FPR Blog 88: Climate Change and Taxation is Theft.

Jesus Christ, I don’t know how to start this blog.

Well, I guess I just did…

There’s so much to get into. I have so much material. I could write 16 blogs on the Donald states of America alone. However, I refuse to waste time, air or bandwidth on this fucking guy.

That’s not true, but I don’t Donald all the time like the mainstream news media.

So on this blog I tackle climate change and what could have been a little movement, but meat heads already killed it… Taxation is Theft.

By the way, I don’t tackle anything.

So, I’m a big fan of a news organization called Activist Post. If you don’t know about them, please visit their website to find out what the mainstream media doesn’t share with us. Activistpost.com

While the rest of us are being distracted by trump’s tactics and mainstream media madness Activist Post is reporting on the things that kind of matter.

Anyway, they covered the latest TED Talk where there was a discussion on the use of geoengineering in slowing down climate change. Cool, but this is a subject that pisses me off. Not the geoengineering part, but climate change.

The issue of climate change is way to political for me.

First thing, the name climate change was pretty obvious. It was like when the powers that be started saying clean coal.

Global warming was beginning to sound too crazy so a little trick called ‘spin’ was performed.

I have to admit climate change was pretty good spin, in part because it’s kind of true.

Climate change has always existed. It’s a fucking planet floating in space. That alone is cause for climate change. But, when it comes to cleaning up earth, climate change is retarded.

I’m sure we the human race exhaust resources like a mother fucker. But people aren’t killing the planet by not recycling their bottles and cans… ‘Bottles and cans, just clap your hands’.. Thank you Guero.

When it comes to our planet respect must be showed. Not being a filthy piece of trash and picking up after one’s self should be quite enough.

Who can’t get behind that?

Well, there are industries that find it cheaper to dump their garbage in our rivers and shores. I find that to be the most harmful to the planet. This is what makes this topic political which in turn makes it bullshit.

The fact that politicians and environmentalists tell us we should do our part pisses me off.

There are major industries whose corporate companies are violating every possible law that would keep this planet clean and they’re never held accountable. Most likely because they donate money to the people who make the laws that keep them in check.

The very same companies that dump their shit illegally are the ones funding environmental programs which operates off the back of volunteerism.

Energy companies along with big oil, chemical and U. S. fucking Steel are needed industries.

What is not needed and can totally be dealt with, in a ‘safe for the environment’ manner is the waste produced when converting this stuff.

Companies like General Electric, Dow Chemical and DuPont can afford to dispose of industrial waste properly, but it’s probably not cost effective.

I mean, what’s the point of ripping people off if you’re just going to spend the money on ensuring they don’t die..?

I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass here. In my lovely state of New Jersey Dupont’s shit ended up in a lake pretty much sucking all hope and life out of the surrounding area. I almost bought a house right by that fucking lake. It wasn’t until the last minute that the real estate agent mentioned the issue.

I suppose she was bound by law because it sure as hell couldn’t have been morals. That bitch didn’t say a word... Buying a house is not an overnight thing. After a few weeks she proceeded to inform us on why the house had tiny holes in the walls. They were there to protect us from any remaining cancer causing, tail growing toxic shit still floating in the air. Balls!

I’m getting lost here…

The point is, piss off with the do your part bullshit. I already do my part by throwing garbage out properly.

I recycle.

What the fuck more do you want from me? If I made napalm I suppose I would dispose of that properly as well. But I don’t, so I can’t. Recycling is all I have.

To the people who say “do your part” I say, “DO YOUR FUCKING JOB”.

Actually, I can forget about that because we are in the donald states of america now. And annoying orange just did away with many environmental protection laws. Like deregulating asbestos. He’s always “known” they were safe.

Remember, he’s a businessman who deals with an industry that involves many regulations that make it a bit harder to cut a cost or two.

Which reminds me…

Damn it, I mentioned the don.

Anyway, I just started to hear about this ‘taxation is theft’ thing floating around the info superhighway. At first it sounded like it could’ve been a thing but as I read around it’s an old philosophy.

I recently learned about taxation is theft due to an article about some asshole leaving the statement as a tip.

Seriously, that’s a scumbag move.

Tipping the server isn’t a tax. You already paid tax on your meal stupid. Not tipping your server only hurts your server thereby hurting the system. There are a lot of waiters and waitresses out there and if they don’t get tips they don’t live.

Can people be this stupid or are we becoming more douche?

If I was the server, I would be praying you come back because as soon as your food is up I’m going to cum on it. Your steak, chicken or fish will sit in between my ass cheeks rubbing against my asshole for a few minutes. Most likely more than a few minutes...

Anyway, I found this story on Activist Post as well. They were making the point that instead of being a dick, a person could write “This is a gift”, leave money and the government can’t tax it.

Supposedly tax on a gift only comes into play when it’s to the tune of 13K and more.

I think I’m going to start doing that when I go out to eat. Only thing is, I hardly ever go out to eat.

That’s it for now...

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