FPR Blog 89: Tucker Carlson vs Kevin Zeese and Jorge Ramos

I feel the only appropriate way to start this blog is by stating a fact…

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson is a gaping, grand canyon sized asshole.

He has no respect for his guests. He insults them in a passive aggressive manner. He laughs at them and tries his best to make them look foolish and even stupid...

Of course Tucker acts completely different  to people who agree with him or the sycophants he books to tell him he’s right.

He plays it like he’s so smart, but anyone with half a brain can see he’s far from that.

He picks on a small part of a guest’s argument and blows it out of context and generalizes it. With that ammo he pounces like a mean little cat on a defenseless mouse.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that some of tuck face’s guests are pretty stupid. But, I also believe that is done on purpose.

Tucker Carlson only books debaters he thinks he can bully.

Tucker was doing pretty good up until he took over for O'Reilly. There he’s had his fair share of fails.

He was made to look like a fool by a college school girl. 

He acted like a mean, condescending, ignorant, elitist prick.

This woman is an African American with rights to protest and express herself freely. She and her group did so without violence. 

Though I do have to admit, they occupied the administrative building of their school, U.C. Santa Cruz. 

With that said, I also have to admit that sometimes issues have to be brought to another level because the authority just isn't listening by following the proper procedures.

Again, No one was hurt, but like I said before sometimes standing around with signs yelling for your cause just isn’t enough. 

Sometimes more extreme measures have to be taken.

This college student who organized the takeover of one building in protest to be able to use another as a residence acted like a lady. She made her case without anger. Despite that, Tuck face had to sneak in a jab under his breathe as he famous and shamelessly is known for.

Their demands also include painting the Rosa Parks House Red, Black and Green which I believe symbolizes African American Liberation. 

Other demands are more controversial like imposing mandatory diversity training on all new students and transfers.

Truth be told their are many people of all creeds out there that really don't know how to behave or interact with black people.

This also happened a few weeks after, when he booked a man named Kevin Zeese on his show.

Kevin Zeese is the co-director of an organization called Popular Resistance.

Popular Resistance is a group made up of free thinkers and activists that are currently protesting Trump’s appointee, FCC chief Ajit Pai’s stance on Net Neutrality. https://popularresistance.org

Popular Resistance has been involved in protesting against privatized internet, government and corrupt politicians. He's called them out on the phone, in emails, on the net, in the media, at their offices and even in front of these elitist's "elected" or "appointed" officials' houses for some time now. 

His actions have worked before. Popular Resistance has a good track record when calling for the end of something the government will hurt us with.

P.R.’s Mission Statement:
"With the corporate takeover of federal and state governments, more people are becoming politically active in new and creative ways. 

A growing culture of resistance is utilizing nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience as a primary tactic, and is forming real democratic organizations to empower local communities—as opposed to working within the corrupt government dominated by a two-corporate party system and within an unfair, big finance, capitalist economy. PopularResistance.org is a resource and information clearinghouse for this movement. 

From Veterans for Peace to Occupy Wall Street to the Tar Sands Blockade, here you will find links, tools and other resources to help you connect with groups and organizations in the movement. 

We also provide a daily stream of relevant news articles from around the web, and perhaps the most comprehensive national events calendar anywhere online. (Feel free to submit your own events.)"

So, in Kevin Zeese’s eyes the government doesn’t listen to the people when they call or send letters. They don’t seem to respond to outrage at town-halls and standing around with signs just isn’t doing it either.

So, Tucker Carlson has Kevin Zeese on his show, in studio because you would think Tucker Carlson would be supportive of open and free internet. Yes? No.

Tuck face’s first question is…

 “Kevin what is your home address”? He really is a dick. But, without a fraction of a second’s hesitation Zeese gives him his address which tuck face did not expect.

Here’s the interview in it’s entirety.

Another Tucker Fail!

The original inspiration for this blog, besides the obvious disdain I have for the sham that is Tucker Carlson, is his interview with Jorge Ramos.

Again, Tucker Shows just how hateful he can be. 

He introduced Jorge Ramos in an “I’m a real reporter and you’re a joke” type attitude. Like if Tuck Face works for a real network and Ramos works for a cheap Hispanic news channel. 

Though Tucker is more of a repeater than anything else. He’s just another script reader with a team of cheap shot hack writers.

He laughed at the guy, belittled him and asked unrealistic questions.

Jorge Ramos stayed beyond calm.

He smiled and appeared really appreciative to be on FOX News... And, instead of Tucker showing Ramos a little respect he laughed, rolled his eyes, threw crappy cheap shots under his breathe and cut him off every time Ramos tried to answer his ridiculous questions.

Jorge Ramos just stayed on topic, continued to try and make his case despite all the interruptions.

At one point Tucker asked a question that allowed Ramos to open a dialogue to try and explain why the United States has so many immigrants. Tucker brought up the wall and Ramos responded kindly and a bit excited to philosophically speak on the issue of banning by building a wall.

Tucker again cuts him off and starts to make comments about criminals sneaking in.

Ramos had statistics of how many criminals sneak in along with the hopeful and hard working people that do happen to cross illegally.

Tucker just rolled his eyes, scoffed and laughed at him again. 

Then in typical Tucker' didn’t win fashion', he ended the interview with an unprofessional attitude and a smarmy remark.

See for yourself…

A message to Tucker Carlson and his fans.

I'm coming for you tuck face. I might be a little website with a blog that no one reads and a station which no one listens to. But it's okay because these things tend to get around sooner or later.

I already have tuck face fans calling me lefty and communist. Who cares what I am? Obviously tuck face fans think they know just because of a few words I put in a blog.

I don't follow a particular ideology. I guess I'm a mutt when it comes to political affiliation. I tend to lean towards what makes sense. 

My job is to call bullshit when I see it. So, it could be Chris Cuomo of CNN. It could very well be Mr., I mean Miss Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. It could most certainly be Alex Jones of Info Wars News Network and there are a few that I can pick from on The Young Turks.

It just so happens to be Tucker sucks Carlson right now and I'm nowhere near finished with him.

So call me whatever you want because I'm going to sleep well all day knowing I kept it, like the kids say, 100%. I think it's pronounce keep it one-hun-it.

Either way I'm going to keep an eye on this tuck face guy because he is full of shit.

Okay, that's it for me.

Thanks for reading Freedom Pop Faithful... 

Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO