FPR Blog 95: Right and Left get together to pass More Military Intervention & Surveillance

The new age of warfare is on a whole other level. It makes science fiction seem possible.

Despite what we may think of the military industrial complex and war mongering generals, the core of their travesty is the appropriations and time allocated for military intervention. 

Two things; money and votes. Our elected officials are the ones to blame.

Those suits who we elect to represent us only care about themselves and what the party wants.

And before you think it’s the republicans it’s not. Well, its not just them. Both parties are to blame.

Congress, the senate and even the presidential administration can’t work together on anything that helps us citizens/voters.

We continue to vote for these career politicians in the hope they make the country better, safer and easier for us to survive in.

However, they manage to put all their public differences aside and agree on what helps them and their string pullers.

Just a week ago from this blog being written the democrats and republicans came together on a bill that matters to them and does nothing for us, other than cost us more in taxes and intrude on our privacy.

The legislative branch, both democrats and the republicans passed a 6 year extension on section 702 of the 'foreign intelligence surveillance act’. 

So the 21st century, a time where I thought a new era of acceptance, tolerance and kindness was upon us, has turned into more military intervention and surveillance.

Here’s some information on this bill and how it was rushed through congress. Plus what the USA Rights Act is… The USA Rights Act.

The reauthorization bill (S.139) was rapidly developed by the House Intelligence Committee (known by the acronym, HPSCI) and rushed to the House floor.  

This occurred directly after the narrow defeat of an amendment led by Reps. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) that would have replaced the bill with The USA Rights Act,  an alternative 702 reauthorization which would have imposed strict new privacy requirements.

Here’s just one example of the statements made on the floor of congress that are either misleading or out right lies. Wait, isn’t that the same thing?

Statement: “Section 702 targets spies, terrorists, weapons proliferators, and other foreign adversaries who threaten the United States.”

FACTS: The law is touted as a national security authority that can be used to target spies, terrorists, proliferators, and foreign adversaries. 

However, it additionally permits targeting of any foreigner abroad for foreign intelligence purposes.  And this includes any information “that relates to the conduct of the foreign affairs of the United States.” 

Such an overbroad category is sufficiently sweeping to permit surveillance of individuals on the basis of commonplace activities such as protesting outside a U.S. embassy, supporting a human rights group, or writing about international relations or global economics.  

The NSA’s own slides on Section 702 describe it as collecting on topics such as “energy” and “political affairs”.

Just so you don’t think I’m about knocking the right, here’s a slick attempt from the left to withhold the broader freedom killing parts.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)

Statement: “In the absence of a warrant the [HPSCI bill] provides that evidence that would be obtained would be excluded from use in court.”

FACTS: Unlike other misstatements regarding prosecutorial limits imposed by the HPSCI bill, this statement properly states that the bill only applies to in-court use, rather than inaccurately, stating that the bill more broadly prevents 702 information being used for any part of a prosecution. 

However, Rep. Schiff significantly overstates the limits of the HPSCI bill by ignoring broad exceptions allowing for in-court use…  

Notably, the bill contains undefined exceptions that would allow 702 data to be used in the courtroom for cases involving any crime that the Attorney General believes “relates to national security” or “involves cybersecurity.”  

Such broad and unclear terms could be used to sweep up civil rights activists under the category of  “Black Identity Extremists” or hook in low-level crimes involving “cybersecurity” purely for use of an electronic device as part of its commission.

You see how they lie and come together when it suits them?

Here’s the POGO.org piece in its entirety. 

Facts on FISA: Correcting the Record on the Section 702 House Floor Debate

I was going to make this a longer by adding more information on what the federal government and the military is up to. But, it’s too long as is.

So I’m going to turn this into a multi-part blog.

This is enough information for now. This will get you started on the path of truth which for the most part is inside of you. Un-plug from the mainstream news and look at the bill itself. The media will never do that.

Thanks for reading...

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