FPR Blog 63: Greedy HIV Drug CEO Has Been Arrested For Fraud.

                                                                                                                                   Update Blog 47
Remember this guy? 

Whether you do or don't, you'll want to read this because justice might just be served.

Martin Shkreli is the drug maker CEO who raised HIV medication from 13 dollars to 700. It sucked, it angered, but it still didn't matter.

Well, it looks like karma just bit him in the ass because the FBI has just confirmed that Martin Shkreli has been arrested.

FPR Blog 62: Factory Farms and the System That Makes it Possible.

There is more information about GMOs on the net than porn...

Well, maybe not more than porn, but there is more info on GMOs out now than ever before. Celebrities have even gotten behind the anti-GMO movement. Using their fortune, fame and influence some have even made it up to capitol hill.

So why isn't the media covering it?