FPR Blog 76: Anon's 30 Day War on Banks. #OpIcarus Mission Accomplishments.

Op Icarus (#OpIcarus) is an Anonymous hacking operation.

Don't let the word hacking pressure or scare you into judging a book by its title.

Icarus and the other Anons that have hooked up with, Ghost Squad (#GhostSquad) are far from evil-doers.

Wait. Let me rephrase. They do evil shit to evil people, but just online.

They don't physically harm anyone they just delete them or make their online lives a living hell.

Think Dexter, but the online version.

I'm not putting any kind of hats on these genius minds and brave souls.

Even if I wanted to I couldn't. Black hat hackers, white hat hackers, it's like a thing in that world.

At least that's what the mainstream media repeats to us.

Besides, I know for a fact that Anonymous don't do hats. Anons are more into masks.

The Op Icarus campaign is a thirty-day long assault on one hundred sixty central banks.

Icarus launched on May 4 or 5, I'm a bit confused on the specifics there.

They announced on the fourth and I believe on the fifth made their presence felt.

I know the plan seems a bit ambitious, but all revolutions were. Besides, if anyone can pull it off, it's Anonymous.

Before moving on I have to notify anyone reading this that Anonymous is not targeting individual accounts. They will be spared the wrath, it's the greedy pigs that are being pimp slapped.

Think Dillinger , the difference is that Anons aren't robbing banks they're just keeping them from stealing, excuse me, reaping the hard earned fruits of others.

This seems to be the only real form of justice these evil doers will receive.

These corporate execs in expensive suits with dentine commercial white smiles and slicked back hair exist for the sole purpose of selling coal that never turns into a diamond.

So Op Icarus' focus is to stop or at least slow their online money laundering capabilities a bit. Op Icarus have and will continue to cost these one percenter pricks millions of dollars every few minutes. And,
Anonymous is doing some real damage.

Amazing what a DDoS attack can accomplish.

My insignificant mind's understanding a DDoS attack goes like this...

The attacks come from multiple servers overwhelming the traffic to a website until it crashes. The longer you keep a bank's website offline the more money the greedy corrupt corporations don't make.

Again that's my small minded understanding of how the process works.

I'm about to go into further detail, but again I wanted to stop to notify the reader that there is another hacking group that is also going after centralized banks.

This hacking group is called Lazarus and has absolutely nothing to do with Anonymous.

You see, Lazarus is a straight up digital robbery crew.

They ripped off a few prominent central banks for over $80,000,000 right smack in the middle of Op Icarus which the media amazingly hasn't tried to link the two.

Then again the media hasn't covered much of anything involving Anonymous or Op Icarus. But, that hasn't stopped or slowed down the operation one bit.

I wanted to bring up the digital thieves because I want to appear as objective as possible. Which is tough because I'm not only a supporter I'm a spawn of Anonymous' ideal.

FreedomPopRadiO is Anon Inspired...

On Friday the 6th of May, 2016 Anonymous joined forces with another hacking crew that also exists under the Anonymous Mask. These two don't always agree but got together to take down a common enemy.

For those who don't know and are wondering why there are different groups that may not like each other who are Anonymous, you have to understand that Anonymous is a collective.

I guess first, it's an ideal and then a force to be reckoned with. After that, then they're a collective.

This means Anons don't have one leader. They have an army but are not one. They're not a gang, or group or even a society. Maybe a subculture, but never the less a collective. There isn't a membership card, but there are a lot of people involved. Many different sects, if you will.

Anons seek each other out and form little righteous wrecking crews. Those crews may have an organizer or leader. Someone with a plan. Then a few Anons sign up to participate in that particular operation.

So, the other Anon sect that Icarus has partnered with is called Ghost Squad and these people do not play favorites.

Ghost squad has been famous for hacking the KKK website and then later hacking the Black Lives Matter Movement site.

To be honest both groups have much ignorance and violence rooted so deep that I for one am glad GS hacked the both of them.

Now we know the cause and a little bit more about Anonymous.

Remember hacking these greedy pigs' website and shutting down their online traffic cost them millions of dollars a minute. So if you're one of these people who says what Anonymous does is pointless, believe me, the executives see and feel the point.

Just ask the people who run these financial institutions, and they may deflect questions or answer them with confidence and those would most likely be lies. But, the fact that they haven't mentioned it in the media or haven't even involved the authorities tells me they are way, to embarrassed to admit that these glitches are DDoS attacks.

The feds might be on this, but they're most likely chasing their tales. Regardless, like I mentioned before, this media silence tells me they're either super embarrassed and have lost so much money that they rather try to fix the problem themselves so shareholders don't flip out.

I could never know the true reason for the silence or the extent of the damage... But, I don't need to have a great deductive mind to figure out some of these frauds and their tactics.

Look, I get it. We're not fighting Cesar's 'Mighty Thirteen' on the Gaul's home turf. The odds on that day were stacked against the Romans 5 to 1. That's one Roman for every five Gauls.

Obviously, Cesar won that battle and even captured their king. But, the "mighty one percent" that we're fighting are nothing like Cesar's legions.

Sure Cesar and the Roman Senators were the one percent of that time, but after Cesar's murder on the Senate floor, the system began to show the cracks the hierarchy was hiding.

The Romans were powerful, intelligent and very rich. Even after their downward spiral Augustus was able to rebuild the republic his uncle and later father, in name, envisioned and fought for, only a decade or so after Cesar's death.

It took a young mind who knew how to play the game. He was no angel, but it was Rome's longest period of peacetime and prosperity. The only war under Octavian Agustus Cesar was Rome's civil war when Young Cesar came back to Rome to rule it like his Uncle planned to.

Now fast forward till today and the powerful, intelligent and very rich 'one percenters' are finally just as vulnerable as we are.

They, like everyone else, are dependent on the internet.

A "computer glitch" at The New York Stock Exchange can cost many people many millions of dollars. It's not like a lottery ticket... You don't buy stock, at a corner new stand.

I call today's money Digi-dollars or digital currency. I've heard that referenced lately when speaking of bitcoin or the vast amount of numbers in a computer that represents our currency.

Something tells me someone is not keeping it on the straight and narrow.

Whatever the case may be, today's 'one percent' (1%) are nothing like Cesar's Mighty Empire. I'm sure they live like the elite of those times. Bathhouses, orgies, drug-fueled parties along with the most expensive bottles of everything.

Again, I can only imagine. But, what I can tell you is that these "elites" are no match for us.

These are suits that spend time in gyms, saunas, and golf courses all the while sipping on their frappuccinos and Martini chasers... The rest of their day is spent ripping off honest people's hard and honestly earned money.

If you're trying to get richer, quicker, then you're an idiot. But, if you're trying to invest money for retirement, then that's a different story.

We're told these are "long term safe investments" and the last crash cost many almost everything they had invested.

We are forced to take this "low risk" gamble because it doesn't look like social security will be around much longer.

Even if social security does last another fifty years, how much can it possibly be?

They continue to promise to spend less, but we have yet to catch up.

These politicians are worse than the greedy snakes because our "elected" officials are at the bottom end of their strings.

Just take a gander and see what a disgusting stat this is...

The last crash hurt so many people, but the worst hit were the civil servants who clean our streets, protect our neighborhoods and teach our children. Many if not all had money tied up in 401Ks and 403Bs.

A 401K is a retirement savings plan sponsored by an employer. It allows workers to save and invest a piece of their paycheck before taxes are taken out. However, the taxes have to get paid upon withdrawing the money.

Then the 403B is also known as a tax-sheltered annuity plan. It's also a retirement plan for certain employees of public schools, tax-exempt organizations and certain ministers.

So, smart Americans who plan for the future and or save for their kid's college tuition thought they were doing the right thing when getting into one of these annuity investments.

No one investing in these plans is looking to become millionaires, but they are looking forward to having that cushion of cash for retirement. It's also not like the people's taxes pay for the chunk they take out of your paycheck to continue investing in the plan.

These are hard working, many of which are working to middle-class people who's checks are already too light.

Due to all the taxes we have to pay we see a little more than half our pay.

To think that we pay into social security and when some of us reach retirement that money will not be available to us.

We pay into workers compensation, but when an employee gets hurt on the job the compensation doesn't come quickly and it's not a sustainable amount.

We pay into unemployment so if we lose our job for whatever reason we can have some cash to get us by till we find another job. But, there's a catch.

The owner of a company can fight your unemployment if he or she can show that you were fired for a just cause.

These are the actions of our government who seem to be controlled by the people who donate to their campaigns and that is what's killing this country as we know and love it.

Now, if all of that isn't bad enough the 401K and 403B retirement/investment plans take the cake.

"Considering the state of social security and the lack of company and state pension plans, I think it would be best if you invested your savings into these "safe" savings plans".

That was me impersonating the douchebag that sells people on these grand schemes.

To think you're living paycheck to paycheck. It's not because you're paid to little, which most are. No, you're living paycheck to paycheck because you're paying for expensive, low-quality health insurance.

You're living like this because you're paying for programs that you don't use and others abuse.

Then to top it off you're paying taxes to keep your streets safe, schools intact and parks clean. Yet you see nothing that is safe, intact or clean.

