FPR Blog 94: U.S. Empire Bases for the Launch of A.I. Warfare.

At first I thought, "what a way to open a blog". 

Then I thought, why do I have a stream and blog in the first place? 

Then it hits me. Information matters... That's what the mainstream news seems to have forgotten.. 

With that type of thinking, I have to go a step further to be informed.

Popular Resistance is one of those sources that provide real information and honest coverage that will not be shared anywhere on mainstream news.

I have to say that I am very proud to have had the honor of sharing this story on my talk show. But, writing about it means that it was beyond powerful.

Popular Resistance took it to the federal government and the military industrial complex. 

They took them to task over the amount of U.S. Bases around the world. The writers called it the U.S. Empire.

This is the original story...


Writers: Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

Title: Fuck you America, Evil Empire. No more war hungry bases.

Fine. The title doesn't exactly read like that... But, I'm sure they wanted to write something close to it.

Real Title: No Foreign Bases: Challenging  the Footprint of U.S. Empire

The story drops much knowledge on what our military is really up to. 

For instance I had no idea that we have military bases in 80 countries. What really blew my mind is the statistic of military personnel spread over 170 countries.

I don't know about you but if the United Nations sent soldiers from any part of the world to keep the peace here in the states, I would not like it.

The Governor has just ask the U.N. to send peace keepers to Chicago.

Can you imagine how crazy it would be here if China's army was in Chicago or New York City to help keep the peace?

Truth be written, I get a little freaked out when I see the national guard hanging out at New York's port authority.

More truth, I usually see them eating shit. They talk in a circle and many are usually on their phones.

On the other hand, the really scary mother fuckers are the Port Authority police wearing the black gear carrying machine guns.

I have to admit that I'm starting to see more militarized policing and it's not just some backward ass mid-west shanty town. Also I sure as hell haven't been seeing it on you tube. It started there, but now it's hitting closer to home. 

Now it's bad enough that we're feeling the pressure of militarized policing  here on our soil. Now imagine how 170 countries feel about our military planting themselves on their soil.

The writers make another great point. This is something I believe wholeheartedly and have been saying for ever. 

Spreading ourselves all over the world creates a huge vulnerabilty. Not only are we pissing people off to the point of making them a violent enemy, but I have a fear that we have depleted ourselves. If something does pop off, will we be ready?

It looks like it's turning into all roads lead the United States and we all know how that turns out.

Mr. Zeese and Miss Flowers start the piece with a powerful and truthful statement...

The United States cannot be a moral or ethical country until it faces up to the realities of US empire and the destruction it causes around the world. The US undermines governments (including democracies), kills millions of people, causes mass migrations of people fleeing their homes, communities and countries and produces vast environmental damage.

History has shown us that is exactly what happens when we go into " free" a country.

I don't agree with the politics and policies of many countries, but I also don't agree that my country feels the need to intervene and change an entire populations way of thinking.

I know we were behind the Arab Spring and at the end of the day what happened? Absolutely nothing. Well, I suppose something happened that must mean a lot to the string pullers that seem to want the middle east to stay violently busy among themselves.

I wrote in my last blog that we occupied Afghanistan and no one seems to care. Sure people still bring up Iraq, but boots on the ground has become the norm.

Now the talk is Syria, but that's not breaking news.

It is starting to appear to me that we are trying to conquer the world and not covertly.

Don't get me wrong, I believe we should have the CIA keeping an eye out abroad for us, but I don't agree with military occupation and that's all this has become.

It's just one giant land grab and soon it will bite us in the ass.

I'm going to keep it on the military tip. 

Not only are we occupying the planet, but soon we will use robotic artificial intelligent soldiers to do it for us.

The military is only months away from weaponize robotic A.I. to hunt terrorists.

Question. Not that I shop, but if I bought hunting gear, a gun and some kind of pressure cooker, will I be taken out by a robot?

The pentagon has just disclosed that after only 8 months of development, a small team of Intel analysts have effectively deployed an A.I. into the battlefield in control of weaponize systems to hunt terrorists.

I must say this again... I find this very interesting, but I also find it extremely dangerous. I don't trust the government and their bought and paid for scientists to ever tell us the truth. 

They will launch something they don't fully understand and hopefully it ends war and not us.

The Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team under went a name change, but it was under this name when they got the contract from the military.

The name change makes it clear that this doesn't belong to the white coats. 

Project Maven, as it's referred to now is one cliche military sounding name.

I share this information in the hopes that it sparks conversation and research. Then I hope it riles someone up that will take this information further and higher.

If you think this is informative and easy to read, then please share it and help us get the word out...

Thanks for reading  
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