FPR Blog 92: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Brains and Stupidity.

So, the latest scheme that the powers that shouldn’t be have us not just accepting, but craving is the new face scan on the latest iPhone.

WTF do we need this shit for?

I really think a retina scan to unlock your phone is seriously stupid.

Where do you think the information from that scan goes?

What information can they get from an eye scan?

Do you even know..?

If you think your phone is important to you now, just wait until 5G comes out.

Cell phones are very important. Smart devices are extremely convenient and a whole lot of fun. But, this attachment we have with our locators is a dangerous slippery slope. Shit, it’s a fucking cliff, if you want my honest opinion.

The smarter the device the more attached you are to it. The smarter the phone the more personal it becomes. These things become more life like everyday.

After the attachment is so great and your pocket buddy is so important, what do you think happens next? How much of a difference is it to human interaction. Between anger, disease and senseless violence, it’s safer to stay home and facetime.

Granted, our communication devices are the bridges between others and us. But I’m curious to see what happens when the phone is more interesting to talk to than a human being.

Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to swap all human interaction and start pounding your phone. But, how many of you use it to get off when you’re all alone? And I’m sure someone will figure out how to make a, bang your phone app and accessory for an extra five bucks a month.

A slam my phone app could cost a million dollars and it would be the highest grossing app in application history.

Anyway, my point is that when you depend on your smartphone more than a loved one we’re subconsciously running away from humanity. It will only be a matter of time before we’re all under complete control. But the master won’t be a who it’ll be a what.

I don’t even believe that the creators of A.I. and autonomous robot builders completely understand what they’re messing with.

A ghost in the machine sounds really cool. But, who is to say that ghost won’t fuel a fire we can’t put out?

So in conclusion… That device, the chip, that machine and magnificent piece of hardware in your pants other than your dick or vagina will have control over you more than any one person or body part ever could.

Yes, this sounds like terminator bullshit, but it’s happening, it’s real and we are fighting to buy in without questioning the consequences.

This to me is a dangerous path. But, I have to be honest it does fascinate me.

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Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO