FPR Blog 100: Agenda 2030? What happen to 2021?

There a couple of cats I run ideas by before sharing them on air or writing about them on a blog…

Kenny K, resident comedian of fpr is one of them. When I ran this by him his first question was, “What the fuck happened to Agenda 21? Isn’t it only 2020”?

It was at that moment that I remembered the bullshit that was floating around called agenda 21. I also then remembered why I forgot about it…

Truth is, I didn’t really give a shit.

I have this belief that my beloved United States could never have a successful citizenry revolution that could be so well organized they could put up a good fight, if not win. But, the same goes for the federal government and the United Nations.

For the most part I believe human beings have an inherit fear that keeps us going with whatever is flowing. As long as there is an order and somewhat of a balance, there is no real need to rock the boat, even if there really is.

No matter the law or society’s over sensitivities which I believe continue to hold us back from true progression, most people just want to be left alone. But, if all of a sudden the federal government called for martial law and every city of every state governments complied, many would be outraged to say the least.

Truth be told, I think people would go fucking ballistic. It would be an ugly scene.

Say what you want about millennials and I have plenty, but those people would reject an all out fascist authoritarian government.

It’s the entitlement factor they posses. That alone would have them dressed in black, freaking out and flailing all over. Let us not forget they know how to reach one another. They can organize and mobilize.

(Side Bar) I believe cat slapping can be effective.

Then add all the MMA warriors that didn’t make it to the professional, competitive level but still train. Some of these people are registered lethal weapons.

Then you have the militia mother fuckers who stockpile flamethrowers in their doomsday bunkers. Now add angry, ballsy people along with violent criminals and I believe a 'new world order' move would grind to a screeching halt.

It wouldn’t be over night. And by the time the protests and violence is over, things may not be the same as before... Who can be sure but, I don’t think things would be all that different.

Maybe society would be a little more civil and more aware. Who knows, maybe we would be a bit more accepting and kind towards each other despite our differences.

The one common connection would be, people who want to keep their liberty versus whatever authoritarian douchebags would attempt a power move like that.

Let’s also not forget the kind of coverage that ugly shit would receive. The mainstream news would not be able to ignore it. The mayhem that riots would cause would be seen all over the world.

Also, think about how weak we would appear to enemy states who would have never dreamed of invading before. Maybe they would see opportunity in all the instability.

Therefor, I never really sweat a one world government plan. And for that matter, I don’t fear free trade. I’d like to see more fair trade, but I don't know shit about how any of that works. I always thought, if we do business together chances are we wont go to war against one another.

The idea that there are people behind the curtain really running things is not beyond the realm of possibility… But, even if there are string pullers and king makers the strongest attempt would not succeed. The probability of this being fully implemented is zero.

Then again this is just my belief or dare I say hope.

Either way I wanted to look into this agenda 2030 idea with an open mind. You see, if this is in fact true then the powers that shouldn’t be wouldn’t want us knowing the full extent of the plan.

Plus, what if it could be a good thing for the planet and humanity as a whole?

We always think of the negative when we hear of the new world order. Personally, I don’t think it would be a good idea because I believe in local government. You tend to not only feel the change, but can also be the cause of it.

Anyway, here’s the agenda 2030 platform. I have to clear up the fact that I’m not this stupid. 

This is pretty fucking far fetched, but I leave it up to you to decide.

Thanks for reading fpr faithful...

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