FPR Blog 50: Banks at it AGAIN! Currency Rigging & Collusion In Metals Market.

New bank scandal.

Seven major banks are being investigated for currency rigging and manipulating precious metals markets.

FPR Blog 49: The Audacity of Big Banks to Demand Anything is Extraordinary.

This adds to my last piece on corporations taking the pledge to convert to sustainable energy in the coming years. But, this next piece of information I found pisses me off a bit.

It's a little hypocritical for the six biggest banks in the United States to call for government action and private business investments to address climate change.

FPR Blog 48: RE100. Corporations Pledge to do the Right Thing!?

It took a profit earning to make it happen, but more and more corporations are taking the RE100 Pledge.

The RE100 Pledge is a promise that corporations will start to use renewable energy. A couple of companies involved with the White House initiative for sustainability investment which was announced in July, include Goldman Sachs and Walmart.

Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true.

It's said they will invest $140 billion in new low-carbon investment and build more than 1,600 megawatts (MW) of new renewable energy capacity.

Nike pledged to transition to 100 percent renewable energy on Wednesday.

The announcement, made during Climate Week, is intended to show international governments that there is broad-based business support for going off fossil fuels in advance of the United Nations climate talks in December.

Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Salesforce, Starbucks, Steelcase, and Voya Financial also took the RE100 pledge, organized by the Climate Group, an international sustainability non-profit.

Mark Kenber, CEO of the Climate Group, said, “Research shows that the most ambitious companies have seen a 27 percent return on their low-carbon investments." He added, “Today these companies are signaling loud and clear to COP21 negotiators that forward-thinking businesses back renewables and want to see a strong climate deal in Paris.”

Even banks are getting involved. Swiss bank UBS joined the pledge last week.

In total, 36 companies have joined RE100 since it was launched at Climate Week last year.

For now we have to rely on these company's word because the deal is non-binding, but in the pledge companies agreed to release information about their sustainability efforts.

Goldman Sachs says it will use 100 percent renewable energy by 2020. Johnson & Johnson has set a goal of 2050. Nike seeks to transition by 2025, and Voya International by 2015.

I guess we'll have to wait and see, but the fact that they even addressed the issue let alone took a pledge is remarkable. It's also paramount due to the attention these corporations get.

If the evil corporate soul eating bastards can agree that this planet is in shambles then we most likely have a serious problem. A problem that even scares them.

At the same time, it could be because they've seen a good return on their "green" investments.

Whatever the case may be, the climate issue cannot be ignored any longer.

I don't know what to say about global warming because I'm not a scientist. My issue has always been the disrespect we show mother earth.

Hopefully this pledge gets the attention we need to be influenced into treating our home a bit better.

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FPR Blog 47: Introducing the Evil & Greedy CEO that Raised AIDS Medication to $750.00 a Pill

Martin Shkreli is an American hedge fund manager and entrepreneur, specializing in healthcare businesses, and is a co-founder of MSMB Capital Management and the founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG.

He is also a co-founder and was the CEO of Retrophin LLC, a biotechnology firm founded in 2011.

FPR Blog 46: How to Sex & Watch; The Extortion App.

This story involves those ‘sick puppies’ who love porn so much they need it on their phones. They have such a need to watch sexual debauchery that an app was developed for them.

Now, I am no prude...

FPR Blog 45: An Insensitive Display of Over Reaction By School & Police Officials

There is no possible way that I could ever think I’ve seen it all. I used to think like that until the next surprising and stupid thing would happen. But, this next story takes the cake for jaw-dropping disgust.

FPR Blog 44: Could 2016 be the Year that Pot is Legalized Nationally?

Weed revenue in Colorado

Could the national prohibition on marijuana be lifted soon? If you follow Colorado's weed revenue since it's been legalized and taxed it sure as shit should be.

A report from the Colorado Department of Revenue, looked at the taxes collected from  July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, and found that the state collected about $70 million in taxes from marijuana sales, and only about $42 million in taxes from alcohol sales.

This makes Colorado the first state to generate more tax revenue from pot than from alcohol.

Here's the data from the revenue office... Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue

FPR Blog 43: Legal Prostitution Could Help in Fighting Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking...

Police in Ottawa raided a high-end residential massage parlor named, 'The Merivale Road massage parlour' which resulted in one man receiving 76 charges of various human trafficking crimes.

FPR Blog 42: Is the End of the World Around the Corner? These 2 Stories May Prove So.

Lately, there have been two pretty huge stories that have dominated all mainstream news channels and they may prove that the world will end in approximately 2 weeks.

FPR Blog 41: Religion: Constitution vs Delusion.

There is something seriously wrong with my country, the United States.

Yes, it's cliche, but lately it's been harder to escape the fact that the masses are in fact stupid.

I seriously find myself daydreaming that I'm schizophrenic in the hopes that this is all a delusion.

I'm not trying to be mean. I don't like calling people stupid. At least not on my blog. I have no problem calling anyone anything if they are in fact what I am calling them.

For instance, I really hate the word sheeple, I think it's a bad way to get a mind to open up to other possibilities.

But, today, September 8, 2015, I have reached my breaking point.

There are many smart individuals and intelligent groups of people out there. There are experts in a variety of fields. But, for some reason when people come together in great masses to either oppose or support anything they become crash test dummies with anger issues.

The latest constitutional melee is over a county clerk, who was defying a supreme court ruling by denying gay and lesbian couples marriage licenses.

FPR Blog 40: Marriage Licenses Denied over Religious Beliefs. NOT IN MY COUNTRY!

Say what you want about the blatant disregard for our Constitution and trust me there is a lot to say. But, one thing that hasn't changed hasn't had an amendment attached or any type of political nonsense is religion, in government.

Religion can never play a role at any level of government for this very reason...

Kentucky's Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis doesn't think the constitution trumps god's word... She has decided to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court ruling declaring the constitutionality of same-sex marriages by not issuing same-sex couples licenses.

What is this mad woman's reason for such stupidity? Christian fanaticism. That's exactly what this train wreck is practicing. Worse is that she's using her position in local government to impose the laws of God, not man.