Fpr Blog 99: Panhandling, Bad Weather and Worthless Elections.

So we got through another election... And even though I don’t care who won, lost and took back or kept both houses, I do want to touch upon a headline I came across during the election process...

The headline read, ‘For some in Florida Panhandle voting takes a back seat to hurricane hardships’.

Yea, no shit sherlock.

Did you have to work overtime to fully research the information for this story?

However, I do agree that panhandlers do make commuting uncomfortable. I want to say no because I’m broke too. But, what can you do? So you drop a buck in an overused coffee cup.

Seriously though, that is one stupid fucking headline.

I would be pissed if I had to shit in a hole because my house drowned, yet there’s a perfectly standing polling place two blocks away. By the way I do shit in a hole but that’s because baby mama doesn’t let me use the toilet. It’s either a studio or in door plumbing.

So, let me get this straight. People whose homes either floated away or sank while empty suits on capitol hill did absolutely nothing are supposed vote for regime change? For what? So that the next group of greedy politicians can sit on their fat asses and do nothing again?

Oh wait, sorry… I meant dirty politicians that just sit on their fat asses collecting lobby money from special interest groups, oil companies, big banks and big pharma.

How do representatives of the people become millionaires while sitting in a seat that pays approximately $200 grand a year.

This has to be a question on these unfortunate souls' minds. But, it’s not. Most people who vote for these so called “elected officials” have no clue how much they’re worth and how they managed to get that way all the while holding a job that doesn’t pay out millions of dollars.

Many congressmen and women, as well as senators have held their seats for 40 years and still counting. Congress only gets 2 year terms but can be re-elected with no limits. Imagine having to run for your position every 2 years. How in the hell are these fossils still in office?

Senators have to run every 6 years, but also have no limitations on the amount of terms they can serve.

Many on capitol hill are in their late 70s and early 80s. Posted next to this line is a meme with just a handful of legislators that are far too old, have had their seats for far too long and have gotten far too rich because of it.

So what difference does it make who is a congressman, a senator or president?

Now we are starting to see the true colors of the current presidency... And under the wig like hairdo, fancy suits and belligerent statements lies a rich white man that doesn’t really give a shit about average people.  

This is nothing new of course... I just thought the whole reason for his victory was because he was not an empty suit politician who spewed false promises.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

Now with all that written I must share another true feeling... 

Why don’t you people move to dryer land? There’s enough space on higher ground or a few blocks inland.

I get that many people with beachfront property have money and power. I get that these same people love to show that off, but there isn’t any money in the world that can bribe mother nature.

Mother nature fucks you every chance she gets and lately she’s been kicking houses and shitting names during your attempts at rebuilding your precious beachfront homes.

Maybe you swallow your ego, pack up what bricks you have left and build your new home on a burial plot.

You may be finding these last few statements mean and inconsiderate, but that’s only because that’s exactly what they are.

I’m so fucking tired of putting on the news and having to endure more and more people crying about their houses drowning.

As Ludacris once rapped and Alex Jones once covered, I have to say, 'move bitch get out of the way'.

Thanks for reading fpr faithful...

'Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO