FPR Blog 6: Crimes Against Humanity; Exposing Child Protective Services.

There are so many issues being debated these days, that it's hard to keep track of all of them.

We know of the really stupid, popular ones and a couple that could be important, but we don't really know what's what, because the media doesn't cover anything other than what will get them ratings..

They show us disasters and riots because "they care". They cover round the clock stories about a lion being killed in Africa because "they care". The truth is, nothing sells commercials like misery and sorrow, sprinkled with a creature feature and all ending with hope and more war.

There's one issue that should be at the top of the list, but these days headlines are reserved for lions and blowhards.

I'm talking about the ones who's job it is to protect parentless kids. Child Protective Services gets to play judge, jury and executioner with children's lives, but who's judging them?

I would think people would be outraged with the way these "throw away" kids are treated, but there's something more important to them than at risk kids...


I don't understand how people care more about pets than children. Seems like you can't use a dog in a violent movie, but kids are fair game.

I always hear about how kids who grow up in the system, come out all screwed up. People assume the worst... They get sexually abused, beaten and traded, in such a dark market that to call it black would be an understatement.

There are sick people profiting off the misery of children and our leaders bicker about presidential appointees.

As a smoker, I have to endure, 'over the top' anti-smoking commercials. Then there are drinking and driving commercials that remind you that cops are everywhere and they're watching. Those are always followed by a beer and car commercial. I still can't get my head around the message being sent there.

There's also 'the wounded warrior project', which makes me mad because men and women wounded in our government's war have to ask me for money. The part that drills and kills me is that it's always a celebrity speaking for these people.

One movie, major concert or championship event and there would be more than enough to go around, but instead my broke ass has to give another part of my check to the government because they can't take care of their own.

Where are the ads and information to get involved when it comes to helping kids?

I'm not talking about religious organizations or a penny a day feeds a kid a world away commercial, which happens to pop at 3 AM everyone in a while. I trust them less than a street gang.

I'm talking about our leaders, non-profits, elected officials, the FBI, even local law enforcement. Where are these people on this issue?

I suppose that the FBI is the organization that should be on the front lines of this one. I know they're busy, the mob is still around and there will always be an Osama bin fuck nuts, but there has to be enough in the budget for protecting kids.

What I would really like to see, is more politicians campaign on this, than on the economy.

We need for federal law enforcement to launch a massive attack on child abusers, their outlets and the ones who overlook them.

There's a criminal conspiracy happening at the highest level of this system. This is not theory, but I can't prove it either...

I am not an investigative journalist and I haven't gone deep cover to expose anything. I do however live and grew up in an area with a lot of parentless kids. It's not an ideal situation. Most of these kids just need some guidance, but they're so jaded that they can't be reached. There's no one to blame other than Child Protective Services.

Social workers are placing kids in homes with people who have criminal records.

One case reported by a local news station in Kentucky, that was doing an investigation into the CPS, found a whistleblower who was fired because she discovered half a dozen cases like that. One of the two foster homes where these kids were placed had parents with criminal records, a son with multiple felonies and a convicted sex offender who would often be left alone to care for the children.

Other social workers have tried to stop these adoptions but have had their recommendations denied by supervisors. How can a supervisor allow for a child to be placed in a home with a sex offender?

The answer to that question is money.

Social Services lives on government funding. Every kid that doesn't get placed is money lost. So, in essence, social workers would put a kid in a box if it means more funding. Funding for profit, that is.

Ben Affleck played a shady stockbroker in a movie called 'Boiler Room'. It was a movie about a pump and dump firm.

He has a scene where he says, "anyone who says money is the root of all evil, has never fucking had it".

Well, I've never had money, but this wouldn't be the first time I viewed something from the outside and what I see is egregious incompetence, theft, and human rights violations...

Time to expose these evil people and the authorities that are letting them commit these contemptible acts..

Allow me to rephrase that last sentence...

If the federal authorities such as the FBI don't know about this, then they're criminally negligent. If they do, then they're just criminal.

So, being that no one is doing anything real about this, some kind hearted, tough and brave souls said enough is enough. "If you're not going to do your job, then we'll expose you as supporters of child abuse." A bit harsh, but there seems to be no other way.

To be quite honest, the fact that this has gone on as long as it has without any scrutiny means that the law doesn't apply to this issue or they're involved in covering it up. Either way, they're just as guilty.

Anyway, the people I speak of are what I call, ‘online freedom fighters’. The internet is our last line of social justice and human rights. Their methods aren’t always fair, but at least they aren’t taking humans off the planet.

They are described in many ways and called many names. I like to think of them as freedom fighters that have great positioning. A few can take out many if they have the right positioning.

They have to be a good shot too. These people are very talented.

One group posted a warning to the DOJ and the FBI stating that if they don't start an investigation into CPS' practices they will plaster the net with the links between federal law enforcement, child protective services and child abuse.

The Truth About Child Protective Services!

Thanks for reading and please spread the word...

Remember, fight for yourself. Fight for the web and fight for the next step in evolution.

It's never too late...

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