The most you can hope for is to save enough money to live peacefully and that's when these snakes in suits come in and take even more of our money with the promise "you'll have it all when you want it back".

Clearly, this was not the case since 08 and it will never be the case again.

Middle and working class families lost thousands of dollars which they had invested over the course of a decade or two and in one day it was all gone.

What? Are we supposed to keep trusting bankers and brokers? Do we shrug our shoulders and say "well, these things happen?"

I guess there's nothing left to say after you lost $20,000 from your 403B you spent 16 years accumulating.

If this was a mistake, some kind of miscalculation, the cost of our wars, our national security or the system just bottomed out, then I would be one of the ones saying, "these things happen". "Maybe I should start looking for another way to save for retirement".

I could understand if it was something like that, but it was the exact opposite. To be frank, this was theft, pure and simple.

The bankers, brokers and all of their executives that perpetrated this fraud which for anyone else would've at the very least been grand larceny were at most scolded on a televised hearing on a channel no one watches.

These "fat cats" were living the high life. One CEO would take a helicopter from the roof of his Wall Street building to the Hamptons every Friday at 5PM so that everyone could see just how rich he was.

All the while the system is collapsing and they know it.

When it hit the fan that these "elites" kept living extravagantly and still were making millions of dollars a month, nothing was done. The media didn't even come down on them.

The president, congress, and the senate pretty much sat on their wasteful hands. Well, that was until they extended them with our tax money.

What angers me the most is that the federal bureau of investigations didn't do a damn thing either. And I suppose our attorney general was too busy dodging his own scandals.

It's amazing to me that a guy was choked to death by police officers over selling loose cigarettes on a street corner, but these finance crooks destroyed our economy then used our tax money to bail themselves out. The kicker, they themselves didn't need any bailing out considering that most if not all who were forced to walk away took hundreds of millions of dollars with them.

How no one made these men give back most of that money is beyond my comprehension. And, till this day, I can't believe none of them went to prison. Most likely because what they were doing wasn't technically illegal.

That's the most horrifying part. A whole new group of executives and CEOs have taken over, but everything remains the same.

Well, you know what? It's payback time baby.

I am here to remind all of you elitist criminals that run our financial system, central banks and the reserve, Anonymous will not be done with you after 30 days.

You've been on my radar for years now, but I haven't been able to do a damn thing about you. But, now things have changed. There's an army out there and they're more powerful than anything, anyone can imagine. The best part, we don't use weapons of death and destruction.

Our weapons are our voices our intelligence and our disgust for all you pigs and your shameful practices. Then there are the ones with fingertips for ammo.

I believe Op Icarus will spawn a fiber-optic dandelion clock that will spread all over and through the fences you've built around us to keep us quiet and in control.


I don't have the brains that the collective has, but I have an outlet and it will be used to fully support Anonymous and their operations.

We can never forget the freedom fighters who are sitting in prison despite it being morally wrong.

Barrett Brown, Matt DeHart, and Jeremy Hammond who are serving outrages sentences for computer crimes and a youtube rant.

Brown is serving 105 years just for talking shit about an FBI agent that trashed his mother's home when looking for the "bad guy" as he later put it.

That angered Brown and he went on youtube to express his anger and was rearrested under a charge of making terrorist threats at an FBI agent.

I would just like to mention that pedophiles on average get 1 to 3-year sentences. Some just have to register as a sex offender and see a probation officer.

Barrett Brown told off an FBI agent named Robert Smith on a youtube rant and said that he didn't know he was a bad guy until agent Smith pointed it out. "So now I will be the bad guy", Brown said on the rant. He also said something like, "how do you like them apples"? This happened a few years ago already and I am still trying to pick up my jaw.

Anyway, let me try and clear this up for all of us, together... /'-:

Tell an FBI agent you're basically going to troll him, because honestly what is Barrett Brown going to do to anyone, let alone an agent of the federal bureau of investigations, and get 105 years.

Speak publically for Anonymous get your mom's house raided.

Expose government and corporate corruption and be labeled a terrorist.

Fuck a child... And, "just let us know where you're going to be living in the neighborhood. Just a general area, no address needed".

I'm living in bizarro world.

Truth be told they wanted Barrett Brown silenced for a long time, mostly because he didn't hide his face. He by de facto became the other face of anonymous. He was definitely speaking for many crews involved in many Anonymous Operations. He is not a hacker by the way.

So, here I am. Older, not that much wiser, but my head is clear. I have a lot to lose now. I've survived a lot of 'Near Life' experiences. I've walked out of mangled vehicles, survived 20-foot falls, years of a personal abuse and now I want peace. You know what? I've attained it...

