FPR Blog 30: Corporate Fascism; The Citizens & System which Supports it.

I'm sorry if that headline seemed douchey, but it's kind of true.

Every single gadget I own was made off the backs of children in 'slave wage' countries.

This is Corporate Fascism through mass force, unlawful means and manipulation.

Corporations are working together to rig pricing and are using children in third world countries to make the toys, gadgets, computers, cars and every other thing we buy.

You need a computer, you have just contributed to child slavery no matter the brand you buy.

FPR Blog 29: The War For Our Freedom is On! Infrastructure Hacks are just the Beginning.

Yesterday July 8, 2015, massive computer problems shook a few institutions, but the mainstream media is staying far away...

As soon as I woke up this morning, my wife had asked if I had heard anything earlier in the morning when I was still awake from the night before. She said a friend had posted a link to a Gawker article that read, "it's time to panic".

I looked it over, then went surfing the net to see if I would find any other sources. Not even the anonymous twitter contacts are saying anything about it. Outside of the "cryptic" NYSE tweet from two days ago, I see nothing on this.

FPR Blog 28: NYSE Shut Down. Hack or Glitch, or Hack?

I had completely unplugged as of last night at 7:30 Pm, my body shut down and I fell in deep sleep and stayed that way till 1 PM today. (7.7.15-7.8.15)

However, I was constantly bothered by my phone going off like every 5 minutes as of 10 AM.

When I finally plugged in I saw what had happened.

As a follower of @youranonnews, I often see them on the thread but didn't notice the "you about to get got" tweet.

Anyway, by now most know that NY trading was suspended around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday due to what they called a "technical issue," which, funny enough they posted on twitter.

FPR Blog 27: Exposing The GMO Trade. Pesticides and Factory Farms.

There is more information about GMOs on the net than porn...

Well, maybe not more than porn, but there is more info on GMOs out now than ever before. Celebrities have even gotten behind the anti-GMO movement. Using their fortune, fame and influence some have even made it up to capitol hill.

So why isn't the media covering it?

FPR Blog 26: Major Government Contracted Spying Service Hacked. 400GB of Data Stolen

Another hack on the enemy...

Huge Italian private surveillance company, who deals in and with shady business, has been hacked.

'Hacking Team', is a private surveillance company who many governments, including ours (U.S.A.) buy intrusion and surveillance tools from.

Basically, they rent out hackers and spying tools.

In the United States, law enforcement agencies FBI, DEA and the DOD use the tools. Sorry, the DOD account reads 'Non-Active'.

FPR Blog 25: GMO Exposed part 3. McDonald's and Diet Coke, Finally Feeling Our Fight..

Coke's sales perked up in the first quarter and profits beat forecasts. But sales of one of its most iconic products -- Diet Coke -- are plunging.

Coke said in its earnings release that Diet Coke volume fell 6% globally last quarter.

Diet beverages have come under more scrutiny in the past few years. There have been many reports about how zero- and low-calorie beverages with artificial sweeteners aren't really that healthy.

The word is spreading and the message is clear. Little by little we're finding out more and more about fast food chains, natural vs organic and genetically modified organisms.

FPR Blog 24: Monsanto Has To Be Exposed. Part 2 GMO Alert!

I said I would continue to write about Monsanto, but even I have to admit, I didn't think I'd start writing part 2 on the same day.

I've been at my workstation, which is like 3 feet from the broadcast console. Yea, yea, I don't have a budget. Never really cared about money.

I'm in the process of programming the station and I like to research and sometimes write while I do this.

It's a lot of instrumental electronic music so I'm not distracted by much singing...

So, I started running a search for products with GMOs, just to see how much information would pop up... Monsanto has like half the page of results, and they're telling the "truth" about GMOs.

FPR Blog 23: Monsanto has to be exposed. Part 1 No More GMO!

There's a lot of talk about organic, gluten free, sprayed agriculture and killer seeds.

Unfortunately not enough talk about Monsanto and GMOs. There's no mainstream coverage on the corporation and the chemicals they put in our food.

Before I go any further, let me just give you a little information about Monsanto.

The Monsanto Company is a publicly traded American multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation. Those words should not be in the same sentence... Chemicals and agriculture, aka Agrochemical, does not sound healthy to me.