FPR Blog 5: A Subconscious War. Battlefield; Cyberspace.

I've said before that I support whistle-blowers and hacktivists, as long as they're fighting injustice. Exposing abuse of power, corruption and so much more sinister stuff. How can you not support these brave souls? They live in complete secrecy.

They sacrifice themselves and all, but one keep their mouth shut and do their 3 to 10, to even a 105-year prison term.

This is not for breaking laws, but exposing flaws and corruption at every level.

I know that there are very important laws for treason, but exposing the violation of those laws by governments and corporations is just as important as maintaining them.

I can't sit quietly while the people we trust to protect us are hurting us.
I am not talking about conspiracy theories...

I'm talking about the stuff that's overlooked. The vulnerabilities.

I hate to say this, but the fact that some of the world's smartest people work for our government makes me think that things are over looked on purpose.

It's that or they're so smart they feel impervious.

We never hear about the successes of the NSA, CIA, and FBI. Well maybe, the FBI does take some credit here and there, and there, and here, and there... Seriously, though, I know in my heart that members of these agencies have sacrificed a lot to keep us safe.

I believe there are good and pure-hearted men and women who are keeping an eye on the world, guarding and fighting to protect us.

Unfortunately the chain of the command structure is so powerful, that a soldier can't even ask for psychiatric assistance during the aftermath of a horrific battle.

That video WikiLeaks exposed where the air death machines are shooting innocent people, two of which were Reuters reporters. A man in a van who had stopped to help despite it raining, wait for it... THIRTY Caliber bullets, also got himself and his kids killed.

Children are dead and these guys are celebrating like they just got Bambi with a bow.

The best, worst part is when they realize they were all civilians and they just ripped apart kids through the windows.


Pilot 1: "Well that's what they get for bringing their kids to a battle." Pilot 2: "That's right".

Either way you're about to see for yourself. Not just the destruction that you find all over youtube, but an Army specialist who walked up to the scene to find the torn and blown apart, limb from limb, children with glass in their eyes. A father hovering over his child, making himself a human shield.

It didn't work, everyone died. Even the reporters that were covering the story.

Maybe they were writing a different story of the war that just doesn't play well with pentagon policy. The policy of no truth.

So just imagine how much is really going on...

Quick 'piss many off', side bar:
Just look at what the Israeli soldiers are doing to the Palestinian people. Their actions and abuse call for the U.N. to step in and humanitarian aid is a must.

I'm not saying that there aren't any Palestinians who just want to fight holy wars. But, the majority of people don't want to fight.

There are human rights violations happening all day every day on the strip and beyond. This to say nothing of the attack on The U.S. Liberty by Israeli warplanes during the 6-day war.

My point is, we never see it... We see a few Israeli areas that have been bombed. For all we know it's fake. Then we see and praise the destruction of the radicals.

How come we never take a second to see the plight of the man on the other side of that line. He may not be that different from you or me.

Most people on this planet want to be free. Free to just be. Some want to work, some want to paint, others explore many options.

For some reason, we can't seem to get there.

I think that's our fault. We keep our eyes closed to this. Many of us like and share it. The rest are repulsed and if that is you, then join the conceptual movement that is freedom pop radio.

I want to post this interview now. It's in a short documentary (28:57)

It's called the Subconscious War.

This short documentary has the images, pilot audio, video of the massacre and extras. All of the wikileaks' work I mentioned at the top of the piece.

The extras include an interview with an Army specialist who discovered the dead, torn bodies of children. The same one who was told to stop being a poontang and shake it off, or else.

Anyway, here's the video.

A Subconscious War.

Remember, fight for yourself. Fight for the web and fight for the next step in evolution.

It's never too late...

Thanks for reading faithful...

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