Fpr Blog 99: Panhandling, Bad Weather and Worthless Elections.

So we got through another election... And even though I don’t care who won, lost and took back or kept both houses, I do want to touch upon a headline I came across during the election process...

The headline read, ‘For some in Florida Panhandle voting takes a back seat to hurricane hardships’.

Yea, no shit sherlock.

Did you have to work overtime to fully research the information for this story?

However, I do agree that panhandlers do make commuting uncomfortable. I want to say no because I’m broke too. But, what can you do? So you drop a buck in an overused coffee cup.

Fpr blog 98: Atrocities, Massacres, Pain. What's the limit?

There have been some horrific acts committed by some unbelievably sick individuals.

It’s only been about a month since my last post and in just a little over thirty days bodies are dropping, bullets darting and bombs detonating.

I can’t even think about how I’m going to get into any of those catastrophes…

However, this massacre happened about three weeks ago and it's far more pressing than anything else. I can’t move forward without addressing it.

FPR Blog 97: Lingering Relationships, Crazy Chicks and Marriage.

I’m no statistical genius. I am however, a testicular aficionado, but that’s for another blog.

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say there are people out there that at one point in their lives have been in one of those relationships that lasted a restraining order too long…

Let’s break it down…

FPR Blog 96: Right to Privacy on Social Media? Don't Think So.

Do you still think you have the right to privacy on social media even after privatizing your account? 

A better question… 

Do you think you deserve privacy on your private social media account?

In your short, you don’t. But, here’s the long version explanation...

FPR Blog 95: Right and Left get together to pass More Military Intervention & Surveillance

The new age of warfare is on a whole other level. It makes science fiction seem possible.

Despite what we may think of the military industrial complex and war mongering generals, the core of their travesty is the appropriations and time allocated for military intervention. 

Two things; money and votes. Our elected officials are the ones to blame.

Those suits who we elect to represent us only care about themselves and what the party wants.

FPR Blog 94: U.S. Empire Bases for the Launch of A.I. Warfare.

At first I thought, "what a way to open a blog". 

Then I thought, why do I have a stream and blog in the first place? 

Then it hits me. Information matters... That's what the mainstream news seems to have forgotten..