FPR Blog 85: Goldman Greed, Anonymous Trump Take Down.

It’s been more than a minute since I’ve posted or even written anything at all.

I really needed to unplug for a while though. I took my well earned holiday time and a shit load of lazy days. It was more like weeks, but I’m not counting. At least I’m back…

I have to say, I really know how to be reclusive and not care what is going on around me.

I didn’t watch, listen or read the news. I barely turned on the television.

I said barely...

I did watch Colony and wrestling. There were a couple of movies thrown in there too. The point is I closed myself off by unplugging from the madness that is the mainstream and internet news.

I didn’t answer emails or messages either.

And, I’m still off fucker-berg’s FB. Unfortunately douche owns Instagram and that’s kind of cool.

This shit is so inescapable it’s suffocating.

I did keep one line of communication open. My favorite, twitter. I use it to share my work.

Oh bullshit. I use it as a promotional tool for my site and online radio station, but it’s not like I’m providing porn.

There are stories, issues, experiences and events that are never reported, therefore we can never know about actions that will and already affects us. Twitter lets me share what I’ve learned.

I also like it because there are some good people on there. Many are talented and use twitter to promote themselves and I think that’s great. But, the reason I really like it is because twitter also allows a free forum to share all types of information and ideals.

Your story, the truth, freedom of expression and speech exist in every tweet.

I’m not necessarily into the whole Library of Congress thing, but I get the reason given. Whether I believe it or not is for another time.

Regardless the medium allows me to support both talented artists and the truth seekers and tellers.

Okay enough, I’m rambling.

Lets jump in.

This blog features information on; Goldman Sachs and Anonymous vs President Trump.


Goldman sucks was caught with their dicks in the money jar again. They were caught manipulating the U.S. dollar.

It’s not enough that these spawns of evil destroyed the planet's economy, which is fishy to me... 

I believe they are in no way stupid enough to allow simple minded greed to crash the world the way they did.

These people don’t just own the wealth of my country and most of the world’s too.They pretty much control the economy. Precious metals, oil, iron and most important the whole consumer credit industry.

They have the planet’s inhabitants by the balls.

This is the kind of shit that will make most people poor. When that happens people will get hungry. I think that the initial reaction when the masses get hungry,  will make things very ugly.

Whatever, it sucks and something has to be done. But, my point is that they are still filthy rich and pretty powerful. This to say nothing of free.

All of this despite all they destroyed and took away from millions of people.

So, this not only begs, it pleads and screams the question; why in the hell does the Department of Justice, the Security Exchange Commission and our “elected officials” hold any authority over the laws that are supposed to keep these assholes from doing exactly what they did.

I don’t have the answer on who should keep these guys in check, but it sure as hell can’t be the douche bags that have either failed miserably or were paid a nice amount of money to let it happen.

It’s just a theory…

Wall Street has much on lock down. Then the rise of private contracting companies that specialize in some ugly shit. Together with social media giants and communication companies working with the clandestine community, we the people will lose an important part of ourselves. It’s the one thing that makes us human. Freedom.

No one is holding Goldman Sachs accountable. Sure they plead guilty and paid a little over $100,000,000. Although something tells me that number will be reduced after years of appeals. And we definitely won’t hear about that.

We have to follow through. We have to stay informed of the people we think are serving time for their crimes. Instead their wining and dining. The bonuses keep coming and their private jets keep flying.

These guys get away with their unethical and illegal practices and they need to be stopped.

I can go on and on, but I’m thinking of expanding on this a little further in the future.

So, moving on…

By the way, I didn’t find the Goldman Sachs story on mainstream media, but I did find a link to a story by Trevor Lafauci on media manipulation and links between Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs.

You can also find more information from my source for this issue.

Okay, now moving on…


On January 15, 2017 ‘Your Anon Central’ (@YourAnonCentral) posted on their twitter page that ‘President Trump was going to regret the next four years’. 

Full disclosure, I also follow them as well and support the movement.

Here it is...

.@realDonaldTrump you have financial and personal ties with Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers.
294 replies 3,180 retweets 4,943 likes

Anonymous ‏@YourAnonCentral
This isn't the 80's any longer, information doesn't vanish, it is all out there. You are going to regret the next 4 years. @realDonaldTrump

Unfortunately Anonymous is a collective and there are many different sects that don’t answer to anyone. 
Another faction of Anonymous disagrees with any type of attack.

I love my country and I do not agree with who is president, but that is the beauty of it. Isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, my gut tells me he is no good and anyone with the power to expose corruption on this man’s part should do what they feel is right.

They should also do what is safe for their family.

I believe in Web Warriors and they are our last hope for the truth to come out.

Also I’ve never judged how a person makes their money, as long as innocence is not affected. No violence on anyone out of the “Business” or as others put it “The Game” . So I’m not going to start now.

There are always going to be people that will live on the side of crime and I’m OK with that. So, black hat hacking for profit is fine by me as long as you’re not cleaning out a middle class family or some poor old lady.

That was a tangent…

I’m of the opinion that we have no choice but to let this play out. Even if we could organize and take over the government, Donald Trump becoming president is not a legitimate reason to do so.

He ran and he won. If Hillary would have won, we’d be screaming for investigations and jail time.

So what choice do we have. Let it play out because there are people out there that will let the truth come out. Maybe he does a good job. Crazier things have happened in America.

Already he has scandals that followed him right into the Oval Office. And that tax issue will not go away. Oh and his press secretary lied on his very first press brief.

I have a feeling this might be over before it gets started.

However, the second this man is caught crossing a constitutional line he should be done and Mike Pence is no replacement. Truth is, the speaker should be sitting in that office not leading Congress, but at this point he might be the nation’s savior considering our president is mostly known for being rich, ranting on twitter, banging hot chicks and saying “You’re Fired’ on prime time.

Okay, that’s it for now. That was really long. I was going to tackle three stories, but now I have 86 set up… {~,’

Thanks for reading FreedomPop Faithful... 

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