FPR Blog 86: Introducing Bill O'Reilly's Replacement... Another Douche.

By now, anyone who cares and even those who don’t give a rats ass knows that Bill O'Reilly has been fired by FOX News.

Many people are happy and excited that this man is finally off television. But, it’s not like he’ll be hurting financially.

O'Reilly had just extended his already lucrative contract with the network.

FOX News will most likely pay him a lot of money for having to fire him over sexual harassment scandals, not for consistently lying and misreporting or any one of his many hypocritical statements....

Whatever, he’s gone. However, I do wonder if he’ll completely disappear or continue to broadcast or write books and or make appearances. Even better, the lecture and the town hall circuits.  I would love to see how those turn out.

So, O’reilly’s replacement is… No surprise.

Tucker Carlson who moved to 8PM EST  from 9PM on FOX News.

Tucker is a trip. He seems like he can be a really good ‘up the middle guy’. Unfortunately he’s paid by FOX and he’s pretty much another right side talking head than a ‘call it like it is man’.

He’s also on the Trump bandwagon even when it doesn’t make sense. He also brings guests on that he can crush. He’s condescending and at times a bit childish.

He’s definitely a gotcha guy. And more so, another FOX robot.

Since I started FreedomPop RadiO one of my goals is to be a bullshit caller on the mainstream media. My mistake was taking on networks. I think picking apart the talking heads and their egregious tactics and lies might work better. But, if it doesn’t it will still be honest and a lot of fun.

So today, in honor of FOX replacing a scumbag with a douchebag I present to you, Tucker’s Tactics.

I’m typing this as he’s broadcasting his first show and he just had Caitlen Jenner which surprised me. Then he brought up the fact that she’s a Trump supporter.
And this guy resents the fact that people call him a Donald Trump salesmen.

However, I don’t want to cover his first show on a new time slot. I promise this will not be the premise of his program. He’s softballing and taking it a bit easy. He’s usually more combative. He’s given much of the time to people he can find common ground with.

This show will be as rotten as O’reilly’s was.

Last week Tucker Carlson invited Julissa Arce, an illegal immigrant who rose up the ranks at Goldman Sachs.

The segment is supposed to be about Emanuel Montes. He’s an immigrant who was deported and is now suing over the DACA program.

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. These kids are referred to as DREAMers.

DACA allows certain undocumented immigrants who entered the country as minors. Under this act they get a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility for a work permit.

So Tucker has Arce on to discuss this issue. But, he quickly pivots to his real agenda. To crush an illegal liberal.

Oh, the twist to this case is the presiding judge, Gonzalo Curiel.. He’s the guy Trump called bias and dislikes because he says he’s Mexican and Trump is building a wall. He’s a Mexican American, but that’s not the point. I hope that’s obvious.

When asked by Jake Tapper about the judge, trump stammered a bit, then he said, and I quote. "Um, come on  he’s Mexican and I’m building a wall. So come on. He’s Mexican and I’m building a wall.” That was his fucking response! And he repeats it again.

Tucker didn’t call him out on that, but he has his FOX computer chip programmed to have their own fucked up opinion.

Julissa Arce is an author who wrote her story in a book. MY (Underground) AMERICAN DREAM. And has written on the DACA deportation issues. She wrote that Trump’s deportation program is a war on immigrants.

Tucker thanks her then proceeds to say that she got a job and ascended through the ranks. But, she did it illegally by using fake documentation. Someone else's social security number. Therefor she committed identity theft. Then he asked in his condescending, “I got you immigrant filth” style, “who did the social security number belong to?”

Then he puts on his stupid confused look when he’s about to be either sarcastic or combative. But, his dickhead tactic didn’t work on his first swing.

So Julissa Arce calmly answers, ‘The Social was a fake. It did not belong to anyone.’

She then explained her reason professionally and honestly and then stuffed it in his face with it.Then she kills it when she explained that she was forced to do this in order to get in the door and succeed.

I’m sorry but isn’t this exactly who we should be praising. Wait, she works for Goldman fucking Sachs? Yea, deport her... Blog OUT!

OK no, who knows maybe she’s one of the good ones over there. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. She also does a lot for the cause of the good people who can better the country.

Let’s face it America, we need help. Shit, we need shock therapy.

Tucker then comes back her with his passive combative head shaking episode asking if she had regrets that she was committing a felony to achieve her success. This is just a mean question.

She doesn’t answer the question and pivots to different state laws. She also informed Fucker, I mean Tucker that she never committed Identity theft. But, she also said she wished she didn’t have to do it that way.

This wasn’t the fight she wanted to achieve her goals. But, fight she did and you can’t take that away from her because she is not an anomaly. There are many qualified, intelligent and honest people just like her who can help make America be Great again.