Unfortunately, it's been short-lived because I've spent every waking hour making sure any and everyone who reads or listens to Freedom Pop RadiO understands that there is something terribly wrong wth this country and the rest of our heart broken planet.

My outlet is my power.

My outlet will be used to call for Free-Anons, for freedom of speech and expression.

My voice and words will defend any and everyone who voices their discontent for the way our elected officials are slowly dismantling our government, constitution and our sovereign nation as a whole.

We can't continue to go about our business and exist with the comfort that this country will never fall into the hands of oppressors. Yet the very people who think they're free because they vacation once a year or go to the beach on a three day weekend have no idea that they too are slaves to society.

How long does an average person have to work at a company to get vacation days? That's if they even offer them. How long before they're offered the insurance plan they won't be able to afford? What about sick and personal days? These things take about a year to atain. Last rhetorical... How many raises do you get a year?

There are different trades some with unions, others without. So, obviously, there are differences in jobs and how much they pay. But in general, even with union jobs, you work your ass off all year to get five business days off.

Some companies use "legal" loopholes...  They keep a part-time staff so they don't have to offer their crappy insurance plans. Also, you can't get overtime if you're a part-timer.

I wrote about this after the minimum wage hike for New York restaurant employees.

The owners and managers devised a plan that would not only screw the staff but eventually screw themselves too.

The last restaurant I worked at started to inform employees that hours would be cut and maybe some people should start looking for second jobs. No shame in saying it either. It was announced every day for over a month leading up to the new year.

I walked away, but not after telling my bosses to go fuck themselves and leaving them flat one Saturday morning.

The rest stayed, but after a while, they said it just wasn't the same there.

Between that, the raising of prices, the cuts on the floor and kitchen staffs have completely hurt the eatery.

Can't say I feel sorry for them. They had this and worst coming.

Just another bunch of tiny minded people with some power making people miserable who are already there because the restaurant can barely get anyone in.

Who wants to go to a place whose prices just jumped and has a horrible kitchen and pissed-off servers who can't believe they're being sent home at mid-shift because they're getting close to 30 hours.

You see, it's a trickle down effect...

Even these leeches who manage restaurants are under the owner's gun. Owner plays it rich and bossy but has partners and investors to answer to. And the list goes all the way up to the big banks.

You see, they think they have control over their lives, but they don't.

Now, add to the equation smartphones, laptops, the latest sneakers, clothing labels, and cars people are beyond distracted. This keeps them working and working, slaves to their industries believing the same story the owner's been selling them for years just to keep them jumping for that carrot they will never reach.

I personally knew someone who was on vacation and was called by the owner just two days into it to fly back to work because he was short staffed. What could he say? No? No, they can't because they're slaves to their own devices, society, the industry and their master.

The banks in conjunction with the media and the government have people in a maze and they can't see it. If they can't see it they won't believe it. If they won't believe it, then they'll stay in it... But, truth be told that's just cowardice because you would have to be a complete idiot not to see what is happening to our government and our country.

This is becoming a war. It's an information war, but a war never the less.

It is our duty to the men that kicked out the colonists to keep it that way. We traded the British for robber barons and they took over control a short while after and their grip is still tight.

Our duty as citizens of the United States is to oppose corruption in our government.

We have a duty to keep our country free from tyranny and that's what Wall Street has become.

They are a tyrannical institution that has in many different ways infiltrated our government and has their hand in making laws that take more and more away from We The People.

Well, that's where we the 99 percent come in.

We gather, write, post, podcast, blog, vlog, and hack. Many of us are spending much if not all of our time trying to wake people up.

All we have to do is stay the course and Anons will do their part.

Then we have to attack the media with questions...

Why aren't they covering big bank fraud, or putting names and pictures of the CEOs who were given 300 million dollars when they were "fired" like they do with non-convicted alleged criminals?

Please believe me when I tell you that together we can shake the ground these pigs drive their Royces on.

Okay, so, these are the financial institutions Op Icarus has attacked so far...

Central Banks of; Jordan, Macedonia, Venezuela, Morocco, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Trinidad, Tobago, Philippines, Iraq, Montenegro, France, Monaco, Monegasque.

The Swiss Bank ofCompagniee.
Central Bank of Guernsey
Dutch Central Bank
The Maldives Monetary system
The World Bank
5 Federal Reserve Banks
The Vatican
The New York Stock Exchange.

Just some of anonymous' Op Icarus' accomplishments in their 30-day assault.

I would continue, but this thing is already too long, but it's just too important not to give as many details as possible.

So, sorry for the length of this blog, but I hope this gets out there and helps.

Thanks for reading.

Blog by T. Clavero for Freedom Pop RadiO