FPR Blog 7: How Do We Justify This One, Officer?

Ok, so let's hear the reasoning behind this one officer...

I'm so tired of cops finding a reason for another cop's bad acts.

Not one I come across can admit when one of their own was just WRONG!

I love cops, we need them and I respect them. But, this is not proper police conduct. This isn't even abuse of power.

I can't even call it senseless because that would mean these cops weren't thinking. They would need a brain to not think.

These cops shouldn't be allowed to wear a badge, let alone carry a gun.

How is it that these gung ho assholes get past the psychological part of police boot camp.

It seems to me that more and more cities are just adding bodies to their police departments.

The older, wiser officers have been forced to retire due to the money they were making. So maybe this is about hiring cheaper manpower, but this isn't a landscaping job. It's "protecting and serving us.

We the people of these great United States are supposed to be free from the fear of brutality. We should welcome the sight of police officers, not be scared of them.

It used to be that if you had a conviction on your sheet you were automatically disqualified from even signing up. Many cities have disregarded that rule and are giving badges and guns to people with criminal histories.

Why are our local and state governments adding more people to the force? Many of the officers caught on these abusive videos gone virul are unqualified rookies and many haven't gotten past three years on the job.

Without proper scrutiny, this problem will never be fixed.

This isn't about dialog or community policing. This isn't even about the body, dash or street cams. This is about hiring unqualified maniacs.

What kind of training are they recieving if any at all?

This new video I'm posting surfaced on the web and even made it to 'Good Morning America'.

So before you think or say the video is bullshit, it's already hit the mainstream... Even if we don't hear much about it after the initial story, it happened and it's true.

One out of the two cops in the video has quit the force during the course of an internal investigation, but that's it. No word on whether he faces criminal charges. At the very least he should recieve some kind of negligent offense, where he will have a record of this offense and can never work in law enforcement again.

He shouldn't even get a security job. Well, I guess he makes a good soldier for Suge Knight.

I haven't heard anything about the female officer. I imagine it's going to be a little harder to get rid of her.

Here are two videos. One is from AJ+ a youtube personality who reports and exposes all that is wrong and corrupt in our country.

The second video is the 'Good Morning America' segment on the story. I have to say, for the first time, that I've ever noticed, they weren't looking to find a good excuse for these worthless animals.

Remember, fight for yourself. Fight for the web and fight for the next step in evolution.

It's Never Too Late.

Thanks for reading faithfully...

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