FPR Blog 93: Mass Media, Dumb Distractions + Fear = Control.

So, I’m doing my thing on the net. Just surfing around the information superhighway and I come across a scary statement by a “top” U.S, Marine General.

It seems a bit much, but if history shows us anything, we generally fuck up when we don’t "listen" to one of these fear mongers. I meant to write generals.

So with that written, let me share what Marine General Robert Neller told his troops.


FPR Blog 92: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Brains and Stupidity.

So, the latest scheme that the powers that shouldn’t be have us not just accepting, but craving is the new face scan on the latest iPhone.

WTF do we need this shit for?

I really think a retina scan to unlock your phone is seriously stupid.