FPR Blog 61: Owners To Cut Costs From New Wage Hike Rule With Mandatory Layoffs & Part Time Work.

Before I get into statistics, compensation, slave work, lack of care for health, and 20-minute breaks for a 14-hour shift, allow me to inform the New York Government that this mandatory wage hike is not going to pan out as Governor Cuomo expected or at least hoped.

A minimum wage hike of $2.50 cents has to be met by restaurants now…

Many might not know that minimum wage has gone up from $5.00 an hour to $9.00 in the last 3 years. It was about time, considering minimum wage stayed at 5 dollars for over ten years.

There was a catch, though… 

FPR Blog 60: 3 Important Events Happened While You were Distracted by Starbucks Cups.

You would think being sick would mean you have more time to pay attention to the world around you.

I like to do the opposite. I unplug, veg, rest and watch enormous amounts of mindless television.

Well after 3 days of working from my bed, I decided to plug back in just to wish I had a coma instead of a cold.

I snap out of reality to find that people are beyond upset over Starbucks serving coffee in red cups instead of one's dawning Christmas propaganda.

FPR Blog 59: Professional Sports Teams Cashing Our Taxes to Show Support for Wars.

To say war is not pretty is, a cliched understatement. War his pretty horrific.

We think we understand because we see images of war-torn desert cities on television. We may say, “oh my god that’s horrible”. 

Most get angry that these wars are costing us too much money. Others will say, "we need to mind our business and stop being the world’s judge, jury, and executioner". 

And, the rest, the rest say we should wipe everyone out.

FPR Blog 58: Rappelling off the Nosebleed Seats, The only way to get the Message Out.

I was chatting with a friend today and I was saying that if we could find a way to jack access and control a media satellite for at least 3 minutes, we would be able to reach a lot of people and make a huge difference in our world.

We can grab everyone's complete attention, especially when they flip the channel to find the same thing broadcasting.

FPR Blog 57: Undercover Police Officer gets a Huge Dose of Reality.

I get a lot of news in a week. Emails, tags, posts and notifications from twenty or so news sources. 

I get mainstream nonsense, underground stories, conspiracies, and reliable independent news sites. 

By the way, I did not include the twitter, tumbler or Instagram notifications.

Much of the news I receive is horrible and depressing. And, it is not in the traditional way.