I think it’s pretty fucking great already. Would you rather live in Beirut? Then stop talking shit and attack the real issue to fix our fractured government.

Julissa Arce came here when she was 11 and it wasn’t because she had a $500,000 grant to study in the states.

She says she wished there was another way to become a V.P. at Goldman Sucks.

I still have an issue with the fact that she works for Goldman Sachs, but this is about Tucker.

He then throws a little low blow and then goes into the outer space of context.

After she said she wished there would be another way to make it at Goldman he says to her, “you had no choice but to work at Goldman Sachs”.

He doesn’t give her a chance to respond. I don’t think it would have mattered because this lady had class. She wouldn’t take the bait and handled him like he was a little boy. By the way, this won’t disappoint in that department.

There’s like a 2 second delay for the person on the other screen to hear what he said. He goes on and she allows it. But, if it were me I would have cut him off and made him repeat what he just said. But, she seemed classy and probably didn’t go there for that reason.

Truth be told I couldn’t fucking possibly know. I’m not like a nobody. I am a nobody. But this isn’t about me this is about Tucker.

Tucker condescendingly congratulates her success right before turning on her again.

He claims she’s not grateful to the country because she’s blaming the country’s laws “you don’t like”, Tucker vomited. He says with a straight face, “you had to violate our laws. Because they were unjust laws. Why did you have to violate our laws"?

She admits that she believes there are unjust laws, but stops short of blaming the United States or not being grateful to her. She said the best days of her life started after being recognized by a country she loves. This happened when she was finally able to get her citizenship.

She claims this is the reason she devotes her time to helping others like her in similar situations.
Since Tucker loses that one he goes right into her opinion on the great wall of the Donald states of America.

He hits her with why she thinks the wall is a symbol that represents hate to the ethnic groups it targets. She quickly hits back that she is an American Citizen and has the right to her opinion and expression of what she thinks is right or wrong.

Tucker stammers a bit and does a quick Michael J Fox shimmy shake and agrees with her. But, he can’t leave it alone and hits her with the wall again.

She says to him ‘that’s what it means to a lot of people’.

She also goes on to say the wall is going to cost too much for little security. It won’t stop illegal immigration she says.

Personally I think the woman knows more than the sub-turd Tucker Carlson. But, that didn’t stop him from having another fit before stopping the interview because she couldn’t answer his question.

She stops and says that yes she can indeed answer his dick head question. SPOILER ALERT! She nails it…

At one point he slipped in that now that this his her country doesn’t she want it safe? He’s was trying to catch her off guard so he can ambush her with a blitz of spins about her now wanting the wall.

It didn’t work…

She answers like a logical human being and says, “of course I want my country safe. My children will be born and raised here. I’m sure he was frustrated that he couldn’t throw an anchor baby jab in there.

Anyway, she understands the immigration issues on all spectrum's especially the illegal immigration part of it. She proceeds to say "this is why I know this wall will not work". He cuts her off again, huffing and puffing and brings it back to the hating of the wall.

She replies the same as she did before. "It’s hateful to Mexicans and immigrants".

He claims the wall will work and she finishes brilliantly…

“I want legal immigration that is only going to benefit the American economy & revenue.

He goes back to the fact that she dodged the main question, which now turned into this…

“How many illegals should come into the country a year”.

If that isn’t a low blow, inconsiderate, unprofessional question to ask, especially at this point of an interview, then I’m going to have to eat a monkey’s ass. You people are so racist because I know you’re thinking Don Lemon from CNN and that is horrible. It’s obviously Lebron James.

Again this is about Tucker…

Julissa responds the number of illegals a year should be zero. He responds with his sarcastic low “oh”. She kills it with logic and he comes back passive combative with “give me a number”.

She replies, our system is weak. They give out 85,000 H-1B Visas a year and that number should be double. It should be 160,000 thousand a year because these people come here for the sole purpose of working hard and being smart and this can only help America be stronger.

She also mentions that figure of 85,000 H-1B Visas a year hasn’t changed in decades.

So Tucker does the only thing he can do when he has an epic fail at ambushing someone, he ends the interview in blow-off fashion.

He also loves to throw an unfounded accusation or some negativity quickly and under his breathe as his music plays him out.

Julissa doesn't let him off the hook making him hold off as she gets the last word.

This is the guy who is going to replace O’Reilly?

A guy who worked for the enemy. A guy who was on Alex Jones sucking up and appearing frightened. A guy who plays the tough political animal but at the end of the day is just another FOX robot who will do what he is told in order to suck money out of Rupert Murdoch’s black hole.

Hey Tucker Carlson, you have no clue who I am and you really shouldn't. I’m a nobody, online webcasting and writing to a small group of people. But, even still, I plan to pick you apart and expose you for the hack repeater you are.

Thanks for reading FreedomPop Faithful... 

Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO