iPhone.

WTF do we need this shit for?

I really think a retina scan to unlock your phone is seriously stupid.

FPR Blog 91: News Sites Offer Personal Way to Manipulate Us.

"Talk to me like I matter".

This is the latest marketing scheme by our mainstream news websites.

This whole "Fake News" blunder has the mainstream media and their fringe associates on the web shook.

I read somewhere that news sites are in the process of changing how it interacts with supporters.

I dig that news sites are making it easy to navigate.

All we need now is for the mainstream news organizations of the United States to start reporting and informing listeners, readers and info seekers on issues that matter.

FPR Blog 90: Drugs; ERAs and EVOLUTION. The Opiate Craze.

The news outlets these days are reporting, “out of concern” about this new opiate “epidemic”. 

Let me start with a fact. 

Opiates are not the problem. Dumb kids and weak adults that can’t handle their drugs are.

I’m just kidding, but not really. 

Seriously though, this so called epidemic of downers has been killing people long before it went mainstream. The souls lost, the overdoses, the lies, the slow decline and destruction of families have been a cancer in the United States for about 50 years or so. 

FPR Blog 89: Tucker Carlson vs Kevin Zeese and Jorge Ramos

I feel the only appropriate way to start this blog is by stating a fact…

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson is a gaping, grand canyon sized asshole.

He has no respect for his guests. He insults them in a passive aggressive manner. He laughs at them and tries his best to make them look foolish and even stupid...

FPR Blog 88: Climate Change and Taxation is Theft.

Jesus Christ, I don’t know how to start this blog.

Well, I guess I just did…

There’s so much to get into. I have so much material. I could write 16 blogs on the Donald states of America alone. However, I refuse to waste time, air or bandwidth on this fucking guy.

That’s not true, but I don’t Donald all the time like the mainstream news media.

So on this blog I tackle climate change and what could have been a little movement, but meat heads already killed it… Taxation is Theft.

By the way, I don’t tackle anything.

FPR Blog 87: SJW? Death Penalty, Cocaine and Taiwan NGO Hand Angels

What goes on Freedom Pop RadiO Faithful? FPR BLOG 87

Thanks for falling for the headline…

So I just finished a new episode of my solo show, The Brief which is airing on the FPR stream. Just click on the headphones on the right hand side of this page if you feel like listening.

Shameless plug. But, at the same time I need to eat shit for the opening of any blog I write to make you click on read more.

At least I’m honest…

FPR Blog 86: Introducing Bill O'Reilly's Replacement... Another Douche.

By now, anyone who cares and even those who don’t give a rats ass knows that Bill O'Reilly has been fired by FOX News.

Many people are happy and excited that this man is finally off television. But, it’s not like he’ll be hurting financially.

O'Reilly had just extended his already lucrative contract with the network.

FOX News will most likely pay him a lot of money for having to fire him over sexual harassment scandals, not for consistently lying and misreporting or any one of his many hypocritical statements....

Whatever, he’s gone. However, I do wonder if he’ll completely disappear or continue to broadcast or write books and or make appearances. Even better, the lecture and the town hall circuits.  I would love to see how those turn out.

So, O’reilly’s replacement is… No surprise.

FPR Blog 85: Goldman Greed, Anonymous Trump Take Down.

It’s been more than a minute since I’ve posted or even written anything at all.

I really needed to unplug for a while though. I took my well earned holiday time and a shit load of lazy days. It was more like weeks, but I’m not counting. At least I’m back…

I have to say, I really know how to be reclusive and not care what is going on around me.

I didn’t watch, listen or read the news. I barely turned on the television.

I said barely...