FPR Blog 77: The Battle between Koch Bros & Wake County Schools.

Koch brothers attempt to take over and re-segregate the Wake County School System

If you don’t know who these guys are, I refer to them as the Kock brothers. Why? Well, when I see how their name is spelled I confuse the h with a k. Oooops...  

Besides, they are greedy elitist, racist pigs. They also buy politicians and are doing their best to take over states by skewing local elections.

FPR Blog 76: Anon's 30 Day War on Banks. #OpIcarus Mission Accomplishments.

Op Icarus (#OpIcarus) is an Anonymous hacking operation.

Don't let the word hacking pressure or scare you into judging a book by its title.

Icarus and the other Anons that have hooked up with, Ghost Squad (#GhostSquad) are far from evil-doers.

Wait. Let me rephrase. They do evil shit to evil people, but just online.

They don't physically harm anyone they just delete them or make their online lives a living hell.

Think Dexter, but the online version.